Record of Wortenia War – v2-c4

Chapter 2 Episode 4
(The despair of those who are being summoned 4)

The 64th day, after being summoned
to another world.


Ryouma woke up on the bed when the sky began turning dark. 

“Uh… *Yawn*” 

Ryoma let out a big yawn. 
The first thing that Ryouma noticed was the
broken door. 
The door was completely broken, and the
light from the corridor shined into the room. 
Next, he began pondering about where he
was, somehow he ended up in the bed. 


A delicious fragrance stimulated his appetite, the smell of stew drifted
through broken door frame. 
It seems that meals are being served in
the cafeteria downstairs.  
The broken door, and how he ended up on
the bed, there was quite a few things he had questions about, however he was
unable to win against his hunger, so he quickly got up, and went

“Oh! Did you finally wake up!?” 

The innkeeper greeted Ryouma. 
The innkeeper raised his head, and greeted
Ryouma. Apparently, he was doing the books. 

“Ah, yes I am finally up, thank you, and good evening…” 

Except at the time he checked in, the inn’s owner is rarely talked to

“The repair cost has already been paid by the girls that you came with, so
you don’t have to worry.” 

Ryouma answered the innkeeper with a puzzled expression. 

“Ah… I see, so you’re not aware huh? If that’s the case, then you should
ask those girls for the details. After all, they broke the door down for your


Ryouma who still could not grasp the situation can only answer

“Well, other than that, you don’t have to worry about anything, since
you’ve reimbursed the damage. Do you want to move to another room tonight? I
will move all of your baggage if you want to.” 

It seemed to him that he had no choice other than to move to another
After all, although he felt sorry for the
inconvenience, he can’t sleep with a broken door. 

“I understand.” 

“Ah right, you have not eaten since last night, right? Since my wife
just finished making a stew, go bring some to your room.” 

And then he called his wife in the kitchen. 

“Yes yes! You don’t have to shout that loud!” 

The wife comes out from the kitchen while bringing a tray in her hands. 
It seems like she had prepared everything
while listening to their conversation. 


The tray got handed over to Ryouma, and the scent of tasty stew together with
freshly baked bread greatly stimulated his appetite. 
However, Ryouma felt confused, because
there was three portions worth of food on the tray. 
Who was the other two servings for? 


Suddenly Ryouma’s right shin get kicked. 

“What are you waiting for? Go and bring the young ladies their

He has a body that is 190cm tall, and he weights over 100kg. 
It’s not a body that usually gets kicked
by anyone, let alone by a woman on the shin, so he was quite surprised by the

“You! Have you thought for a moment how you’d troubled those girls huh? You
big oaf!” 

It seems that she didn’t like Ryouma expression. 

“I don’t know what you’ve been up to. Not eating any dinner, nor eating
anything we offered late in the night… If you don’t want to eat, then that’s
your problem! However, because you didn’t eat, those girls didn’t eat
anything!  They refused to eat by
themselves you know!” 

“Eh? They have not yet eaten?” 

The complexion on Ryouma’s face changed. 

“Haa. This is why men are such…UGH!  You listen closely now! It’s about time for
those girls to wake up! Go take this tray and eat together with them!” 

She returns back toward her kitchen while heaving a big sigh and shaking her

“Well, that’s what it means not being alone. I don’t know what you’re
worried about, but if you ponder about it too much, you might just lose one of
the precious people in your life.” 

After saying that, the inn owner clapped Ryouma’s shoulder and returned to the
account book once again. 

The words of the married couple stuck
within Ryouma’s mind. 
Ryouma remembered that he has been
traveling solely for the purpose of returning home to Earth; however, it was
that moment that he recognized just how supporting Sara and Laura had been all
the time.  

(It seems like I’m not paying attention to those around me…)

For Ryouma, this world was nothing but
pain, having been forcibly summoned, he didn’t think he would find anything to
care about.   Rather he hated
everything, especially the people. 
However, Ryouma  had been supported by human beings of this
world which he supposedly hates.  
And not just the sisters, there was also
the lady in the restaurant at the capital, and the receptionist at the guild that
helped him out. 
They had taught Ryouma various things that
he would never had figured out by himself. 

Relationships between people are
important, after all, a person can’t live by themselves. And no matter how much,
Ryouma hated the world, that was a truth he could not deny. 


“Yes. Please enter…” 

Ryouma entered the room of the two sisters.

That day, the meals Ryouma ate together
with the sisters, was the most delicious food he had eaten since coming to this