Record of Wortenia War – v3-c24

Chapter 3 Episode 24

Night time, Day 28th, 2nd Months, the Year 2813: (Wortenia Peninsula 3)
“We manage to come this far as scheduled huh? Finally tomorrow…”

Everyone sitting around Ryouma nodded their head with a strong spirit.
On their face, a fearless smile appeared.
Their territory. Their country.
Apart from longing for such things, within them, there was also an absolute self-confidence that they had been able to survive inside the dangerous territory.

After entered the peninsula, they had been attacked by monsters 14 times.
Assuming if they were hunters who intentionally followed their prey, it can be said that meeting 2-3 prey in a day indicated it was a good place for hunting.
And compared to that, the encounter rates within the peninsula was abnormally high.
Furthermore, all the monsters are dangerous species, that was classified as an intermediate and advanced creature.
The fact that they were able to killed those monsters without letting anyone died, although it caused several people injured, it can be said as a great accomplishment.
It was impossible for them to not felt exalted.  

Three days had passed since they had entered the Wortenia Peninsula territory.
The road from Epiroz city had already ceased, and the troops stepped into the unexplored forest.
Tallgrass, densely populated trees, and tree branches, as if rejected their approach.
In order for them to march, they must carefully pay attention and at the same time deal with the tree branches.
However, despite the harsh environment, they were not troubled by either refueling water or choosing a place for them to camp.
Originally those tasks were the most difficult things to do.
However, Ryouma spent several months in advance to investigated the peninsula’s topography. –
As a result of that, they were able to choose an efficient path through the peninsula’s interior, while also had sufficient rest.
And now, while spreading out the map of Wortenia peninsula made by Genou, they were discussing the future move.

“Our movement has been proceeding as planned, the quality of our soldiers might be high but, this also due to the decision to let them grasp the topography beforehand as well, I think? After all, the information we had obtained from Epiroz city guild was not detailed enough.”

Everyone nodded in response to Sara’s words.
Although the interior territory was unexplored, it did not mean that no one can’t enter.
It does not mean that adventurers never go to the Wortenia peninsula for money either.
And the information brought by such people was being kept in the adventurer guild of Epiroz city. However, Ryouma ordered Genou to dispatched skilled people from his clan to investigate the peninsula as well.
And the result of that decision was great.
In the map spread out before them, map legends such as the type of trees, valley, rough flow of river are being described.
Without this map, their march through the peninsula would be hard.
At least, they wouldn’t be able to come so far without anyone died.

“I think so too… It was the right decision to ask Genou to investigate the water source and camp field. Ganou, thank you for your hard work.”

The condition to search for water sources was different between adventurers which only have 10 members versus an armed force with 300 members.
It would be impossible to satiate the need of 300 people with only a spring of water that came out between rocks.
The condition for choosing a camping field also different.
Depending on the number of people, the conditions required for suitable place to camp naturally differ.
That was why it was natural for Lione to gave her gratitude toward Genou who had managed to gather such information.
In actuality, it was possible to obtain a stable amount of water by using magic art, and the same can be said for finding a camping ground, but of course, it was better to do it manually since it would require less labor thus less fatigue.

“It was given that my clan had dispatched skilled people. However, this land was truly hash, one pair of people we had dispatched to investigate the territory had not yet recovered their injuries. The case for pirates was true, but the most concerning matter is ‘that’, I think..”

“What you mean by ‘that’ is the demi-humans I suppose?”

Toward Sara’s inquiry, the gentle atmosphere around them turned tense.
It was something that already had been reported before, but it was still caused them shock after hearing it again even after entering the peninsula.

“Demi-humans huh… I heard stories that some of them had survived but, I never expected them to be here…”

“I as well, Bolts. To think some of them survived… Furthermore, in the form of villages?”

For Bolts and Lione who were tasked with slaves training, they have only heard the future policies in the form of a rough report.
The army supply, selection of camps, the army marching path.
Apart from taking the command for slaves training, they were also had many other things they needed to do.
Thus they did not know Mikoshiba Ryouma thought regarding the demi-humans.
‘In the first place, what is the definition of demi-humans in this world?’

The answer was every race other than human who had a bipedal method to walk, similar to that of a person, and also had a certain level of culture.
That was what define demi-humans in this world.
Beastmen with beast’s head, dwarfs, elves, also other existence that speaks words and had certain culture.
However, people who lived in town or city would find their existence as nothing more than fantasy creature.
Well, even the adventurers who had ventured the unexplored land almost never encounter such existence.
Because they are legendary inhabitants of this world that were extinct by human hands a long time ago.

There were several causes of their extinction, but the biggest reason for it would probably the existence of the light God Meneoz.
In this world, there were exist Gods which the people refer to the six pillars. It was said that God Meneoz governs over light.
And a religious community who believed in Meneoz as God called themselves as light God Meneoz religious organization.

Their doctrine was simple. They regard light God Meneoz who was said to have created humans as supreme God and because humans were created by supreme God, they regard themselves as supreme beings.
Nonetheless, there was also other elements that made them religion.
However, religion was something that human usually created for the purpose of making everything convenient for them, thus it was natural if they also placed human as special existence.(*Opinion varies)
And at first, such element of doctrine was not a problem.
Even if some religion made some people think they are the chosen one, such things were supposedly not something that caused many problems.

Indeed since the light God Meneoz religious organization founded, 1,000 years had passed.
However, 400 years ago, the demi-humans was deemed as the unclean existence and the human began to drive them away.
In other words, since the organization was founded they did not make any racial elimination movement until 400 years ago.
Right, had 400 years ago two men did not appear in the history of this world, this world would be a place where beast-men, elves, and others lived.
However, the reality was different.

Although the demi-humans races had extinct since a long time ago, beyond the unexplored lands within the continent, there were rumors that a small number of demi-humans had survived.
“For the moment, we have no intention of working together with the demi-humans. I already told Genou this but, I don’t want to touch the northern part of the forest where their villages were located.”

Hearing Ryouma’s answer, Bolts and Lione widen their eyes.
In any case, his subordinates who were tasked to investigate the peninsula although managed to return were injured.
It felt unnatural for Lione to hear him said that he would overlook the incident.
Considering Ryouma’s personality, it would be normal for him to exercised his power and sent some protest.

“To be honest, I just don’t want to stimulate them right now… We already had Salzberg and Lupis on our back, I do not want to increase our enemies more than this… Besides, we also entered the vicinity of their village without permission. That was why I chose to leave them alone for now.”

After saying that, Ryouma draw a big red circle on the map.
It was a very large circle, nearly a quarter of Wortenia peninsula.
In other words, this circle indicated the boundary between them and Ryouma’s group.

“Well I guess so… the situation in the Zalda is also chaotic right now, it would be bad for us to only create more enemies, I guess? Considering that we had carelessly crossed their territory, I guess, it was normal for them to respond with violence huh…”

Toward Ryouma’s decision Lione voiced her agreement.
She herself did not have any particular repulsion toward the demi-humans.
She will fight if necessary, but she did not have any intention to intentionally fight against them.
And besides, Ryouma decision was very logical and fair one.
The attitude where he was not only thinking about his subordinates getting injured, from Lione’s perspective, his judgment was favorable.

“But what are we going to do with the pirates? It would be bad if we don’t have a harbor by the time Simone’s preparation is over…”

After the matter of the demi-humans was over, Lione asked another concern.
For Ryouma and Simone’s secret agreement, the existence of pirates caused them a problem.
Whether to win them over or exterminated them, it was a big problem.
Up until now, she was busy with other task but, now that they had entered the peninsula, Lione needed to know Ryouma’s clear policy regarding them.  

“There’s only one conclusion regarding them. Clearly, I do not need them in my country.”

Ryouma responded to Lione’s question in a casual manner while shrugging his shoulders.

Inside the tent, a fire should be lighted only to keep the temperature moderate.
However, everyone who heard Ryouma decision felt cold sweat ran down their spine.
Ryouma words and tone are calm, just like he was usually.
However, no man could misunderstand what was the meaning of his words.

“That means, we will have to annihilate them huh…”

Lione’s words echoed inside the tent.

“Melissa, what’s wrong?”

Coil called Melissa who had been stirring her stews with her spoon without trying to eat it.

They were eating their warm dinner while surrounding a bonfire.
The tense feeling during the march had become relaxed, around them laughter and chattering between comrades could be heard.
It was rare that they were allowed to drink a little bit of alcohol, many of them then act without restraint and made some ruckus.
In such hustle bustle, only around Melissa that the atmosphere was quiet.
Rather, it was too quiet.

“Unn… There’s nothing…”

“Nothing huh? Let me guess… You think about Hana right?”

Toward Melissa denial, Coil asked back in return.


Seeing Melissa widen her eyes in surprise, Coil made a big sigh.
From the point of view of Coil who had shared everyday life as a team for several months with her, it was easy for him to understand her thought.

“There’s no point thinking about the guys who ran away now is there? If they are lucky, they should be able to survive in some town…”

Coil said those words with uninterested tone.
For him, Hana who ran away was ungrateful and a traitor.
His hatred was not to the point that he wanted to chase and killed her, but it was to the extent that he does not mind if those who ran away died dogs death somewhere.
Such sentiment was oozing from his words.

“To say something like that…”

Melissa unexpectedly dislike the way Coil said his words.
Hana was a slave girl who was in the same group as Melissa.
But now, her figure was not here anymore.
Because the training was hard, she had escaped with a group of children who were unable to endure the training.
It was obvious that the one in the wrong was Hana who had escaped.
That alone Melissa understand. However, she was worried that Hana right now could not eat the same warm stew like she did right now.

“It cannot be helped you know… That fellow escaped due to the hard training, you see? Or Melissa also forgot the favor toward Mikoshiba-sama who had released us, and sided with the guys who had ran away?”

Coil emotion was rising.
Tonight was a night that would mark a milestone for their lord, Mikoshiba Ryouma, it was the moment they would step their foot into the mysterious land called Wortenia peninsula. And finally, they would arrive at their destination tomorrow.
Even if one were to look at the ingredient used to made the stew for this dinner, and also being allowed to drink alcohol, it was clear that tonight they had been given a special consideration.
In such a day of celebration, Melissa was instead depressed thinking about the guys who ran away and betrayed their lord.
He could forgive her for looking like that.

“Those guys are traitors!”

Coil shouted those words.
It was a very strong shout. Caused the surrounding noise to stop for a moment, all the surrounding people line of sight was directed toward the two them.
However, Coil ignored those gaze.
The emotion which he usually able to suppress was sprigged up.

The training was painful. Some have failed to overcome the fear of actual battle.
It was not something that everyone could bear. Even Coil could understand that.
However, it was Mikoshiba Ryouma who made them a person from the lowly status as slaves.
Coil also understood that Ryouma never did all that out of good will.
However, it does not change the fact that Ryouma had given him the chance to crawl up.
In this world, there was a little opportunity for the weak to crawl up.
That was why Coil could not forgive those feeling.
Despite being given a good opportunity, they instead ran away without making a good use of it.


Melissa could not return Coil cold words.

“Oi, Coil. Leave it at that…”


After he felt that Coil had become too emotional.
Kevin decided to start speaking after hearing the two conversations silently.
The leader of their team is Kevin.
If he told Coil to stop, Coil could not refute.
Coil himself did not have any intention of blaming Melissa.

“My bad… I lost my composure…”

Coil stood up.

“Where are you going?”

Kevin then looked at Coil with questioning gaze.

“I’m going to another group place…”

Said that Coil looked back at Kevin.
With firm gaze. Kevin then realized the meaning of that gaze.

“I understand… Clan, you should leave with Coil as well.”

Kevin who understood the meaning of Coil’s word forcefully told Clan who had kept silent eating stew.
He must speak with Melissa by any means necessary, just the two of them.
Due to Kevin strong gaze, Clan stood up and silently followed Coil.

After confirmed that their backs were out of sight, Kevin hesitantly asked a serious question toward Melissa.