Record of Wortenia War – v2-c41

Chapter 2 Episode 41

Editors: SniperIRL

Day 212 after being summoned to another world: (Princess Dilemma)

“… What should I do, I wonder…”

Princess Lupis directed her eyes toward the windows, looking at Pireaus royal city from her room.
The pure white dress which greatly exposes her chest highlighted her beauty.
She’s the same person who wore armor and was revered as General Princess, but her appearance now is completely different.
However, the gloom in her eyes negated the brightness of her beauty.


A big sigh leaked out from her mouth.
Even though the bustling people in the town are so vibrant to the point of it reaching the castle.
Every citizen expected a new beginning with the civil war ended.

The civil war ended with Hodram death, slain by Elena Steiner’s sword.
Hodram who was joined the true mastermind midway ends up being killed and become the scapegoat, while Duke Gerhardt survived. Although there are some indescribable parts, she was able to preserve the face of Rozeria Kingdom by having Hodram take all the responsibility.
The Civil war was already over some time ago, and one month has passed.
However, Princess Lupis who should have been full of hope was instead buried in worry.

“Father… Am I suitable to become the leader of this country? I who is getting lost just because of thinking how to treat that man?”

Many times she had asked such question toward her dead father.
That being said, of course, the dead cannot reply with an answer.
She asked a question to her father who cannot answer.
Such behavior shows what kind of state of mind she has currently.


Again, deep sigh leaked from her mouth.

“Your Highness…”

Meltina looked at Princess Lupis’ figure in sorrow.
Along with the crowning of Lupis, she was being appointed as the leader of the royal guard knights.
Although originally she had to carry out her work, she still needs to accompany the princess as her assistant like usual.

(As expected… Having Mikhail end up under house arrest has become a hard blow for us… If it were me alone, I don’t think I can support her highness…)

Speaking about intelligence, Meltina and Mikhail were no different.
However, having a life experience of 10 years more than Meltina, was unexpectedly not something to be trifled with.
And Mikhail also is more suited in influencing the knights.
Although the civil war has ended, the princess’ power is still unstable.
It would be natural for her to want a trustworthy human around her.
However, one of such important persons is under house arrest.
After the civil war had ended, Duke Gerhardt handed over Mikhail to Lupis.
Naturally, Meltina and Lupis thought he can get back to work just like that, but it was impossible.
Separately, Ryouma never said anything.
In the beginning, Mikhail’s punishment was being postponed.
The princess was going to overlooked his mistakes by offsetting it with his achievement during the civil war.
For his second mistake, Lupis and Mletina could not do anything other than pursuing Earl Bergston to make his faction stand as a bystander and not getting involved by giving unnecessary thought.

“You know… About Mikhail… Is it impossible for me to reinstate him? Is it fine if I just demote him? Can I solve his punishment with that?”

This time Meltina received a barrage of questions from Lupis.
It was already half a month since Mikhail under house arrest.
And the princess’ question has been constantly repeated since then.
Meltina shook her head silently while sighing.

“No matter how much your highness wanted that, it would be impossible… Of course, I want to finish his house arrest punishment too, but…”

Meltina too wants to fulfill Lupis wish.
She does not think that Mikhail would be able to solve all the problem they had, but, since he’s someone they both can trust, Meltina wants to reinstate him as well.
However, with the current situation, something like that was impossible.
The reason for that is it would make the others start questioning the princesses actions.
No matter how much the princess trusted him, she can’t just reinstate someone who had failed twice.
The first failure can be solved by making Kyle take the responsibility, but, the second failure is deadly.
Although it was temporary, he had become a prisoner of war and also he ignored the orders of his superior officers.
Moreover, because of that, the plan to get rid of Duke Gerhardt fell apart..
Some executives have voiced of wanting him executed.
Even as a princess, it would be impossible to reinstate Mikhail without any punishment.
If she does that, it would be an act that can shake her regime, which has not yet found a solid foundation.

“I guess so huh… I’m sorry Meltina. For asking something unreasonable…”

Lupis also understands that as well.
The problem is despite her mind accepting some portion of her heart still unable to accept it.
Meltina had no choice but sighing inside her mind.

“Well, Mikhail aside… What do you think about our other problem?”

Lupis switches the topic and asks Meltina.
Her problem is not just Mikhail, there’s another person that she doesn’t know what to do with.

“Mikoshiba Ryouma is it… As I’ve expected, the nobles and the knights would definitely disapprove it… If only we can give him a job as a unit leader for his achievement, but…”


Lupis grimaced after listening to Meltina’s answer.

The problem she has other than Mikhail is about Mikoshiba Ryouma.
If she follows the first contract they have, she supposedly helped him to prove his innocence, with the Rozeria Kingdom become their backing.
And after being proven innocent, they supposedly leave the country.

As soon as the civil war ended, Lupis have sent a letter explaining the situation to the local guilds as the princess of Rozeria Kingdom.
In this way, it has been already admitted that Mikoshiba Ryouma and his colleagues have done nothing wrong.
The only dissatisfaction they had was for being unable to prove the guild leader from Wallace Heinkell’s wrong doings which cause him to escape any punishment, but such result is not a surprise.
If they follow Duke Gerhardt testimony, it seems like Kyle is the one who arranged everything.
And now with that Kyle getting killed by Ryouma, it is difficult for them to find someone with testimony and evidence.
And the neighboring guild masters could not pursue it further without any evidence.
In fact, there’s a no way out of this anymore.
However, having Princess Lupis prove Ryouma’s innocence, Princess Lupis has already fulfilled her promise to him.
Then no one can stop them if they want to leave.
But right now, they still remain in the royal castle.
That was because Lupis asked them to wait until her coronation is over.

“And the opinion from the knights are also still not good, regardless if they are from commoner or distinguished knight family.”


“As expected to give a man not the citizen of Rozeria Kingdom an important post they think it would be bad for us to do that… Well, I don’t even have to ask for the reason why it would be bad… However, if we force him into the knight orders, indeed one important post would be reduced then… And for a human being who aimed at a higher post, and only to have the post getting snatched by a foreigner, I think we have to consider what would the others think about this…”

Lupis’ face gets cloudy due to Meltina’s statement.
Lupis is afraid of Mikoshiba Ryouma.
The fear was growing to the point where it was overflowing from her heart, after all, he is the man who makes it possible for her to be the queen of the Rozeria Kingdom, making the person who was in a disadvantageous situation previously now stand in front of the coronation ceremony.

“He who only move for himself, I don’t think I want to appoint him as a knight either… After all, he does not have any respect for the royalty nor loyalty to the Rozeria Kingdom itself… It is too dangerous to have him as a person who protects the royal family, at least that is what I thought as a knight.”

Evaluation regarding Mikoshiba Ryouma’s ability is very high.
Such evaluation also comes from those who think negatively about him.
Thus if the princess is able to appoint him, he can get any job done as a knight.
However, when we asked how much confidence all of us have in him as a knight, everything went south.
As a knight, he has to protect the kingdom with his sword.
Military power is necessary for the king to control the domestic power.
But what if even the king do not have confidence with the person who holds the military?
Such situation would force them back into the era similar to the time when Hodram ruled the military.
The king might become the puppet and the country management becomes disturbed.

Right now Lupis has to rebuild the kingdom.
Nevertheless, she cannot just appoint someone with unknown origin to an important position within the knight orders.
Such opinion was not only voiced by her but also among the executive leaders within the kingdom.

“But… We can’t let him out of the country like this! Absolutely not! What if another country manages to appoint him?!”

Lupis raises her voice.
This is what she was afraid of.
She is unable to give an important position to him.
However, what would happen if another country could?

“I know… I also agree with that… Your highness about that…”

Meltina hesitated to continue.
But Lupis is sensitive enough to understand what she wants to say.

“No! No matter how dire our current position is… We cannot do that!”

Meltina keeps silent due to Lupis clear rejection.
Silence ruled the atmosphere.

Meltina did not speak any words.
But what she was about to say had already been proposed by the others executive leaders, especially the nobles.
And that suggestion is an assassination.
With assassination, they will be able to have a good sleep without worry that another country might recruit him.

(I understand that… But… He’s not even my enemy yet… He even kept his promise with me… Yet, am I going to pay him with death as gratitude? Furthermore…)

For better or worst, despite her naive kindness, she also possesses some wisdom in her.
If she was completely stupid, she would immediately fulfill her promise to Ryouma and let him leave the country without any fuss.
If she was evil, she would immediately command the assassination without thinking a second thought about her promise with him.
She does not want assassination because she does not wants to be completely evil.
But since she is not stupid, she does not want him out of this country either.
Like that the princess stuck with the current predicament.

And there’s also another reason why Lupis does not want to choose assassination as an option.
Hidden within her heart, something that she does not dare to say.
And that is…

(If I choose assassination, are we going to kill him using the knight of this country? If… If they failed to kill him, and he realizes that I was the one who commanded it…)

Of course, if all of the kingdom citizens unite and fight against Mikoshiba Ryouma, they could fight against him without a problem.
After all, an individual cannot conquer a country by him or herself.
However, Ryouma might still be able to escape.
Calmly thinking such probability would be less than a million.
However, it was still not absolute.
And Lupis feel that Mikoshiba Ryouma would be able to make something impossible become possible.
Like how he was able to make her the queen of this country…

(If I do that… That man will not forgive me…)

Such fears froze Princess Lupis movement.

“Excuse me, your highness… Sudou-sama wants to have an audience with you. Is it alright for him to enter?”

Lupis and Meltina.
The silence between them ended with the door being knocked from the outside.
Meltina gazes at Lupis for confirmation which she gently nods.

“Come in…”

At the same time with her voice, the door is opened, and Sudou wearing a noble-like clothing is standing there.

“Pardon for my intrusion your highness… Are you troubled by something? We can’t have that… Your beautiful face will be ruined if you show that kind of expression. Although it is presumptuous of me, if you do not mind, how about you try and consult with me Princess Lupis? Or rather, Your Majesty the Queen.”

As he came in, he speaks those words suddenly.
In the first place, he was not a man that can be easily associated with the word of ‘polite”

“You bastard! How dare you be rude to her highness like that!”

Meltina tried to pull out her sword.
In this situation, no one would say she was short tempered.
After all, Sudou was very rude toward a royal family member.

“Meltina, stand down… and Sudou, you better try to be a little bit polite with your words as well. I will tolerate you this time, but there won’t be any second times.”

In respond to Lupis words, Sudou bows his head respectfully.
But the people inside the room understood that he was just acting.

“Well, whatever… So, what is your business by coming here? As you can see, I do not have much free time right now. Briefly, state your business…”

After Lupis permits Sudou to take a seat, she immediately cuts to the chase.

“Oh come on… No need to be stiff like that. Well, Your highness seems to be in trouble after the civil war ended, so I thought of helping to remove your highness trouble from your highness’ heart, and come here…”

Meltina’s eyebrows were raised.
She is curious as to what kind of respond Lupis would have from listening to those words, she then directed her gaze to Lupis.
However, Lupis was caught by surprise and unable to find any words to say.

“I see… Thank you for your concern… But, do you know why I was suffering, Sudou?”

Lupis questioned Sudou while feeling doubtful.

“Of course. Or rather, anyone would notice if they are just a little bit observant… Your trouble, it was about Mikoshiba Ryouma is it not?”

Lupis tried to suppress the unrest that raised inside her heart due to Sudou exclamation.
She will become the queen of this country thus she can’t easily express unrest expression easily.
(Calm down! Don’t let him see what is inside my heart!)

“What do you mean? Sudou?”

Lupis wanted to say, why did he think that… Asking Sudou while tilting her neck slightly.
However, for Sudou, her desperate act looks like an amateur theater play.

“Hou… I was mistaken huh… If that the case, then I should leave since I don’t want to waste your highness’ precious time.”

Sudou said those words while rising his body from the seat.
Meltina and Lupis expression completely changes.

“Wait a moment! Sudou-dono… her highness has already taken the time to listen to your talk while she is busy. Why are you leaving while not saying anything like that!”

Meltina immediately tries to halt Sudou.

“Huh? Well, I thought her trouble was about Mikoshiba Ryouma, but seeing it was not about that, my purpose of coming here has become meaningless… Since it would be rude for me to disturb her highness’ busy time, I won’t waste more time than this. That’s why I tried to leave…”

Looking at Sudou’s expression, both of them know that it was just a lie.
He just wants to tease Lupis.
He wants to make Lupis ask Sudou personally.
If she asks, it might lead to a breakthrough.
However, Lupis can’t just admit easily that she was troubled by Mikoshiba Ryouma existence.

“I see… Sudou. Since I’ve taken the time, I will try to listen to your words. Go ahead and talk…”

Lupis set the table by ordering Sudou to talk.

“Sure… Well then, let’s cut to the chase…”

Sudou decided to talk while sinking his body into the chair once again.
“Just like what I said earlier, the trouble about Mikoshiba Ryouma. Your Highness seems to be unable to decide what kind of treatment should be given to him, if he is a loyal person to the kingdom then your highness can just appoint him as a knight, but he was a mercenary, thus it is impossible. And if your highness allows him to leave the kingdom, another country might recruit him… And it is also possible that the country who appoints him will attack the Rozeria Kingdom.”

Toward Sudou’s words, their expression changed.
It was exactly what they both have been troubled with.

“Your highness can’t appoint him as a knight, yet also can’t let him go out of the country. Nevertheless, your highness can’t also kill him… After all, if a human with such high achievement ends up getting killed, it would definitely leave a bad record for the future…”

While talking about his opinion, Sudou keeps observing Lupis’ expression.
(Fumu… Just I have thought huh? Well, for someone like her, she does not have the ability to control the man who is able to go head to head against Princess Sardina after all…)
His eyes have grasped the full ability of Lupis.

“Fuuh… So? How are you going to solve such problem?”

Lupis stop trying to pretend not to be interested in the topic.
She understood that there’s no point in doing so anymore.
Sudou then continues with a smile…

“If your highness can’t appoint him as a knight, and don’t want another country to get hold of him. Why not appoint him as a noble?”

Lupis was at lost for words.
The same can be said about Meltina as well.

“Are you stupid? We’re talking about a commoner here, what kind of a high heaven’s dream is that, did you really want us to make a mercenary into nobility?”

Sudou nodded his head toward Meltina’s question.

“Don’t joke with us!”

Her high pitched voice resounded within the room.

“There’s no way such a thing can be done! No rather, it would be more realistic to appoint him as a knight! Not to mention the nobles won’t agree to it either!”

Lupis had no choice but nodded her head in agreement.

“Besides, how are you going to do that?! By giving him territory controlled by the government?!”

A territory is necessary to appoint a noble.
Of course, such thing is possible by giving the land controlled directly by the Royal family, or by giving the territory that the government got from the nobles that were lost during the civil war.
However, if they do that, the royal families power would diminish.
With civil war having come to an end, Lupis wants to have the whole country under her control.
For that purpose, she needs all the lands she has.
She wants the throne to have enough power even when they have to fight against all the nobles combined together.
Considering both the nobles and the commoners feelings, it is impossible for them to appoint Mikoshiba Ryouma as a noble.

However, Sudou already anticipated such rejection.
He then spread a map from his pocket onto the table

“This is? The map of eastern part of the western continent?”

Sudou nodded his head toward Lupis words.

“Your Highness can just take care of him by giving him this territory. What do you think? With this, the royal family won’t lose their land, and the nobles won’t fuss over it either… Furthermore, your highness does not have to worry about a revolt because of it… How about giving him the title of the lowest noble, Baron? Well, with this size, it usually needs the office of Duke, but it is this place, after all, so we can ignore that…”

Both Lupis and Meltina were at a loss for words due to Sudou’s suggestion.
The land that Sudou has pointed his finger at.
The size it self is one-tenth of the whole of the Rozeria Kingdom itself.
Giving such land to a common people, much less a mercenary, that is an insolent act borderline insane.
However, just like what he had said, there’s no fear of any objection from the nobles if she were to give the land to Ryouma.
Because nobody wants to be the lord of that land…

“Wortenia Peninsula…”

Lupis muttered some words.
With that words, once again, Mikoshiba Ryouma’s wheel of fortune begun to roll.