Record of Wortenia War – v2-c5

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 2 Episode 5

(Compulsory Quest)

Day 83 after being
summoned to the new world.
The three who had left
the town of Mireish and came to a port town called Fulzad in the eastern
From the books
borrowed from Anamaria, Ryouma knew that the possibility for him to be able to
return to the former world was near zero, so he stopped pursuing the means of
returning home, and instead started thinking about living in this world. 
The sisters
dedicated affection played a significant role in changing his mind. 
However, even if
he said that he would live in this world, he had no purpose. 
So for the time
being Ryouma decided to travel around while earning money from the quests he
received from the guild. 
A journey to find
out what his purpose would be in this new world. 
“From now on,
what are we going to do?”

The three of them
were talking in front of the guild inside Fulzad town. They had come down from
the town of Mireish by passing through the forest without going through the
Due to that, they
manage to collect a considerable amount of raw material. 
Although they had been
careful and only chosen to collect the materials with the highest price, the
weight easily exceeded 40kg. 
It was an amount
which was barely okay to carry, not talking about fighting.

They had spent 20
days travelling, and due to that their swords had turned into mere iron bars, therefor
they decide to dispose of them and buy a new one in Fulzad. 
“Big sister
should go to the guild. After reporting the quests completion, she can make a
preliminary investigation on which quest we should take next. As for us, we
will organize the luggage, buy some consumable goods, and sell the raw
materials at the magical item store. “
The amount of raw
material they got from the monsters after they left Mireish town was quite
It would be
impossible for Laura alone to handle it, even with both the sisters it would be
quite hard. 
Thus there’s no
other choice for Ryouma to carry them.
(Well. I guess
this is appropriate.)
“Well, I
suppose that’s about right. … Laura.
Just check if
there some good quest, then come to the magical item store. Let’s decide which
quest to take after getting new equipment and after we have had lunch.
They registered as
a party before leaving Mireish town, they did so because it saved time and
effort compared to reporting each and every quest alone. 
Well then, See you later. “
After bowing her
head, Laura went inside the guild building.
“Now then.
Let’s convert all of these things into money quickly.”
Like that, Ryouma
began walking carrying the bag filled with things such as horn and skins.

“Yes. Triple
G rank. Laura Marfisto, yes? Indeed we have confirmed the quests completion.
Thank you very much. “
The receptionist
said such things to Laura while handing over her card and the rewards. 
The number of
monsters that they had subdued for the past 20 days was quite
Since all the
target monsters are ranked bellow than them, they wouldn’t gain any achievement
clearing point.
(Should we level
up to F rank soon?)
Laura pondered
about it however Ryouma didn’t seem to have any interest in raising his
Although Laura personally
believed that Ryouma’s ability was equal to at least rank D or perhaps even C
While she was
thinking about Ryouma, a man tried to strike up a conversation.

“Hou… It
seems like you’ve subdued a considerable amount huh?”
The man has been
struggling with a bunch of document behind the receptionist, but he immediately
stood up from his seat and walking towards Laura.
An educated guess
would put him at around 30 years old. 
He had blonde hair
which gave him a kind and gentle feeling. 
And since he
dressed appropriately, it would seem that he had a fairly good position within
the guild.
Marfisto right? Member of Mikoshiba Ryouma’s party together with Sara Marfisto,
am I wrong?”
The man talked to
Laura with a gentle tone.
“That’s right
but… Who are you?”
“Oh, I’m
sorry for the late introduction. I’m Wallace Heinkell. I’m the guild master of
this town. ” 
The meeting with
this guy would be the catalyst that opened a new purpose for Ryouma. 
“A forced
Ryouma asked Laura
while eating the meat using a fork. 
The time currently
was around 13.00 o’clock. 
Because it was no
longer lunch hours, there was a lot of vacant seat at the place Ryouma and the
sisters had their lunch. 
After selling the
raw material at the magic item shop, he grouped back up with Sara in front of
the store. 
Then they meet up
with Laura and listened to her story in a restaurant located diagonally from
the magical store. 
“Yes. It
seems to be something like that.”
Laura nodded her head
toward Ryouma’s words.
“Forced quests
huh… It was a system where the guild master and some other senior executives
nominate specific mercenaries or adventurers to forcibly accept a quest,
Ryouma continue
while shaking his head.
that should only apply to the high-ranking mercenaries and adventurers. At
least that was the case from the guide book that I read.”
“But isn’t
that strange? We’re a triple G rank and yet getting nominated? Aren’t triple G
rank a low rank?”
Sara questioned
while tilted her head.
“About that,
I was told that they would give us an explanation regarding the circumstances
if we go to the guild at 14.00 o’clock.”
Laura herself
didn’t seem to be that enthusiastic.  After all, they were being forced to
work for unknown people, for unknown reasons.
And the same was also
true for Sara who looks like not enthusiastic about it. 
Forced quest
usually were quest that no one wanted to take it, and it was also usually an urgent
If it was not
urgent, there’s no problem even if it was being left alone until someone takes
And if no one
wanted to take it, it usually meant that there would be significant danger
involved with it. 
From start to
finish, it didn’t sound like good work, not one of them was especially
Ryouma thought
about it for a bit before asking Laura.
wouldn’t it be better for us to simply ignore it?”
“If possible
I would like to do so… However, there’s a slight chance that they will
terminate our guild registration if we do so…”
“Are we being
“They don’t
say so, not explicitly; however, I could feel it from what they said”
Listening to Laura,
Ryouma looked at the sky, mentally weighing the advantages and disadvantages
against each other.
(I don’t like being
threatened. And furthermore, can guild master exercise their authority that
far? Sure they have such rights, but it should be impossible to terminate the
registration when we haven’t given any reason for it.)
A person who forces
things upon others, just because they have authority was one of the things that
disgusted Ryouma the most, as he cherished personal freedom. 
On the other hand,
however, there’s also an advantage to it.
(Currently, the
guild is the only one that can guarantee my social status in this world. As for
gold, the gold we have taken from the slave trader has been left untouched, but
I need money. The monsters we usually hunt earns us plenty for now, however
they say, that if you have money, you can buy something like a proper social
But, no, I can’t
possibly do that, since I have no acquaintances to buy from. Sooner or later I
might have to leave the guild, however, for now, the status of adventurer still
has its use. Even if I have to shut my eyes toward their slight
unreasonableness, I should remain in the guild for now huh?…)
In the end, it’s
all about, if the advantages or disadvantages weighed more, in the long run. 
Laura and her
sister would follow Ryouma decision. 
After some time,
and various thoughts, Ryouma finally said,
“I guess, we
should go there for now… After listening to their story, if it sounds
 disadvantageous, then I will think about it again.”

The sisters nodded
toward Ryouma decision.