Record of Wortenia War – v2-c42

Chapter 2 Episode 42

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Day 227 after being summoned to another world: (The determination of the summoned person)

(At the end of the day… I was too naive huh…)

Ryouma looked at the ceiling while lying on his bed inside his bedroom located within the royal castle.
Inside his mind, the stiff and firm expression of Princess Lupis appears.
Ryouma was called in the morning for an audience to receive the title of Baron and Wortenia Peninsula land from Queen Lupis.
Such situation is not what he had expected.
Because he was just recently talking with the Marfisto sisters about their next destination.
However, he could not decline the reward.
Of course, it was not because he was happy with it.
But because he noticed.
Behind Lupis expression, he can see fear toward him…
And also the murderous intent leaked by Meltina who was standing beside her.
If Ryouma were to decline here, Meltina will without a doubt instantly order the guards inside the room to attack.
They are very afraid of the human being called Mikoshiba Ryouma.
He was sensitive to that, that’s why he avoided giving them an immediate response.
But first, he thought about why such decision come to being.
(First, why did they not want me to decline… What is their aim…)
Back during the audience.
Ryouma was able to suppress his anger toward Lupis, and able to give out words of gratitude.
(Wortenia Peninsula huh… Somehow the situation turned weird… That damned woman!)
Ryouma thought about the event that happened in the morning and cursed the person who caused it inside his heart.
Although he does not voice out the words.

Nobody is inside the room except him.
He told the Marfisto sisters to leave the room to give him the time to think by himself.
The red setting sunlight that came through the window dyed his face red.
His expression is as cold as an icy winter, despite a raging fury inside his heart.
Her gaze is filled with murderous intent.
The anger for being betrayed by the person one believed in.
Hatred toward Lupis is growing despite trying to restrain his feelings.
He thought it was stupid of him from the start, for believing in her.
But right now, he can’t make any reckless moves.
At least for now…
After all, the one who betrayed him is the lord of this castle, the new queen of this country.

(They say the walls have ears and the doors have eyes… I need to be careful… After all, someone might be spying on me… It is also a bad  for me to voice my dissatisfaction now… But the current situation is worse than the time when I killed that Gaies dude…)

Ryouma tried to clarify everything in his mind until his mind grew numb.
It was difficult for Ryouma to escape Ortomea Empire, but he succeeded back then.
However, it is different right now.
The condition and the situation are too much of a difference from last time.
That means of escaping from this place is realistically impossible.

(First, there are too many people who know my face and name… And if Lupis moves her hands toward the guild, I won’t be able to live, since I can only do jobs via the guild…)

According to Lupis’ letter, she had already explained to the guild and proved his innocence.’
In other words, if Lupis said ‘I don’t know anything about that letter’ or ‘what I wrote is a lie’, then everything could be overturned.
Having the testimony being pulled back, Ryouma would lose his innocence once more.

(Damn it… Having royalty hold power can be troublesome too…)

Remembering how he was happy back then when his innocence was proven, he wants to puke.
Per say this happen might be because he underestimates the power of royalty.
One way or another, when we talk about the power of a country, one can say it was very powerful.
After all, with the power of a country, one can make black as white and white as black.

(I want to leave this country as soon as possible… But, it’s impossible huh… Some knights have been placed around us in a pretext of guarding us… But I bet, if we make a stupid move, they will definitely try to kill us… Kuh! I’m such stupid man for believing what Lupis had said… Wait until her coronation over she said! Damn it! Don’t joke with me…)
Originally, as soon as the civil war ended, he planned to leave the country.
That’s why Ryouma did everything to win.
He avoided a close relationship with the nobles more than necessary, without questioning Queen Lupis’ intention.
He was not aware how he was being seen from his surroundings.
Such mistakes have become overwhelming.
Right now, one month has already passed since the civil war ended.
Ryouma still remained inside the castle even after his crimes had been cleared.
Because Queen Lupis asked him strongly.
At first, Ryouma caught that as a sign of anxiety.
The anxiety of carrying the responsibility of a country on her back.
Having her trusted person being punished, Ryouma thought his existence helped her to alleviate her anxiety a little bit, but that totally backfired.

Ryouma was told to stay in a room for a whole month.
What he does for a daily routine is only eat a nice meal, practice martial arts with Lione and the Marfisto sisters.
And have some small talks with Bolts and Genou to kill time.
This was the only calm days he spent since the time he was being summoned.
However, that was the story under the premise that he could leave the country.
If he realized that he has to remain in the country from the beginning, he won’t spend his days like that.

Right now, what he needed is silence to think.
Quietly and surely, Ryouma analyzed the current situation.

(I can’t believe it that that woman would break her promise… Forget it, I’ve decided to not think about such thing… One can say that I was making light of her too much, and put too much trust in her…)

He understood that she was afraid of him.
That is why he was planning to immediately leave the country.
However, the fear inside Lupis seems to not easily disappear just because he left the country.

(Wortenia Peninsula huh? If I think straightforwardly, this is a big success… But Lupis should never make this decision, and she should’ve known it… After all, appointing civilians as a noble in this kind of time would incite another rebellion… Lupis government is still highly unstable. If she makes the decision to make me, a civilian a noble in this kind of situation… then there must be something behind it.)

The thing she was trying to give to Ryouma is a noble rank and a territory.
If one think normally, such thing can be said as a great success.
However, Ryouma is not foolish enough to take it just like that.
Without any prior discussion, Queen Lupis pressed the noble rank and territory onto Ryouma, ignoring her previous promise.
If she really wishes to borrow Mikoshiba Ryouma’s power, she should never do such thing.
She can just say that she might need help in the future beforehand.

His present situation.
The current state of Rozeria Kingdom.
And the attitude and expression Queen Lupis shown.
By assembling them within his mind, he immediately understood Queen Lupis’ aim.

(I see… She wants to confine me huh…)

First and foremost, it was unnatural for her to give Ryouma a territory since she was afraid of him.
If that was the case then, there must be something that might limit him of his movement by giving him the nobility rank.

(First, I should think about the Wortenia Peninsula that I was given… There must be a problem there. First, it was bordering with conflicting neighboring country… Since Lupis was giving it to him with such pressure, there is no way to refuse it… In order to refuse this, he needs a very solid reason… A good reason… Come on, think!)

In order for him to decline the territory and the noble rank, he needs a sufficient reason without unnecessarily crushing her.
If he were to refuse it plainly, it would only paint mud on Lupis’ authority.
Of course, Ryouma does not care if something were to happen to Lupis, but what situation would arise if he were to do something like that?
Lupis and Meltina will without doubt move to kill Ryouma using any means necessary.
Meaning, receiving the gift or not, he will still see hell.

“In the end, I was too naive…”

Such self-mockery leaked from Ryouma.
He feels like he could not win against the power called ‘the country’.
Even if he can win against Lupis individually, he could not win easily against her authority.
In a place where defiance will be punished severely, it would be bad for him to do that.
In other words, in term of life, Ryouma is weaker than Lupis.
He was wondering what he should do in this kind of situation…

(The one who can win against a country is another country…)

Ryouma’ mind finally comes to conclusion.
“It seems like you’re caught in some trouble, my lord.”

Someone spoke to Ryouma who was in deep thought.
Ryouma immediately raises his body and glares toward the owner of the voice.

“How did you enter here, Genou?”

“From the door, of course…”

Genou responded to Ryouma’s question with a relaxed manner.

“What do you want? I do not remember calling you?”

“Indeed, you did not, my lord.”

While receiving Ryouma’s words lightly, Genou settled down on a chair.

“We’ve checked the entire situation. About Wortenia Peninsula… It would likely be a troublesome land…”

“Why did you know that?!”

Ryouma narrowed his eyes toward Genou.
Ryouma have not yet even told the sisters yet, but this old man already knows about it.

“It is our occupation to find things. Something like this is an easy walk.”

“I see… I guess you’re right indeed.”

Ryouma agreeing with Genou’s statement.
Genou came from a clan well versed in stealing and assassination.
It would be easy for them to find information.

“Well… I was just being asked for some favor by those twin ladies. They said my lord’s behavior is strange. That is why Sakuya and I tried to find out the reason.”

“Those two?”

Genou deeply nods his head.
Perhaps the sisters sensed some change in Ryouma’s behavior, and then they asked Genou to do something.
One can definitely say their consideration is very wonderful.

“So, do you know what situation we’re currently in?”

“Indeed… It is certainly troublesome. However, there’s a silver lining in everything.”

“Silver lining? Which part of this situation that is a silver lining?!”

Ryouma instinctively raised his voice.
This all according to Lupis’ expectation.
Being given land.
And having the land filled with trouble.
However, Genou lightly shook his head.

“My lord… Let’s ride on Queen Lupis expectation. And then, we build our own power.”

Ryouma could not immediately nod his head toward Genou’ statement.
After all, that was what he was thinking just a while ago.

“My lord, can you believe in us?”

Genou’s words pierced Ryouma’s heart.

“We’ve already made our decision. Lione-dono, Bolts-dono, and of course the two young ladies as well…”

Genou eyes look straight at Ryouma
His words transmitted his strong intention.

“That’s right! Why didn’t you say anything to us boy…”

“Young master! We will accompany you anywhere!”

The door opened, Lione, Bolts, Sakuya and even the Marfisto sisters show up.
It seems like they have come to a decision just like what Genou had said.


Ryouma facial expression relaxed.

“I can’t guarantee anything you know? After all, I was just a commoner who never managed a territory before…”

In response to Ryouma’s words, Genou nodded his head.
Everyone present understood such things.
Still, they believe in the human being named Mikoshiba Ryouma.
“Being able to admit that is already splendid enough, that’s why the nobles are nasty because they always pretending!”

Lione’s words represent everyone’s mind.

They begin to sit surrounding the table to decide their future plan.
First, they are thinking as to how to respond to Lupis tomorrow.
After all, the deadline for his reply is tomorrow.
Tomorrow, he must decide whether or not he receives the rank and territory.
They all stay up all night to develop some countermeasures.

“Well, she does have her position to think about.”

Ryouma’s words are somewhat cold.
One can say his words are filled with anger.

“Didn’t you feel aggravated by it?”

Lione turns her gaze toward Ryouma.

“Let see… Well, I do not have a plan of forgiving her for this though…”

Ryouma responded with those words while laughing.
Everyone present looking at Ryouma’s face can feel a cold shiver run down on their spine.

This is the laughter of a demon.
Filled with malice and hatred.
A dark and deep darkness, filled with ambition.

(Lupis… I don’t know what situation you’re in… But you’ve betrayed me… Well, It was also my mistake to get deceived like this… But this time, I will make you pay the price!)
<E/N: Reminds me of Bruce Banner “You won’t like me when I’m angry”>

Tonight, the light in his room remained lit until morning came.