Record of Wortenia War – v3-c33

Chapter 3 Episode 33

Night time, Day 12th, 6th Month, the Year 2813.
The moment Yuria opened the door, she instinctively frowned.
The moment she entered the room, a vulgar smell entered her nose, aphrodisiacs fragrance scattered here and there.
He used the incense imported from the central continent, that was said to have an effect just like viagra.
It was obvious as to what had happened inside the room.
Earl Salzberg seemed to have enjoyed his entertainment gaudily.
The Earl’s disheveled self who was in the middle of drinking wine while sitting on the sofa were a proof as to how intense the act was.
On the corner of the room a maid was lying on the floor, after Yuria told her to fix her appearance, the maid immediately left the room.
Because what she was about to talk with the Earl were something that the servants should not listen.
“Dear… You sure have a lot of fun huh?”

Yuria sat on the sofa and gazed at her husband eyes who were sitting in front of her.
Even though it was the gaze of his wife, the Earl’s expression did not change at all.
Furthermore, his wife did not seem to be angry either. She only felt a slight disgust. –

“Fuuuh… This is the only way to entertain myself… Fumu, this wine is delicious. How about you have some?”

Earl Salzberg drinks his wine once again while relaxed his posture.
The color of the wine remained inside the glass was red.
It was the finest grape wine harvested in the kingdom of Ernestgora, it was aged finely after being kept under proper temperature control.
The Earl was in a good mood enough that he opened the wine bottle that he had regarded as a secret treasure of his.

“Geez… To be honest, I can’t feel optimistic like you…”

Hearing his offer being declined, The Earl laughed at Yuria who spoke some words while frowned.
The Earl knew what his wife was worried about.

“Is that so? To be honest, I think the future would be more interesting now…”

A visage of a strong man appeared inside the Earl’s mind.
The Earl’s expression looked like a person who looked down on someone from high above.
Then the scene where he met Mikoshiba Ryouma during the daytime appeared inside his mind.

“That man was really easy to use… It seems like the subjugation of the pirates went smooth as well. He is more usable than that stupid Queen…”

“I know that but… Do be careful when you play with a sharp weapon like him since it might turn against you one day, you know?”

Within Yuria’s words, one can feel her worry that the sharp weapon might turn against them one day.

“I certainly won’t deny that. However, I can eliminate him anytime I want. That’s why I should use him while I still can, don’t you agree?”

He sounded like someone overflowed with greed.
But, despite that, his head was filled with cold calculation.
Being able to obliterate the pirates was a proof that Mikoshiba Ryouma had the capacity to maintain security.
Even though monsters were still wondering about, people would still gather if the one ruling managed to maintain public order.
In other words, it was obvious that the development of Wortenia peninsula was possible.
And unexplored territory holds many possibilities.
Despite the territory belonged to another person, Epiroz which situated near the Wortenia peninsula still can expect considerable benefits.

Earl Salzberg had never thought of getting rid Mikoshiba Ryouma.
He understood that it was better for him to use Ryouma than getting rid of him.
Just by having Ryouma kept the peninsula at peace, the Earl would be able to reduce his military expenditure which usually being used for countering the monsters invasion.
Although it won’t completely make it disappear, it will without a doubt reduce some of the burdens.
Along with the great potential which the peninsula hold in the future, the current situation was a great advantage for him.  

Given such situation, the Earl had no reason to eliminate Mikoshiba Ryouma at this stage, and he also did not wish to break the current flow.

Yuria nodded in silent while listening to the Earl’s words.
She did not have the reason to overturn the Earl’s decision…

Two months had passed since the time Mikoshiba Ryouma obliterated the pirates.
As the season changed into summer and the scorching sun was shining on the sky, a group of 100 people headed toward the south while opening the forest.
Those people were divided into three units.
One unit had the responsibility of cutting off the trees, and harden the soil.
One unit was responsible for paving the road with stones.
The last unit was responsible for their guard.
Their work was very quick and meticulous.
Having understood each individual capability, they managed to share the works among themselves.

“Start the chant!”

“”O, Mother Earth, with your ability of solidifying, defend the child with thy arm, Stone Wall!””

Followed Lione’s command, ten soldiers finished their chants and hit their palm on the ground.
It was a low ranked magic arts, belonged to the Earth magic.
Normally it was used for protecting the soldiers from the enemy’s arrows and magic arts, but right now, they had used it not for to protect themselves.

“Now, dig it up!”

Following the order, the soldiers who had strengthened their body with magic art beforehand quickly hooked ropes over the raised stone wall(2 meters in width and 3 meters in height) and pulled it down.
Combined with the part where the stone wall was buried, the total of height the stone wall had become 5 meters.
Then they carefully laid down the 10 cm thick stone wall on the ground. –
After five stone wall lined neatly, a huge road appeared there.

“Good! Let’s take a break for an hour now. The guard’s troops can take some rest in a shift!”

The atmosphere around the group had become relaxed after they heard Lione’s words.

“Fuuh… With this we have finished half of the planned work, I think?”

Ten days had passed since the day they started this work.
Looking back toward the direction they had come from, a straight paved road can be seen.
They had already built 30 kilometers of paved road.

There was no need for them to fix the shape of the stone, and the width and height were also automatically kept the same. The only thing they needed to do was to line them up.
And because it was only a low-level magic art, it was easier for them to acquire and the Prana consumption was also small.
Given the labor and expenses involved, it was terrifyingly efficient. –

“Does the fortification going well?”

Suddenly she heard someone talked, Lione turned her head and she saw Mike talked with a smile on his face.

“That matters have been left to Bolts. There should be no problem.”

“I thought so. Fortunately, we’re blessed with a good weather right now…Although I think it was also too good…”

Mike said those words while looking at the sky. –
Although it did not obstruct their construction works, working under the strong sunlight was proven to be quite hard.

“I think we can finish our works in ten days?”

“I think so. Since we already finished half of the work…”

Lione nodded her head answering Mike’s question while looking at the road paved with stone in front of her.
They had calculated that 20 days would be needed to open the forest and created 50 kilometers of paved road.

“Still, being able to do all this less than a month… As expected of the young master plan…”

If they wanted to do the construction the normal way, they would’ve usually needed more than a thousand people.
Beginning with securing the stone materials, it also takes time to shape and carry the stone to the intended place.
It was a work that would cost a considerable money and time.

Indeed, in this world, if one were to do a road construction on the scale that Lione was doing now, one would have needed a huge budget and a couple of years to finish. –
Having them finished the work in less than a month, Ryouma idea can be said to have overturned the common sense of this world. –

“Well, the city also already took its form, the only problem left was regarding the Elf.”  

“It’s not going well in that regard huh?”

Mike turned a questioning gaze toward Lione.

“Well, I wonder about that? Those guys hatred toward the humans were quite high after all… Well, Boya will do something one way or another.”
Having said those words, Lione turned her gaze toward the northern sky.
“Furthermore, that child…”
The small muttering from Lione did not enter Mike’s ears.
For the time being, Mikoshiba Ryouma devoted himself to the development of the Wortenia peninsula.
Until the day when the cloud of war start approached from the west…