Record of Wortenia War – v3-c32

Chapter 3 Episode 32


Daytime, Day 12th, 6th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar.

The downtown area of the fortified city Epiroz.
A man entered a love hotel located in the back of the dirty alley.
The man throws a gold coin to the inn receptionist in silent.
The owner of the inn who was doing the bookkeeping while sitting on the chair slightly lifted his eyes as if urged the man to go toward the second floor.
There was no need for the man to ask.
Since they already arranged everything beforehand.

“Room 204…”

The owner of the inn tells the number of the room when the man began to climb the stairs.
After told the man the necessary information, the innkeeper turned his face away. –
In this line of business, the necessary mannerism was to not see, not heard and not questioning.
Many visitors to this place were people who wish to avoid public eyes.
Despite being a love hotel, there were also men and women who met here not to have sex.
However, for the inn owner, as long they pay the money, what the visitors do was inconsequential.
If one wanted to live long, one should never investigate the customers.
Forget about a cat, the demon called curiosity could kill human easily.
After putting the gold coin into the wallet, the inn owner turned his eyes toward the book once again.
If someone were to ask who was the man just now, the inn owner would answer,
‘There’s no reason for a customer to come and stay inside this kind of inn, no?’

“Long time no see, your Excellency, Baron Mikoshiba. I heard the matters regarding the pirates have been being dealt safely. Congratulation…”

When the man stepped into the room, Simone rose from her chair and gently lowered her head.
She wore a red dress with large breasts opening, accompanied by the red lipstick on her lips.
The dress had a large slit, and a slim white leg jumps into Ryouma’s eyes from the gap.
Today she dressed and looked sensual just like a prostitute that can be found somewhere.
Even the people who knew her face won’t be able to associate her present appearance to that of the chairman of the Christoph firm.
No matter how one looked at it, Simone right now looked like a sexy prostitute.

“Indeed, it’s been a long time, Simone… As expected of you, you have very keen ears…”

While he opened his hood, Ryouma showed a bitter smile on his face toward Simone who had already obtained the information that he had just reported to the Earl and his wife before he came here.

“I’ve heard rumors that floating around since a month ago. Besides, the damage done by the pirates also have been drastically reduced. Furthermore, having Baron-sama come to Epiroz city is also the proof…”

As she said that, Simone returned Ryouma smile with her gentle smile.
One day, the story about a town or villages being attacked by pirates had stopped.
As a merchant with a good brain, she immediately gathered information on what had happened.
Besides, Simone had been asked by Ryouma to act as a merchant and a spy for him. –
After she linked the information she had gathered and Mikoshiba Ryouma who had appeared in the city of Epiroz, such conclusion naturally appeared inside her mind.

“But still, Simone, it seems like you have chosen an amazing place to meet huh…?”

After she heard Ryouma’s words accompanied with a bitter smile on his face, Simone showed a mischievous smile just like a child whose mischief had been succeeded.
In the present stage, it was not easy for the two people to meet, since Earl Salzberg would show unnecessary caution if he finds out about it.
Following that pattern, Simone then chooses this love hotel located in the back of a dirty alley to escape other people eyes.
Although Ryouma held the lowest rank of nobility, and Simone was the chairman of the Christoph firm, who previously also served as the chairman of the Epiroz city business alliance.
For normal people, this place was too shabby for this two man and woman met.

“This place is just right for a clandestine meeting between men and women after all…”

It was certainly a place to avoid public gaze.
It was located in the back of a dirty alley.
It was a dark place, but if one were to have money, everything can be done here…
It was a convenient place for Simone and Ryouma who wanted to avoid the Earl Salzberg’ watchful eyes.
Even if Ryouma was being traced, he can make as many excuses as he wanted, such as he met a prostitute here as a customer.
If he said that he was going to buy a woman here, that alone can become a reason why he wanted to hide his face.
Just for the record, Simone was supposedly lying at home due to illness for these past several days. –

“So then? Have you managed to prepare what I had asked?”

Inside, Ryouma immediately cut the case despite being overwhelmed by the mysterious sexy charm that Simone gave away.
He could not stare at her figure forever.
After all, he had come here despite the risk because it was necessary for the two of them to meet directly and talked to each other.

“We already bought two ships and currently the ships were anchored at the port city of Mispoz.”

Simone then took out the map from the bag placed under her chair and spread the map on the table.
Mispoz was a port city located at the eastern end of the Kingdom of Ernestgora.
It cannot be compared to the Fulzad city, the largest trading city of the western continent.
While Ryouma building his base within the Wortenia peninsula, Simone had begun preparing the merchant ships at Mispoz city.

“Two ships huh… How big was it?”

“It was the largest galleon type ship that was currently being sold. All the seafarers we hired are skilled and also has the experience of naval battle.”

“I see, it seems like you managed to think a lot of things eh?”

“Well, it was because I also considering converting the ship to a warship after all.”

Simone flatly responded to Ryouma’s question.
Despite purchasing the ship using the Christoph firm money, she told Ryouma that she was willing using the ship as a warship in an emergency situation.
Ryouma had a smile on his face hearing what she had said.

“You’re such a great risk taker indeed…”

Ryouma and Simone have already had a relationship where they both shared the same fate <TLN: Not bed, lol>
The words Simone had said that she was ready to use the trade ships as warships was a proof of how much she had prepared for every situation.
Toward Ryouma’s remark, Simone quietly smiled and directed her gaze at Ryouma.

“How about the harbor?”

They both had pre-arranged their individual role.
Simone role was to procures ships and secures trade channels.
While Ryouma’s role was to eliminate the pirates and constructs the harbor.
Although the elimination of the pirates had already finished, she hadn’t yet heard anything regarding the port.
She did not doubt Ryouma’s ability, but only a few months had passed since he entered the peninsula.
It was natural for Simone to felt uneasy.

“No problem. There’s already a city complete with the city walls. The only thing left is only to transport the people in…”

Simone responded to Ryouma’s answer by staring at him silently.
Her eyes trembled.
(It seems like he really made it huh…)
Simone who was unable detected any lie from Ryouma’s words can’t help it but heaved a heavy sigh.
The man currently in front of her, had managed to build his base in a mere few months since he arrived within a territory filled with monsters.

(This person, truly…)

To express what inside Simone’s mind and heart, it can be said as awe rather than fear.
Fear would lead someone to exclusion but, awe would lead that person to obedience.
One can’t say that Ryouma had a beautiful figure.
His appearance was that of an ordinary young man with a good physique.
However, Simone knew.
That he had managed to obliterate the pirates.
She might only have a fragmented information but she knew for sure, that the man in front of her had annihilated the pirates and all of their families, none managed to survived.
Such was the information she had managed to gather when she sent some merchant to the peninsula.
The pirates’ town that was being created in the cove was burnt to the ground, all the burning buildings and corpse was left just like that.
The moment the merchant saw the scene where birds eating the burned corpse, he said it was looked like hell.

She thought that the Pirates’ end was too brutal, but at the same time, she also thought it was a natural end for them.
Although one can’t say to the others to follow the law strictly, one cannot ignore the law completely either.
There were certainly unreasonable and irrational laws but, on the other hands, there were also laws that was indispensable for maintaining society.
Had Ryouma show sympathy to the pirates, Simone may have stopped working together with him.
The pirates were certainly a great fighting strength.
However, many of her subordinates lost their family members by the pirates.
Those who experienced such tragedy won’t forgive those pirates.
Had Ryouma decided to make them a friend, it was clear that some serious trouble would happen.
However, Ryouma chosen to annihilate them.
He might have been a kind man who released the slaves but, he also a man who could make a ruthless decision if necessary.
A man that can hang the risk and merit on balance with icy cold heart.

(I was right huh…)

Such feeling sprung out inside Simone’s heart.
Turn out, the straw she was grabbing in a last attempt to survive after losing everything was not a straw but a sturdy rope.
One cannot lead the people with just by being kind or heartless.
Only the one who was able to do both can stand at the top. <TLN: This is sarcasm to the princess decision isn’t it?>

(A supreme ruler…) <TLN: Haou… Can be also translated as Supreme King/High King/Great King… Etc>

An electric shock ran through her back when that words crossed her mind.

“What’s wrong?”

Ryouma asked Simone such question after she fell silent while kept looking at him.

“Ah, no, pardon my rudeness…”

“Are you alright?”


Ryouma then continued their talk while feeling doubtful toward Simone who lowered her head for some reason.

“Well, I’ve already finished building the city, afterward we only need the residence…”

The city had already been build, ready to accept new residence at any time.

“I understand. I will bring the slaves more quickly from Mispoz.”

“Good, have you gathered them according to my request?”

“Of course. Healthy young men and women, ages around ten to fifteen years old. We have secured them…”

Rather than buying the slaves from Epiroz, it was better for them to buy the slaves from Zalda or Ernestgora, that way it won’t cause unnecessary attention from Earl Salzberg.
That was also the same reason why Simone had bought the ships at Mispoz.

“Good then. Are fangs and leather enough for the payment?”

Responded to Ryouma’s words, Simone nodded her head silently.
The fangs and leathers obtained from the monsters within the peninsula were traded with a high price.
If one can hunt them on a regular basis, such monsters’ fangs and leathers can become important special products.

“There’s a rumor that you guys had met with demi-human, is that true?”

It was a casual interest-oriented question but, Simone question caused Ryouma’s complexion to change greatly.

“Where did you heard that?”

Simone was unable to breathe for a moment.
Just like looking at the enemy, Ryouma’s eyes were cold and sharp.
After some time had passed.
Ryouma’s eyes showed that he had regained his calm once more.

“Ah, my bad… Since the situation regarding them is a little bit complicated…”

Noticed that Simone felt overwhelmed, Ryouma apologized while showing a wry smile.
He had no intention of scaring her, but due to Simone’s question, he had unintentionally ended up being cautious.

“Just what had happened? Did you really meet them? The demi-humans?”

Simone took a deep breath and asked her question once more.

For Simone, the existence of demi-humans can be said as extinct creatures.
Although it can be said that some people think differently, but the majority of people living on the western continent would have the same opinion as her.
Though sometimes she heard rumors that the demi-humans survived and lived within the corner of the western continent, such story was only a rumors without proof.
She herself didn’t expect Ryouma to encounter the demi-humans for real.
She had intended to make it as a trivial topic.
Just to provide some short talk.
Although she had only thought of it lightly, looking at Ryouma’s attitude, that rumor was not just a mere rumor after all.

Ryouma began to talk while having a big sigh toward Simone who opened her eyes wide listening to him.
It was a story that cannot be left unsettled.
As Ryouma’s story progressed, Simone face who was quietly listening gradually turn dark.
Because it was a story about a deep hatred the demi-humans hold toward the humans…