Record of Wortenia War – v3-c30

Chapter 3 Episode 30


Daytime, Day 25th, 4th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar.

On the port’s pier, several Galleon ships were quietly anchored.

“””Welcome, Baron Mikoshiba-sama!!!”””

Approximately 10 people welcomed Ryouma after he goes down from the Galleon ship to the port’s pier.
The leading people of those people were Henry, Andre, and Luida.
And those who lined behind them were their aides.

“My name is Andre. One of the leaders of this town. Although this is just a remote town, we will provide our best hospitality.”

Andre bowed his head deeply after he took one step forward.
He was able to do this kind of scene because of his former occupation as a merchant.
Contrary to his looks, his movements were flowing perfectly.
Following him, those who stand behind him also lowered their heads.
It seemed that they had arranged all of this beforehand.
Since despite being pirates, they had welcomed Ryouma with a perfect etiquette.

“No no, thank you for picking us up, and nice to meet you too…”

After saying that, Ryouma nodded his head lightly.
If this was Japan, this kind of greeting was barely passable but since class system existed in this world Ryouma’s manner made people felt a considerable sense of incongruity.
Furthermore, Ryouma was a noble while Andre was a commoner and a criminal…
Because of that, originally there was no reason for Ryouma to bow his head to Andre.
Andre who saw Ryouma’s act felt strange but he was not foolish enough to say something at this place and offended him.
He then proceeds on showing the town toward Ryouma with a smile on his face.

“You seems to have bought only a few attendant?”

Luida looked at the soldiers who came down from the ship following Ryouma while tilting her head.
Roughly counted, there were 20 people following Ryouma.
They wore black leather armors and holding spears in their hands, they were completely armed as if about to go to war and yet their number was too small for that.
She guessed that he brought the minimum number necessary for his defense.

“Indeed, I only brought a few…”


Ryouma answered her ambiguously while Luida could’ve only tilted her head in wonder.
It was actually a good thing for Luida and the others that Ryouma only brought a small number of escort soldiers.
However, they could not felt satisfied with that alone.

Of course, Luida had no intention of tricking Ryouma.
They really wanted to join Ryouma.
However, that was Luida and her comrades’ convenient thought, for Ryouma it was another problem altogether.
Indeed if one were to take Ryouma’s words at face value then it can be meant that he only brings the necessary escort toward a friendly partner, but Luida felt something was wrong.

Luida who was standing on the pier with Henry on her side asked a question toward Henry while looking at Ryouma walking ahead of them with Andre leading him.

“You… What do you think?”

“Ha? About what?”

“What do you mean about what… Of course, it’s him… Don’t you feel something is wrong?”

“Is that so? I don’t feel anything wrong particularly. On the other hand, I feel the opposite? He is treating us equally after all. His act is not something that normal nobleman would do. As expected, maybe it was because he was a former commoner. He is not your ordinary aristocrat.”

Henry grinned while stroking his beard.
There was a lot of aristocrats who will not bow their head no matter how much one bowed one’s head and yet, Ryouma returned Henry’s greeting who was a pirate, although it was a light reply.
That attitude shocked Henry.
However, such attitude did not leave any bad impression.
In fact, Henry who had been oppressed by the noblemen in the past felt fresh and such an act left a good impression on his heart…

“What I feel wrong is precisely that… Why did he give us that amount of courtesy?”

“Well, that obvious, it must be because he knows our value. Besides, his act is leaving a good impression no? What is the problem when the other side shows a friendly attitude?”

“But that… Don’t you think it was too convenient for us?”

This was what Luida was worried about. The situation was too convenient for them.
That also included Ryouma’s attitude.
Although it would have been natural for him to shows a high-handed attitude despite being a former commoner, and yet, he didn’t show such attitude at all.

“Haa? What are you saying? In an effort of making a good impression, we’ve sent the demi-human to him you know? If his impression toward us was bad even after giving him that, it would have been a great loss for us… In the first place, wasn’t it you who suggested on giving that demi-human to make a good impression?”

Currently, the number of demi-humans Henry had captured was 3 people.
All of them were dark elf women but, the one he had sent to Ryouma was the youngest and the most beautiful one among them. –
Because their rarity was too high, it was impossible to sell them immediately but, if one were to sell them with a wholesale price then it would be easy to get tens thousand to hundreds of million baht.
Henry thought that Ryouma took a friendly attitude because he had given him that much as a gift.


Luida finds it hard for her to rebuke Henry’s words and decided to kept silent.

“Suspicion must be handled according to the time and situation you know? Everything now has been working well after so much effort. Don’t read too much into things, you might hurt that person mood instead you know?”

As he remarked that, Henry left the pier while he shook his head as if feeling amazed.

“I guess… so…”

Everything developed according to their plan.
They were able to establish a place for negotiation with Mikoshiba Ryouma, and his impression on them was not bad either.
The reason why Ryouma only brought a small number of escort might be because he trusted Luida and her gangs.
Luida left the pier while thinking that to shake off the uneasy feeling and doubt inside her heart.
Everything had been going well. She can’t be suspicious and made everything turn bad.
Such thought crossed her head.


“Please enjoy your self. Someone will bring something cold immediately.”

“Alright then, please excuse me.”

Following Andre words, Ryouma relaxedly sat down on the sofa, and in short moment the door was being knocked as if the timing had been planned.

“Come in.”

In respond to Andre’s words, a woman came in while bringing drinks and cakes on a tray.
Her age was around 30 years old.
Her appearance was not bad but, somehow she gives off a vulgar aura.
Perhaps she was a woman who had worked in a bar and being made to serve for this time.
She put the drink and cake on the table while looking inexperienced with etiquette, her hands were obviously shaking, then after that, she left the room.

(She desperately trying not to ruin my mood huh… What a troublesome act…)

Ryouma desperately held down the cold sneer that spring out of his heart. –

“The two who stands there, how about it? Do you want a cold drink as well?”

“No, please don’t mind us.”

Laura rejected Andre’s invitation without changing her expression.
As to who stand behind Ryouma, it was the Marfisto sisters.
There were only four people inside this room, Ryouma, Andre, the Marfisto sisters, and a guard.

“Is that so… Then please excuse me for having the other guards to relax in another room.”

Having being curtly refused by the sisters, Andre said those obvious words to keep the conversation going.
To begin with, it would have been impossible to host the entire escort in this room.
However, responding to his obvious words, Ryouma lowered his head slightly while smiling.

“I understand. I’m sorry for I’ve caused you some trouble like this…”

“Please don’t mind it. It was our intention to provide our best hospitality… By the way… Your Excellency…”

Ryouma smiled toward Andre who was at lost as to what to say.

“Is the matter you had suggested the other day was true? Regarding joining me…”

In the letter sent last week, Andre’s intention was also written there.
Ryouma already knew what the other side thinks and wanted.
And today he only came to confirm Ryouma’s decision to Andre.
Thus, there was no need to say unnecessary words.

“Y-Yes. That is correct. The demi-human we had sent the other day was the proof of our sincerity.”

“Sincerity huh?… I see I see…”

“To be honest, that one article was very hard to get. Because there was a barrier around their village, we have no choice but to wait and catch the one who came out of the barrier…”

Even if he said they needed to wait for one to came out of the barrier, this place was a Wortenia peninsula where monsters wander around.
In order for them to wait for their prey to come out, a lot of labor was needed.

“I see, it was an article that needed a lot of work to get huh… I see I see…”

Ryouma nodded his head while smiling.
Just to make sure, Andre had emphasized the amount of hard work they needed to do to give him such an article.
The more he emphasized the danger, he judged that it would’ve increased the other side impression toward their gift.
This was a trick that Andre had gained from his life as a merchant.
If one wanted to sell goods at a high price, one should explain how valuable the item and also explain how much effort spent just to get the item.

“Such valuable thing… I see I can understand everyone’s feeling…”

Ryouma nodded his head toward Andre’s appeal.

“Ooh, T-Then?!”

Toward Ryouma’s respond, Andre replied while smiling in delight.
That was a smile when one was conscious that they got the result as one had wanted.

(Just like Luida said, he is a man after all… It was the right decision to give him that…)

No, rather than conscious, Andre had already convinced that they had gotten what they had wanted.
If not, there was no reason for Mikoshiba Ryouma to come personally.
But he came today. Andre thought of that as a fact that their plan had proceeded accordingly. –
However, such thought was shattered.
By Ryouma who said the next words with a cold smile on his face…

“Indeed, you guys shall die…”

The moment Ryouma said those words, Laura and Sara’s swords beheaded Andre’s head. –
Because it was too unexpected, Andre was unable to respond.

“Well then, shall we begin? You guys understood what to do right?”

Ryouma asked the sisters who were looking at Andre’s corpse with cold eyes.


“Do it!”

Ryouma commanded the Marfisto sisters to execute their plan.

[[O fragment of the sun, O heaven-sent child of fire, thou the son of the god of fire, thou shalt purify the sin under the heaven.]]

As the sisters chant their spells, their chakra wheel started moving, and their Prana roared.

[[Fire God’s heavenly flame, Burning pillar!]] <TLN: It is really Burning pillar in Katakana, not Fire Pillar… I know it was weird… XD>

With the last phrase, the sisters flung their hand against the ground.
At that moment, the earth roared, burning pillars broke through the ceiling of the mansion.