Record of Wortenia War – v3-c1

Chapter 3 Episode 1

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Day 275 after being summoned to another world: (Towards the peninsula) 1

“I wonder, how long has it been since then?”

Clear blue sky. Calm wind runs through the royal capital Preaus.
No one would think that the kingdom where the city is located just experienced civil war.
The scenery spread in front of Elena’s eyes is calm and full of vigor. Elena muttered those words while gazing at the landscape through the window.

“Are you talking about Mikoshiba-dono? It has been half a month since he left. If they don’t find any obstacle along the way, they should arrive at the peninsula about now.”

Her aide who was checking some documents answered Elena’s muttering.

“I see… I guess that’s how it is…”

Her eyes turned toward the north.

“Do you regret it?”


Elena answered her adjutant question with silence.
Or rather, there’s no need for her to say anything.

“There’s no other way… Her majesty Lupis herself had commanded it. That was the ruler’s decision…”

Despite thinking about Elena’s feeling, the adjutant himself supported Queen Lupis’ decision.
He has no ulterior motive, he just thinks professionally. And many knights and nobles also think the same.

(Elena-sama… Certainly, we owe him… But, for the nation…)

Ryouma is someone who’s too powerful to be left alone by the nation. Thus it seemed like a matter of course for the adjutant to think such thing.

“Let’s leave this talk for later, now I would like to talk about Mikhail’s appointment as General. I know Elena-sama has dissatisfaction regarding this, but please try to restrain your thought for now.”

Elena nodded her head toward her adjutant suggestion.
Mikhail’s mistakes were already well known throughout the kingdom. However, for Lupis, he’s the most trustworthy man.
For the knights, nobles and also the citizens, many of them want Elena to continue as the General, but everyone knows Lupis’ thoughts. If by any chance Lupis doubt Elena’s loyalty just a little bit, Lupis would be willing to dismiss her and propose Mikhail as the General.
As a person, Elena is someone who never underestimated Mikhail. It is without a doubt that Mikhail and Meltina would be the future of Rozeria Kingdom’s military leaders.
But Elena thought it was too early for them to lead the army. Composure, depth of their knowledge, martial arts, and strategy. They are lacking all of those aspects.
One supposedly lost their qualifications to get promoted due to abandoning their mission just because of impatience.

(I know that. But I can’t leave the General position to the current Mikhail… And, I also have betrayed that man.. Even if for argument’s sake that I did it for the nation…)

She knows thinking like that is an indication of being naive.
She also understands that even he did not help her solve her problem not out of goodwill. However, because of him, she was able to get the opportunity to kill Hodram.

Within her heart, regret was swirling about. But, even so, she could not abandon the country which she was born into.
Currently, the present Rozeria Kingdom is in danger.

From Elena’s perspective, Queen Lupis as a leader was too immature.
Political ability, Diplomacy, Economy. Except for the military, she lacked all of them.
As the head of the nation, she’s not very reliable.
The reason for that is also clear. She lacked the experience in internal affairs, and also for the better or worse, her own good nature as a person.
As for knowledge, she at least possesses a sufficient level due to being raised as royalty.
And because of the people of the kingdom like her, as a royalty, she’s not that bad. But the problem is how she behaves as a ruler.
Especially the power structure she currently aims to build, Lupis wants to keep all the power centralized within her arms reach. That is a minus.

A ruler who can’t take decisive action. Aides who do not have the necessary intellect. The nobles who began to move secretly behind the scene. And, lastly, the kind heart she posses when it comes to her family or close associates.  
After only just two months, she already reinstates Mikhail.
Everyone understands that as a ruler, she needs trustworthy people around her to rebuild the nation.
However, for a person who committed such grave mistakes yet received such light punishment, while the commoner who actually ended the civil war is being pushed to the Wortenia peninsula, was her majesty unable to see things properly? Is what Elena had thought.

Her Majesty doesn’t understand.

The civil war might have ended, and the decline in national strength was minimum. But, the internal dispute has not decreased at all.
Or rather, it has gotten worse.
On the surface, the kingdom seemed have regained its stability and peace. However, it’s actually a situation similar to that of a castle tower being built on a foundation of sand.
It is very delicate and prone to collapse. That was the situation the Rozeria Kingdom is currently in.
The circumstance might be different if the people who assist the queen are more resourceful. Or at least, if the Queen herself was a person with strong determination, the situation might change.
But the reality is different.
The wall of status between commoner and ruling class within the kingdom was very high, both the knights and the nobles hate the young man who managed to get all the credit during the civil war. If that man becomes Lupis aides and helps to steer the country, the current crisis would be something avoidable.
<TLN to Editors: When you’re being too excellent, and you show it to the masses how excellent you are. You won’t be showered with love, but hatred. Keep that in mind, young one.> <EN: But I’m just that good.>

Elena opposed the decision where Mikoshiba Ryouma has to leave the nation.
She wishes for him to remain in the Kingdom.
However, Lupis ended up afraid of him. And Lupis ended up throwing him to the Wortenia peninsula instead.


Elena sighed greatly, she began to turn her eyes back to the document once again.
No matter how much trouble one is in, the reality won’t change. She already made her decision.
As the current General of the kingdom, she strives to rebuild the country. That is why she did not say anything when Lupis made her decision.
Right now, Elena who’s currently the General, can’t object to the new Queen’s decision. If she recklessly speaks her mind, the current state that is already fragile enough would end up breaking apart.

“Rebuilding the nation come first now. Even if you’re dissatisfied, you can’t change the future of this country just by being reckless. Besides, despite being a commoner, he was being elevated to a noble and given land. Although it was different from the first promise, there should be no problem.”

“I hope that’s true…”

Elena felt fear after listening to how her aides speak about it. Most of the nobles seemed to have also thought the same as him. Only a few people under Earl Bergston understood what implication that decision entails.

(It was as if letting go a poisonous snake in your own garden…)

In Elena’s eyes, she can see that Ryouma hides raging anger and hatred. Just like flowing magma under the ground, quietly, slowly, surely surfacing.
She understood that because she had already spent her days hiding such feelings when she waited for her revenge time against Hodram.

(Hatred toward those holding authority, and those privileged class… I still remember them clearly…)

Although as an option Lupis’ choice was something not to be praised, it was also not something to be condemned.
However, she made a mistake as to how she proceeded with it.
It should be fine if she just asks Ryouma kindly for his consent and explained the situation that lead to it. However, the status difference between the two got in between them
For Her Majesty, she thought that common people should be silent and listen to her words since she’s the ruler. Or at least that’s what Lupis’ behavior indicates.
It is common in this world that a ruling class trampled over the commoner just because of their identity.
Elena herself was born as a commoner, she was made to taste a lot of regrets because of the same issue. Despite that, she chose to become a knight for the kingdom and rise through the ranks.
But that was because she IS a citizen of the kingdom.
That’s why, despite being made to taste a lot of regrets, she still loves her nation, but what would happen if the person in question does not have affection for the country? The result would be a raging anger and hatred.

(I wonder, if someday, I would have to fight him?)

Such anxiety appears inside her heart. However, she does not have any intention to voice out such anxiety.
In fact, if he were to come and execute his revenge, she’s going to throw her sword in silently.
After all, for her, his revenge is just and right.
(Five years huh?)
The day before Ryouma left the royal capital Pireaus, he told her something.

It was the grace time left for this nation.
Gerhardt’s status has been demoted to that of a Viscount, his territory was also changed into a land near the border south of Rozeria Kingdom.
There is a remarkable difference in terms of income compared to his previous territory. However, the kingdom can’t do many things in case of his personal assets, thus he has no economic problems.
It was a month after the civil war ended.
Elena heard that he already made a move toward the nobles who survived the purge and kept them close to him.
That alone was the result of Queen Lupis appointing Earl Bergston who was from neutral faction into an important position, those who lost their jobs because of it, flocked to Gehardt’s side.
They seem to be rebuilding the nobles faction with Gerhardt as the head.
Of course, there also the matter regarding princess Ladine.
Thanks to Gerhardt, she was officially recognized as a member of royal family.
That itself is not enough to cause a problem. But because the Queen hesitates to execute Gerhardt, he manages to begin a fresh start.
No, rather, Elena felt that Lupis is being cornered despite being the winner of the civil war.
Hodram who has ties with Thalluja kingdom ends up dead. Straining the relationship between the two nations.
Zalda And Mist kingdom are far from a close relationship. No one knows when war could break out between the two countries.
The Rozeria Kingdom is not safe yet.
While worrying about the enemies outside the kingdom, there’s the problem of grace period left for Queen Lupis to consolidate her authority.
And that grace period is just estimation. Looking at the reality, it seems it would be shorter than the estimation.
“Lupis will die, unless she managed to consolidate her authority within five years… Well, I guess you understand that already… I just don’t want Elena-san being rolled up into it.”

Ryouma told her those words while laughing.
When she saw that, Elena realize that Ryouma’s heart has already abandoned Lupis.
And his words are purely out of concern toward Elena. He gives her advice so that she does not get destroyed because of an incompetent ruler.

“Five years huh?”

“Eh? What did you say?”

Her adjutant asks such question after hearing Elena’s murmur.

“No, it’s nothing… Continue sorting the document..”

In accordance with her words, her adjutant gives her new documents.
She looked at it briefly signed it and put a seal on it.
Until the day Ryouma told her about come, there is still time.

(Ryouma-kun… Please survive… And once again…)

Elena prayed from the bottom of her heart for the young man who is far away from her, just like a grandmother praying for her own grandchildren.
Hoping for a day they meet again.
The sun rising above the head, pouring its light toward the people walking along the highway.
Because of the civil war, the distribution of logistics within the Rozeria Kingdom have been disturbed, but due to the internal administrative dispute, the problem was delayed more than 2 months after the civil war had ended. Right now, the life of the people has returned to that of the calm, pre-civil war one.

Meanwhile, A group of people who bore a characteristic crest is moving through the highway.
Flag with a pure black background. On the surface, there’s a crest of twin snakes with red eyes entangling a sword. <TLN to Editors: Similar to that of Caduceus Symbol>
The eyes of the snakes give the impression of staring at the surrounding.
When Mikoshiba Ryouma took up the position of Baron, that was the coat of arms he made at the royal capital, the crest of Mikoshiba household.
The sword represents military power, and the snakes symbolized cunning and wisdom, it can be said that the crest represents a man called Mikoshiba Ryouma.

“Boy! We’re about to arrive at the fort city Epiroz!” <TLN: City name “イピロス”>

While her crimson hair swayed due to the winds, Lione shouted towards her back.

“Indeed. Finally huh… My ass is already sore…”

“Ma~ Ma~, Ryouma-sama, please endures it a little bit more alright? I will apply some medicine after we arrive at the nearest inn.”

“If you want, how about changing into a carriage? If we got into the carriage, we can immediately apply the medicine.”

Toward Laura’s words, Sara made some interjection. It seems like the two sisters are in the middle of the war to win Ryouma’s affection as their master.

“O-Oh, it’s fine… I need to get used riding a horse after all…”

Ryouma answered the two of them while enduring the pain on his butt.
He has not much experience riding a horse.
Not to mention a car seat, even a saddle of a bicycle is more softer than a saddle used for a horse.
As a person from a modern-day Japan, for him riding a horse for a long period of time, no wonder his ass end up hurting.
At the time he was chasing after Hodram, the sisters taught him how to ride a horse, but then again that was an emergency measure.
And being used for marching for a half-month during the military campaign., the saddle platting have already come off.

“Well, be a little bit patient! A little bit more and we will be able to see the walls of Epiroz city.”

The total numbers of this group including Lione is 30 people.
Other than Lione, Bolts, Genou, Sakuya, the Marfisto sisters, and Ryouma, there are 23 mercenaries.
It might be said as impressive in term of employing mercenaries. However, in term of managing territory, such number of people are very lacking.

(I guess I need people who can handle office work huh…)

Ryouma is someone who has a good mentality and direction when it comes to the military.
Although the current power he has can only be said as a small unit compared to an army of a nation.

(Well I guess I have no choice other than moving one step at a time… There’s no way the country I plan to make can suddenly be established.) <TLN: He actually said country, not territory.>

While Ryouma thinks that, he directed his gaze forward.

(I will survive! And… Lupis! I will definitely make you pay for what you’ve done… With interest added too…)

In his mind, new determination surges.
Who would expect, that the group that about to enter the fort city of Epiroz would influence the situation within the west continent.
Western Continent Calendar, August 5, 2812.
A new page of history is about to be written in the book of history of the western continent.