Record of Wortenia War – v3-c25

Chapter 3 Episode 25

Day 28th, 2nd Month, the Year 2813, western continent calendar: (Wortenia peninsula 4)
“You, you held some grudge, am I right?”

Kevin’s expression was very serious that it could not be seen as a joke.


She could not pretend that she didn’t hear what Kevin had said.
After all, even though his voice was low, Kevin’s voice had without a doubt entered Melissa’s ears.
However, Melissa was unable to fully comprehend Kevin’s words, thus she was taken aback.

“You, about Hana… I heard that you bear a grudge against Mikoshiba-sama due to those who ran away?”

Hesitantly he told her what he meant, Melissa who heard those words showed an astonished expression toward Kevin.
Kevin’s words were too unexpected even for Melissa.
And gradually she understood the meaning of Kevin’s words.

“That’s! Why?!”

Melissa unintentionally raised her voice.

*Jiii* And Kevin just silently stared at Melissa’s face.
It was sharp eyes that were trying to probe Melissa’s heart.
Nobody knows how long these two people stared at each other. –


The sounds of burning trees entered Melissa’s ears.

“…I guess you don’t hold any grudge.”

Having said that, Kevin finally relaxed his expression.
Looking at Melissa’s expression, he was finally able to understand her true feeling.
However, Melissa shouted ignoring Kevin.
No one can help it.
Because even for her, it was very unexpected that he was suspicious of her.

“Why? Why did you say something like that?”

She flared up toward Kevin with enough force that it was very different compared to the usual Melissa.

“Melissa… As expected, you don’t understand do you?”

Kevin looked at how Melissa had responded, he looked amazed yet also felt somewhat convinced of something.

“What are you saying?”

“Just like I said… You don’t realize the position you’re in right now…”

Melissa frowned at Kevin’s words.

“Even for me, I appreciate Mikoshiba-sama kindness you know?”

Melissa would never forget, the day when they perform the last trial, and finally being recognized as the member of his army.
At the beginning, the number of her comrades was 320 people, and at the end, on that day it had decreased to 196.
And toward those who had survived until the end, Mikoshiba Ryouma released them from slavery.
On that day, the contract of slavery who tied them down had become ashes.
For her and everyone else, they hold the debt of gratitude toward him.
After all, they had literally regained their lives once again.
And that feeling was something they could not easily forget.
However, Kevin shook his head.

“That is not what I meant… What I meant was after that…”

“After that?”

Melissa was still unable to understand Kevin’s words.
She was indebted to Mikoshiba Ryouma, she understood that.
But, she wondered what exactly he meant by after that.

“Don’t you know? Mikoshiba-sama was very merciful. He freed us from slavery, given us education, magic art knowledge, and martial art. He gives it to us, mere labor slaves. He also provided us shelter and clothing for living… But that was not entirely out of good faith. Of course, it does not mean that he did that for bad reason either. However, for a good reason, he had given us power.”

In regard to that, Melissa could also felt it.
Buying labor slaves for cheap, then given them education, magic art knowledge, and martial art.
She realized that Mikoshiba Ryouma did that not out of pity or sympathy toward the children.

“That esteemed person, he is testing us…”

“Testing us? What are you trying to say?”

Kevin then looked around, and he lowered his voice more, and answered Melissa’s question.

“Whether or not we’re ready to follow Mikoshiba-sama.”

Teaching slaves how to fight was equivalent to giving a mean to oppose him.
That was why usually people did not give such education to ordinary slave, those who were given such education would be regarded as war slave, subject to a more strict seal, and such war slaves could not use their power unless their Lord had given them the permission.
However, Mikoshiba Ryouma had never made any restriction order on the children he bought.
In fact, at the beginning of the training, many slaves had escaped from the harshness of the training, but they didn’t take any measures to prevent anyone to escape.

“At the beginning, our team consist of five people right?”

Melissa nodded her heard.
At the beginning, Ryouma had made the children train as a team consisted of five men.
Five men that would act together as a team, waking up together, sleep together, eat together, and train together.

“But now, he added one mercenary to our team who only had four people now, which made our team into five men team once again. Do you understand what the meaning of this act?”

The group formation had completely changed compared to when they had started
The five men team consisted of children at the beginning was being dismantled, and new team was formed with one mercenary and four children as its members.
She thought, Ryouma had simply placed one platoon leader with battle experience, but it seemed like it was not that simple.
Then a hunch appeared inside Melissa’s heart.

“By any chance… Is this monitoring?”

Kevin nodded his head after he heard Melissa’s murmur.
Melissa who saw that finally understood what Kevin and Coil had worried about.

“Listen alright, they watched us to determine whether or not we’re good enough. And even now they still continue to do that.”

Kevin words entered Melissa’s heart and became something she could not forget.

Next day.
Under the clear blue sky, Mikoshiba Ryouma and the 300 members of his troops arrived at the destination, it was a bay…

After pushed through the dense forest, and walked toward the west on the river banks which had width near 400m, the scenery in front of them greatly changed.
What they saw now was the white sand beach that extends toward the north and south.
Beyond that, blue sea with transparency enough to made people could easily saw the bottom of the ocean.
The waves that strike the beach are calm and the sea breeze tickles Ryouma and the others’ nose.
Far away from the bay, he could see several silhouettes of island.

This place was truly a place where human hands had never touched, it was the embodiment of both, splendor and beauty of nature.
This place was surrounded by slightly elevated hills on three sides, it was at the same time can be used as natural defense, if he opened the forest, and used the big river that flowed into the sea, it would be possible for self-sufficient food production.
And furthermore, with little effort, the more than 10km coastline could be used as a harbor.

“I see… I heard the report but, this is really an amazing place…”

Two man was on one of the hills and directed their eyes to the beach under their eyes.
They both had came to the place to confirm the surrounding topography.

Genou talked with Ryouma while on horseback, and intense sunlight made both men squinted their eyes.
On Genou’s face, proud expression can be seen due to the fact that his family had bring back the information of this location.

“Indeed. There’s no other place as good as this one… Let’s give them some good liquor later.”

Ryouma directed his eyes toward the surrounding topography.
Then he saw a little open space between the forest and the beach near the river.
There, he saw many people wandered.
He wondered if they preparing for the camping.
He could only saw that logs were being pierced into the ground one after another, and tent being spread open.
While looking at the sight, Ryouma nodded his head feeling satisfied.

The river that flowed into the sea can be used as drinking water and agricultural water, and for other practical defensive use, such as being used as water moat.
The abundant woods from cutting the trees can be used for a wide range of needs, as the forest being opened, the area could be used as agriculture lands.

The distance from Epiroz was also reasonable, it was 4 days of a walk.
It was also easy to develop self-defense in this place. The location can be said as very perfect.
Hearing Ryouma’s praise, Genou could not help but shows a joyful expression.
It seemed it was not just because his hard work was being recognized.
Mikoshiba Ryouma knew what most important was to give subordinates reward for their achievement.
It was not just about giving money.
The important thing was to understand the achievement after performing hard work.
Good job. You’ve worked hard. Thank you.
Such small gesture was important aspect in regard to relationship between people.

“Thank you for your consideration. Those guys would be happy hearing my lord’s words.”

“As you might know, being able to choose a base freely can be said as advantage. It was natural for us seeking the best place. However, I honestly never thought that it would be this good. Like this, we can immediately create village soon.”

Having territory where most places were left without human influence, Ryouma was able to choose a place to build his base anywhere he wanted.
Had within this peninsula there was a village, Ryouma won’t be able to choose anymore.
Even if from the point of view that the place was disadvantageous, for the safety of people living in that village he must proceed the development started from that village.
Since Ryouma does not have sufficient military power enough to protect a village while he also building a new base.
“Young master! The tents are ready. Please come this way.”

Apparently, the camp had already finished being built.
Bolt voice could be heard calling for him.

Tomorrow they can finally open up the forest and start building the village.

“Everything will start from here huh…”

Ryouma turned his challenging gaze toward the south.
As if staring at the enemies that were not yet visible.