Record of Wortenia War – v3-c26

Chapter 3 Episode 26



Day 15, 4th Month, the Year 2813: (One’s line of sight)

“Oi… I think my eyes have a problem…”

The man took off the telescope from his eyes. He then closed his eyes and rubbed his eyelids with his hand many times.
His hair which had been exposed by the sea breeze changed into light brown, and his skin was burning red due to the strong sunlight. He had the look of a skilled sailor.
Then a man with the similar feature can be seen holding the ship’s steering wheel.
If one were to stand beside them, the strong smell would enter one’s nose. Such smell was the result of a long time spent in the sea.
Together with the smell of the sea, the smell of iron and blood also emanated from their body. It was a testimony that these two people were not ordinary seafarers.

“No, I also saw the same thing with my eyes… Right now I started to doubt my sanity…”

The man who held the steering wheel answered while staring at the coastline.
Although they were reconnaissance of the ship that was currently 2km away, these men had been living in the sea for decades.
These two men had a high reputation for having good eyes among their fellow crew. And right now, both of them doubted their own eyes.

A cape that protrudes toward the sea like a horn of a cow.
In the middle between the two horns, they saw a town.
No, it may not be an exaggeration to call what they saw as a small port city.
As if trying to resist the darkness, torches light was set across the small city, and a bonfire was set ablaze grandly, this even made the two men able to ascertain the whole harbor.

“But you know… Is that even possible?”

“It was impossible and bullshit… But it was right in front of my eyes…”

The men holding the steering wheel spoke some curses.

“True… What should we say to the captain? They definitely won’t believe us. It was such absurd story after all…”

Right now, what stand in front of them was an incredible sight.
If they report it as it is, their superior definitely won’t believe them. They might even get accused of drinking alcohol then got drunk and saw a dream.

“What are you saying… Do you want to report some lie? If they found out about it, they might peel off your skins and make you into a shark’s bait you know?”

Imagined the punishment they might’ve received, caused their body hair to stand.
It was punishment for those who break the code, and traitor. Indeed, several people had become prey to such punishment.
A scene from the past surfaced inside both men mind, caused their body to tremble.

“Then what should we do?! This is your problem too you know?”

They knew that their captain was ruthless. He especially hated lies.
But even if they reported to him as it is, they were sure that he won’t believe it either.
They hardly think that the other side would believe what they were going to say.

(Fuck! To get the short end of the stick like this…)

If they were just bystanders then there won’t be any problem.
They could just laugh at the unlucky guys. But it would be different if they were the concerned party. It involved their lives.

“We have no other choice. We will try to take a closer look tomorrow morning…”

“Are you sane? Captain had ordered us for wait-and-see, remember?”

If they betrayed their captain’s order, they might’ve ended up as shark’s food. That was the rule.
However, the man holding the steering wheel shook his head.

“Either way, we will still end up as shark food no matter which path we choose. If that was being the case, we should get more reliable information, although by doing that we ended up disobeyed captain’s order… Or would it be better if we tried to escape instead?”

“Are you stupid? Where are we going to run away with this small boat?”

Their boat was one of those small boats equipped on a sailboat to be used for landing.
Although it had no problem to move using it near the coastal area, it was impossible to sail using it for long distance. Other than that, they were also only had a supply for one day left.
And it was only enough for their return trip to the mothership.
If this was an ordinary place then there won’t be much problem, but since this was around the wortenia peninsula which was regarded as an unknown place.
If they landed on a wrong place, they might ended up eaten by monsters.
Although they were isolated from the power of a country, they did not have to worry about being caught by the authority. But at the same time, they also could’ve only reached the outside world by limited means.

“If that the case we only have one choice. Besides, even the captain, if we explained to him with certainty and reason, he won’t killed us just like that.”

The moment the man said that the man holding the steering wheel shrugged his shoulders.

“Are you really sure about that?”

“Do you have another option then?”

His question was being answered by another question. He understood that there were no other options.
And no matter which options they choose, they felt their future was bleak. He dropped his gaze to his feet and fell silent.

(Damn it! No matter which choice we made, we’re done for… I guess we have no choice but to ascertain the situation huh…?)


With a big sigh, the man lifted his face.

“Understood. Let’s draw the boat toward the cape. We might be able to get to the shore before dawn.”

Hearing the man words, the men holding the steering wheel pulled the anchor. And the small boat quietly moved toward the shore.
“This is… So it was not our mistakes. I cannot believe it, how did they manage to make it this fast…”

The two men brought their boat to the northern side of the cape and climbed up the hill. What they saw was a breathtaking cityscape illuminated by bonfires.

“A town? No, with this kind infrastructure, it can be categorized as a small city…”

All the western banks of the coastline were using the stone pavement, it completely had the function as a port. A deep moat was dug on the east side, drawing in the river water to flow toward the north, completely separated the city and the forest. On the south side, something like a castle wall can be seen.
Although it was not perfect, it had all the function as a port city. But with that alone, the two won’t be this surprised.
But the thing that caused them to felt surprise was because this place was the wortenia peninsula, a place where monsters wandered around, and two months ago there was no such city here.

“Is that stones? At least that does not look like woods… How did they do this? Did they bring all the materials from Epiroz? No, that can’t be… But, how else?”

Such mutter leaked from the man while he looked through his telescope.
Although they got more information compared to when they still on the sea but, on the contrary, they also ended up with more question inside their head.
If everything was built using wooden they both could understand.
If the two men overlook the question about the labor force, but since the surrounding was a forest. It was not impossible to do it. However, if it was using stone, then it caused doubt instead.
There were small hills surrounding the bay, but the two men could not see any quarry that produces the stone building.
There was also the possibility of using the coastal rock, but there was a limit to that.
Besides, if they really used that method, a quarry near the coastal line would be indispensable but, they both did not one.
With all of those considerations, that mean the people who built the city carried the material from another city, but unfortunately, this place was not an ordinary place. The road that leads to Epiroz had not yet been developed, it was near impossible to transport materials without the road. No, it might be possible with a large troop as an escort but, if there was such situation, some communication from their friend who was a spy at Epiroz city would contact them.

“Using sea route? No if they used that we should’ve noticed…”

As if answered his subordinate words, the men who were steering the boat previously said those words. <TLN: Oh my god author, give them a name! I don’t care if it was sailor A and sailor B… So confusing>

Although it was possible if the people who built the city used the sea route, it was impossible for ships carried such large amount of materials to slip past their watch.
And if such large fleet had crossed to this place then it would be impossible for them to not notice.
Their ship was watching the adjacent waters like a net, forget about sailing ships passed through, they also keep watching the coastline for any movement.

“Damn it! What had happened. It should have been only two months had passed? How the hell did they manage to build such city in such short amount of time?”

The hand of the man gripped the telescope with more power.

It was more than half a year ago that their friend who was a spy at Epiroz contacted them and told them that Wortenia peninsula was given to some nobleman.
Those who heard the report at that time scoffed at that nobleman.
For them who understood the environment of the peninsula, they regard the thought of developing the peninsula as a dream.
In fact, after the noble in question entered the Epiroz city, they heard that he never entered the peninsula.
Those who heard that report regard it as something natural. They thought that the noble choose to stay in Epiroz city after finding out that the peninsula had no value.
However, their thought was wrong. The proof was the city spreading in front of their eyes right now.

“We should head back… Whether or not captain believed us, I don’t care, but this, we definitely need to report this…”

Cold sweat ran through their back. The hand holding the telescope was trembling.
He himself did not understand what he was being afraid of.
They immediately ran down the hill toward their small boat, and as soon as possible head toward their mother ship located in the north.
But they did not notice. The existence of a person watching them from the darkness…
Dawn breaks and the morning sun illuminates the city.
The bonfires across the city had finished their duty.
“Good morning. Ryouma-sama.”

“Morning, Laura… Is something happen?”

Although it was already dawn breaks, it was still 5:00 am in the morning.
It was early in terms of getting out of bed.
However, Ryouma answered Laura with a clear voice as if he had already awake since a while ago.

“Sakuya is coming…”

“Did the prey took the bait?”

With Laura’s short words, Ryouma had already managed to predict what had happened. Rather than that, Ryouma had prepared everything since a month ago, thus if the prey did not take the bait it would’ve caused him trouble instead.


Listening to Laura replied with plain words, an evil smirk appeared on Ryouma’s face.

“If that the case, shall we clean up the peninsula immediately?”

Laura nodded her head silently in agreement.

<TLN: For God Sake, I wish the author had given these two men a proper names, even names such as Sailor A and Sailor B sounds good enough, this chapter had caused my mind to melt..>