Record of Wortenia War – v3-c29

Chapter 3 Episode 29


Night time, Day 18th, 4th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar.

“A room for negotiation huh…?”

Andre murmured those words while stroking his beard.
For him, as a former merchant, Henry’s words seemed to be feasible enough.
It was not possible for them to became military force such as the navy, or engage in trade as escort for a merchant ship. –
The problem was whether or not Mikoshiba Ryouma had such interest.
Ryouma had to keep in mind that pirates were an occupation that was hated by the general public if he wanted to employ them.
It would have been impossible for negotiation if the other side were concerned regarding justice.
Whether or not Ryouma had the capacity to accept the good and evil…
Such thought appeared inside Andre’s mind.

“We will hand him a present… ‘And we will see whether or not that Mikoshiba guy would listen to us while we hand the present over, are you sure?'”

Luida who had listened to the conversation in silent butted in. Toward her question, Henry nodded his head.
Certainly, her concern was a matter of course. Originally that was a method to create a proper intermediation.
Of course, it was impossible for pirates but at least to create a better image of them they needed to hand over some present.

“A present huh… What should we give him? Money?”

Andre questioned the two other people.
It was not a bad option.
With money, it was a straight ball without any twist, it was something that everyone needs and no one hate free money.
Since the use of money was infinite, there were never times when someone said they had enough.
But on the other hands, money can’t impress other people.
Andrew had suggested in using money because he had used the money for bribes several times.
While money had an immediate effect, it also had no sustainability.
Unless they planned on giving bribe regularly, it was something not suitable for a gift.

“If possible, I wanted to give something that would impress him and gives us advantages. The rarer the better…”

Something with value and quality.
Something that was rare and hardly available was better.
In addition, it must not be something consumable. It would be better if it was something that would remain for a long time.
Such thought crossed Henry’s mind. –

“Something unusual and can give us advantages huh…”

“Do you think of something?”

Toward Henry question, Andre was lost in thought.
There some rare articles when they robbed the trade ships being put in the warehouse.
In this world where the logistic route was not developed yet, items imported from other continents are high in value.
However, on the other hand, many of the items that are now sleeping in the warehouse are not practically rare.
Spices, accessories, clothing, arms. Something that had clear use had already been used, and the demand was high.
On the contrary, things such as books, paintings, antiques were good items for those who have interest in it, but for those people who had no interest toward it, it was just a garbage. In short, the demand for those things was low.
Speaking of the items inside the warehouse, it was filled with those items that were hard to be changed into the so-called gold.

“In the current state where they just started pioneered the peninsula, it would be unimaginable to give them work of arts…”

Although it was a good present if the peninsula had finished being cultivated, giving them a work of art in the current situation where they were just started would only cause them an obstacle.
It had no meaning as a present if the person being given did not feel happy.
Silence dominated the room once again.
Both Henry and Andre understood that their survival depends on this negotiation with Mikoshiba Ryouma.

“But honestly, you guys brains are really lacking huh…”

Voice of ridicule broke the silence.
Henry turned his sharp gaze toward Luida and strike the table.

“What do you mean?”

His voice was low. However, it was clear that it was filled with hostility.
What they had in common were strong will and strong physical body. And ambition to overpower the others. None of them have the intention of keeping silent when being ridiculed.

“Wait, Henry… What do you mean by that words, Luida?”

Although he also scowled at Luida with full hostility, Andre stopped Henry who was about to attack Luida at any moment.
Andre’s gaze was asking for Luida’s words true meaning.

“It was nothing impressive. If we have to show valuable goods, then it would be items that can only be obtained on the peninsula you know…?”

Andre and Henry then looked at each other face and think about Luida’s words.

“The things that can only be obtained within the peninsula?”

Henry muttered those words and Andre’s mind began to think about something.

“I see… ‘That’ huh?”

“That’s right. People would be impressed if they were being given such present, especially a man.”

Confirming Andre’s question, a somewhat vulgar smile appeared on Luida’s face.
Henry who saw such smile on her face finally understood what she meant.

“You bitch… We struggle hard to get that you know?”

Henry turned his sharp gaze at Luida again.
That was a matter of course. Since the item she talked about was not something that easies to get.
It was an item that needed great effort and luck to get. It was an item that was hard to get no matter where.

“I know that… But, isn’t that why it was worth giving it? Any man would be pleased with that gift…”

Originally Luida was a slave brought to this town as a prostitute.
However, since she was judged won’t be able to take any customer with her appearance, she was instead being given the job of managing the prostitutes, which in turn bloomed her talent.
The talent of managing people and manipulates people.
Luida was good with that kind of job.
Through prostitution, she gradually expanded her influence.
It was a good thing that there was not much entertainment in this place.
The use of women, she controls the pirates by using their desire to touch women.
Like that she expanded her influence. Until she managed to sit as one of the three leaders.

“Very well. I will agree with you… It’s not like we can find a buyer for ‘that’ item immediately either. If that the case then, might as well use it as a gift here…”

“Cih… I guess there’s no other choice huh…”

Toward Andre’s words, Henry nodded his head while clicked his tongue.
The item was something precious enough that he does not want to exchange it for money.
But if they give Mikoshiba Ryouma ‘that’, he might be willing to negotiate.
Such thought was floating inside the three people’s head.


When the morning sunlight entered the windows, the sounds of the wooden hammer can also be heard.
Furthermore, there were also other voices such as people shouting and the sound of walking people.
In term of the population it was comparable to that of a village but hearing the noise it felt like a vibrant city.
This was how it sounds when people with a sense of purpose lived.
In front of Ryouma eyes, the face of the people was filled with hope.

(The city finally shows its shape…  A harbor that can handle large vessel, a stone paved road. The city wall is also already at a tolerable level… We also had already discussed the other problems, and the shipment from Simone also have already arrived. After this, we just have to wait for Sakuya return…)

The city already building houses to accept immigrants.
If the last problem was finished being dealt with, the Wortenia peninsula can finally be reborn.
Preparations were already in place. What they needed to do was to wait for the proper time.

“Ryouma-sama. May I come in?”

“Sure… Laura? Did something happen?”

Ryouma who indulged in thought while looking at the scenery of the city from the window of his room turned his eyes toward the door as he heard the sound of knocking.

“The report…”

On such Laura, bewildered and astonishment can be seen mixed in her expression.
It must be because an unexpected had happened.

(What happened I wonder…)

Ryouma urged her to speak with his eyes.
And after listening to her report, a surprised expression appeared on Ryouma’s face this time.
The room was crude.
Pillars and walls made of woods.
Although it was being built firmly, the room was still looking bare, it was unthinkable that this room was an aristocrat office.
Because the room was used by a man holding a rank, it was made as wide as possible.
However, inside the room, the furniture was only a coarse wooden desk and chairs, which made the roughness stands out even more.
In a sense, it might be natural for this.
Ryouma only used this room twice a day. It was only the time when he received a report in the morning and night.
Of course, there were also things such as the list of goods that needed to be purchased from Simone and confirmation details, but the number of cases of that was overwhelmingly small, and most of the minute detailed work had been left to Boltz and Marfisto sisters to handle.
Ryouma only needed to confirm a few documents that they could not settle by themselves.

If one were to asked what Ryouma job them, every morning he had gone out as a field overseer and took the initiative and participate in town’s building.
He personally took the initiative to move his body.
Although it was sly of him, in this world where class society was strict, it was brought about a huge effect.
In any case, for many soldiers, aristocrats are those who rule and exploit them.
A nobleman exists only to rule, exploit, and use the people without doing anything.
Actually, those aristocrats have a great responsibility and duty, but from the viewpoint of the person who was being controlled then, such negative view could not be helped.
And Ryouma who was one of the ruling classes mixed himself with the common people. <TLN: The day when your president walking down on the streets>
Such move sharply reduced the distance between Ryouma and the soldiers.
They both sweat and exchange words together.
Have the same meal, and sleep in a same poor bed.
Ryouma action caused him to quickly gained his soldiers trust.
Everything was going well. Yes, until Laura brought her report…

(Fuck… What should I do…)

While staring at the parchment on the desk, Ryouma clicked his tongue.
It was a question that he had repeatedly asked toward himself.
The night had already dominated the neighborhood.
Ryouma who heard Laura’s report, stayed inside his office room all day.
Without taking lunch, Ryouma repeatedly asked that question over and over again.
No, the conclusion had already been decided.
But the problem was how he going to realize it…

(Demi-human eh?…)

A letter of negotiation request had been sent by the pirates. The gift that was written in that letter had caused Ryouma to suffer for a half a day.
It was rumored to have existed within the Wortenia peninsula, in general, it was a race that should have been extinct.
The things that had been delivered by small boat this morning was a latter inviting Ryouma for a negotiation and one demi-human.
She had dark skin similar to the color of amethyst. She had silver hairs, and her ears were sharper than human’s ears.
It was a race generally called the ‘Dark Elf’.

A living jewel.
Looking at how beautiful she was, such words were very appropriate.
Any man would end up being the prisoner of her charm.
No, even women would also felt the same when they saw her.
Not only Laura and Sara, but also the people who had abundant life-experience such as Bolts and Lione had acknowledged the beauty when they saw her.
Certainly, it was a unique gift that can only be obtained within the Wortenia peninsula.
Ryouma was also a man, and all men would be pleased when they were being given a dark elf as a present.
In that sense, it can be said the Pirates’ selection was right.
However, they mistook something.
And this misunderstanding would cause everything to go crazy…