Record of Wortenia War – v3-c21


Chapter 3 Episode 21

Early month, 10th month, Western Continent Calendar: (Eastern Invasion 5)

“They got us good eh… As expected General Berharres I guess? Immediately send the message to the detached forces. One hour… Tell Saitou to halt them only for one hour!”

After hearing the message from Saitou, Sardina clicked her tongue while looking at the map spread in front of her, then she gives out the order to the messenger.
Sardina who heard the information brought by the messenger instantly realize Belharres intention.
(Just like Saitou said, he’s aiming at my neck… No, probably not just that… The things that General Belharres aim is…)

“Yes! Immediately…”

Being overwhelmed by her angry look, the messenger immediately runs out the tent to execute her order.

“Someone, is there someone! Get me another messenger! Tell the other messenger to head toward the detached forces and tell them to reinforce Saitou as soon as possible!”

“Be relieved, your highness. I’ve already ordered some messenger to do just that…”

Following Sardina’s high voice, a calm voice echoed inside the tent.
She did not realize when he has come. The moment Sardina directed her eyes toward the entrance of the tent, Sudou calm face entered her vision.
Sudou, the matter regarding Rozeria seems to have settled down, thus he was being tasked to lead the escort unit and participating in this battle.
Sudou who is good at maneuvering behind the scene is also good at leading the army.
Sudou and Saitou.
By putting two of these capable Japanese in her army shows how much Sardina stakes her everything in this invasion.

“Sudou… Right… Thank you.”

“No no, for your Highness, this Sudou will do anything.”

Saying that Sudou shrugged his shoulders while looking like usual.
This man expression never changes no matter what the situations are making him hard to understand.

“Fuuh… You seem to have a lot of free hands eh? Sudou.”

She understood what he said was just a superficial, but Sardina replied to him with sarcasm while looking relaxed.
The more one understands the situation, the more anxiety and frustration will be born within one’s heart. –

“Even if I got impatient, the situation won’t change after all… Well, I can at least say, I understand the feeling of Your Highness for being impatient.”

Even after Sardina told him a sarcasm, Sudou’s expression did not change.
On the contrary, his tone of voice has become calmer.

“Well, it seems Zalda Kingdom’s army is not that stupid… Their commander is General Belharres after all. As expected from a man with a long history of military service huh? I don’t think they have the blessing of their king and the ministers, but to execute this kind of plan at the end… This is really something…”

“Is that how you going to tell me that they might be able to take my head?”

Listening to Sudou’s words, Sardina asked him.
Hearing her question, Sudou smiled.

“Please don’t joke… I just praising their strategy. After all, General Belharres never honestly thought that they will manage to take your highness head.”

After hearing Sudou’s answer, Sardina was convinced that her intuition was right.

“As expected… That was their aim huh?”

“Indeed… Their aim is to make this battle turn into a draw. I think they want to exhaust both war power. Considering the difference in national power between our nation and the Zalda Kingdom that is something they should never do. And yet, they still choose to do that which means….”

“A third country… They are planning to drag Ernestgora into this war.”

“I fear that it’s likely to happen…”

Sudou nodded his head after hearing Sardina’s words.
There’s no smile appear on his face like he usually did.
His gaze turns into a sharp gaze, looking far beyond the battlefield. It is such an overwhelming sense of intimidation, that only someone who has survived many battlefields usually has.

“They realize that they cannot win against us in strategy, thus they choose a desperate measure… Geez, what an absurd people…”

“Perhaps this is an arbitrary decision made by General Belharres. Since I don’t think that Zalda’s King and his ministers would approve such a plan.”

Toward Sudou’s opinion, Sardina nodded in agreement.

“No king would grant such permission after all… to pull in Ernestgora into one own country and engage the war…”

Sardina bitterly spoke.

“I guess it will depend on how much we can suppress the casualties from this battle… If we were down to less than half then…”

“I know… It would be hard for domestic control if we lost more than half of our current force. If that happens…”

“Ernestgora in the north won’t stay silent… They will also invade Zalda and aim for the coastal territory, or endorse take over the entire territory… For those guys, as long they can reduce our power even for a bit, they would be happy to do it after all.”

To occupy the Zalda Kingdom itself was relatively easy, given the difference in national power.
Even if the Rozeria Kingdom and the Mist Kingdom came for reinforcement, it is still possible to obtain a sufficient victory.
However, it took too much time to devise the strategy, directing the strategy while also being conscious of the shadows of the other two major powers.
Kirtantia in the west aside, Ernestgora in the north have a border with the Zalda Kingdom.
If Ortomea Empire took too much time to occupy the Zalda Kingdom, then it was clear that Ernestgora would obstruct Ortomea territory expansion.

“What do you think that female fox of Ernestgora would do?”

“Let’s see… That person is someone who likes to take control of everything without dirtying her own hand after all…”

Listening to Sardina’s words, the young queen of Ernestgora figure appears inside Sudou’s mind.
Her appearance is normal. Compared to Roezeria Lupis or Princess Sardina, they are similar put at the same time completely different.
It is wasteful time to compare them.
However, contrary to her appearance, her personality is horrible.
She is ruthless and cold-hearted ruler, born to rule, she even not hesitate to obliterate her family member.
Sudou had only met her twice, but the intense impression was imprinted on his mind.
A queen with superior intelligence who earned herself the nickname of the female fox.
She’s someone who will never miss a great opportunity.

“First, she would, without doubt, move her soldiers into Zalda’s territory… Since she won’t let us be the only one who increases the territory.”

“In the process, Ernestgora and us will definitely collide. Will Zalda have room for negotiation in such situation?… Honestly, how stubborn of them…”

“Weak country is a weak country, they just desperate to survive.”

Hearing Sardina frustrated words, Sudou quietly shook his head.
“Well, whatever. Anyhow, we need to win this battle first. Because this will decide our next move.”

The problem now is to win against Zalda army. After they win, that would be the time to decide what the next move.

“Indeed, although the possibility is very low, there’s still the possibility that our army gets overwhelmed by their fighting spirit, and get defeated instead…”

The biggest concern for them right now is this battle. Whether or not the Zalda kingdom manages to break through the front line.

“I as well… I will head to the front!”

Sardina said those words while looking tense and stared at Sudou.
It can be said as a foolish decision. Because she was planning to bring out the enemy’s target before their own eyes.
However, Sudou did not deny her decision.
Because he felt the strong will to fight after looking at her eyes. Furthermore, there’s also an advantage in her plan.

“I see… To wager everything huh?”

“If I proceed to the frontline, the 2000 escort troops can also be turned into a war potential, and if I go to the front line, won’t the morale of the soldiers would raise as well?”

The reason why Ortomea is in a stalemate against Zalda is that they only bring the same amount of soldiers.
Zalda Knights morale is high because they are not afraid of dying.
To be exact they are in a state of ecstasy.
They are swallowed by the sense of crisis and patriotism to protect their homeland.

“If your highness heads toward the front line, the morale would definitely raise… And we can also turn the escort troops into war potential, increasing the possibility that we can hold them until the detached forces arrive, but…”

Sudou stopped his words.
Thinking about it, the probability of winning is there.
With their highest commanding officer present, the Ortomea’s soldiers morale would raise.
However, when he thinks about being her adjutant, Sardina proposal is too dangerous.
Between the safety and risk…
He can’t really choose.
Since even if he was absolutely sure of winning, there’s still the possibility of losing too.

“I will be absolutely careful of the danger…”

Hearing those words from Sardina, Sudou make his decision.
He thought that thinking too much like this won’t make any difference, and having the thought of losing making him feels like a fool.
What he needs to do is to believe in his highest commanding officer, Sardina.

“I understand. We will immediately move the escort troops to the front line…”

Sudou answered with those words and slowly lowered his head toward Sardina.
It was him paying his respect to his commanding officer decision. –


On that day, the battle between the Zalda Kingdom and Ortomea Empire was won by Ortomea Empire.
However, in Ortomea eyes, it was not a perfect victory.
It is true that Ortomea manages to obtain victory after taking the head of Zalda’s highest commanding officer, General Belhares…
But Sardina expectation was right.
Zalda lost 16,000 of its soldiers, while Ortomea lost 17,000 soldiers.
Due to the nearly equal number of damage, Ortomea has no other choice but to temporarily stop their invasion.
Sardina who has control over the nobles near the border tried to recover their strength.
However, she could not immediately resume the invasion.
Just like what she had predicted, Ernestgora crosses Zalda border, and begin to bared its fangs.

At this place, a three-way war between Zalda, Ortomea, and Ernestgora will begin.
And with the disturbance within the Zalda Kingdom escalate, Mikoshiba Ryouma able to get the time he needed.
The time required for themselves to survive…