Record of Wortenia War – v2-c39

Chapter 2 Episode 39

Editor: SniperIRL

Day 182 after being summoned to another world: (Decisive battle 11)

There are only two people stand on the battlefield.
The noise of the surrounding gradually disappears, and silence dominates the place.
Mercenaries who previously hunted the knights gradually gathered together and form a circle where Ryouma and Kyle stand in the middle.
“Nee-san… What do you think?”

Toward Lione who is not responding to him at all, Bolts gives up.
Since he was a longtime acquaintance of hers.
He would naturally know what was inside Lione’s mind.
Toward Bolts, Lione suddenly speaks without turning her face.
Before her, Kyle and Ryouma confronted each other.
Her eyes were staring at both of them, observing every movement.

“Since the enemies are mostly taken care of, there’s no need for us to take command anymore… And then asking us to let him do this battle. It can’t be helped if my warriors blood boils, don’t you think so?”

Toward Lione’s words, Bolts can’t help but show a bitter smile.
He also a man who has crossed many battlefields as a warrior.
Although he has begun avoiding melee fighting after he lost his left arm, his warrior soul has not yet rusted.
Just like Lione, Bolts is also an outstanding fighter.
Witnessing something such as two people dueling to the death.
As a warrior they both respect and support such battle.
Everyone present in that place understands that feeling.
Not even one of the mercenaries wants to stab Kyle from the back after seeing the current situation.
Although it might sound embarrassing, some might actually want to do something but don’t know what to do.

“Still… I did hear something about Kyle’s ability… But to think that he can go this far…”

“Indeed. It would be a suicidal act for you who lost your arm to fight against him…. Even for me, if I were to fight him one-on-one, I think I have no chance…”

Lione regrettably voiced her opinion.
The reason for her for feeling regretful is because she realizes that Kyle’s sword art is better than herself.

One of the most important abilities for someone who fights on the battlefield is the capability to judge others ability.
Is the enemy’s skill better than my own or not?.
Is the enemy’s equipment quality better than mine?
Is the enemy a strong person who can fight well in a rough battlefield?
To survive on the battlefield, the ability to judge for such things is necessary. <TLN: The famous principles ‘know your enemy, know yourself’.>
No matter how strong you are, if the enemy is far stronger than you, then your own power means nothing.

Naturally, Lione and Bolts who have survived through battlefields for many years have such quality in them.
They understood Ryouma and Kyle’s ability as they watched them.

“Well it can’t be helped then? For nee-san and I, we never learned formal swordsmanship… Our sword is a sword tempered by the battlefield. If it was a battlefield then I think our ability is enough already, you know?”

A mercenaryies sword art is a sword art that has been polished in harsh fighting where enemies always surrounded them.
It is not to say such sword art weak.
What that means is that some sword arts are only applicable in a certain situation.
While mercenaries sword art is more specialized to fight on a crowded battlefield, Kyle’s sword art is more centered around a duel one-on-one sword style.
Lione lightly nods her head in agreement.
She understands about what Bolts had said.

“The young master also does not seems to lose compared to him… He’s not even one step behind of Kyle… Damn, what a vigor! I even feel overpowered by them while standing here…”

Even without them clashing their swords, their competence can be seen.
The air released by them is different.
A cold, sharp, and intimidating air is discharged into the environment by them.

“Does the boy not intend to move?”

“Well, they both tried to see each other… And Kyle also wears an armor and also a small buckler… He cannot move however he like when the enemy has such defense…”

Kyle is wearing his armor along with his helmet, sword in the right hand and a small shield buckler on the left hand.
He’s fully equipped as a knight.
On the other hand, Ryouma’s weapon is the sword presented by Genou held by both hands, while his armor is the thing called leather armor.
It was a lightweight armor which has a high mobility, but in term of defense power, it was overwhelmingly inferior compared to what Kyle’s wear.

“Kyle has a heavy equipment with him… If I were to confront him as it is, I would try to fight him by shaving his physical strength bit by bit…”

“Indeed, but usually we will strengthen our body with magic in that fight, that’s why I think we can’t compare it to them…”

“I agree… Although he was wearing such heavy armor, Kyle’s agility did not get dampened at all. That’s why the boy who can not use magic arts is without a doubt at a disadvantage… Yet, why is that child showing such confidence?”

Toward Lione’s words, Bolts has no words to return.
Kyle who uses magic art to strengthen his body. Resulting in his agility not being dampened by the heavy armor.
Having Kyle use such ability while wearing armor with strong defense.
Ryouma is in a disadvantageous situation.

However, Ryouma did not show that he’s in trouble at all.
In fact, he looks confident
As if he has nothing to fear.
One can say that he has an absolute confidence.
Or he actually a fool who can’t judge the situation.

Spark scattered between the two.
The two of them move at the same time and crashes their swords.

*Clank, clank*

Sword rub against another sword in high speed, creating a high pitched sounds.
At first, their strength is equal, but gradually the sword starts to approach Kyle.
After all Ryouma using his sword with both hands, while Kyle only uses one of his hand.
Between both hand and one hand.
It would be obvious that holding the sword with both hands would generate more power.
However, the battle cannot be decided with just that.


A dull sound can be heard.
Kyle quickly uses his shield and throws his body forward pushing Ryouma back.

After that, both of them jumped back to create a space between them once again.
(Damn it! What’s wrong with this guy?… Is he trying to say that he’s equal to me? Me? Who is one of the best magic and sword art users within Rozeria kingdom? Furthermore, his weapon… He seems to use a single edged sword… What kind of a sword is that? Is it a weapon specialized in killing?)

While Kyle had such thought, he postured his shield in front of him to harden his defense.
(No wait… Let’s calm down first. My opponent only wears a light armor. For having such sword and a light armor… His defense can be said as thin as paper… If I manage to prevent his attack with the shield then push him down at the same time, everything would then be over… I who has a better defense than him without a doubt holds the advantage… There’s no need for me to rush, I just have to harden my defense and wait for an opening… I can do this…)

His sword is his family heirloom.
His armor and shield are said to be passed down generation after generation by his ancestors who served the Rozeria Kingdom.
He places more strength in his hand, and fixes his stance.

A sudden loud voice comes out from Ryouma, a strong shock struck Kyle’s left hand.
The left hand which is holding the shield feels numb and get pushed to the side.
(Damn it, what a blow! My arm went numb… How come his slash is heavier than before?! Like this, I can’t move my sword and can only concentrate on defense! Damn it, you monster!)
Ryouma uses all his body weight to swing his sword.
Such slash where he uses all of his muscle power can be said to be a death blow.
The evidence for that can be seen on Kyle’s shield, which ends up with a deep mark from the slash.
A shield buckler is made with wood and leather material on the inside, while the surface is covered with thin iron. Such shield had its iron torn off, and the wood part is peeking out from inside.
Ryouma’s eyes saw that.

(Did I manage to cut the surface? As expected, it was not made purely out of steel huh?)
Even for Ryouma, it would be impossible to cut a shield made out of pure steel.
However, looking at the damaged steel, Ryouma feel reassured.
If this were Ryouma’s previous world, it would be common sense to ditch such damaged shield, but here is another world.
Since there’s a magic to strengthen the body, such common sense can’t be relied upon.

(Certainly, it was unbelievable for him to move that freely despite wearing such thick armor.)

Ryouma calmly observed his opponent.
Usually, such heavy armors would limit your body movement.
It would be more so if iron is used as the base material.
Yet Ryouma’s opponent was still able to match his speed.
The fact that his opponent was able to block most of his attacks is a proof of that.
Indeed the knight would be able to boast as a person who has an overwhelming power in battlefield if they can move with such armor and shield that easily.

(Magic art which can complement one own martial art huh? Not only that it also did not need chanting too… Indeed, such thing is much more annoying than magic art that requires a long chant…)
Such magic art can only be applied toward one’s own body, but with the benefits of eliminating the need to chant, having the prana consumption much lower than normal magic, not to mention the effect.
Having such magic art no wonder that this world people called it a trump card in warfare.
Whether or not you’re able to use magic art, that would determine between being a human who dominates others or being dominated.

(However… There’s no such thing as absolute…)

Ryouma’s eyes gaze over Kyle’s weakness.

(Kyle… I will kill you bastard here without fail! I will show you! The technique that my grandfather had teach me!)

Cold air wrapped around Ryouma.

[Ryouma Listen… Katana is part of your body. Instead of swinging a sword, think of it as moving your arm… When you take out your katana, never hesitate. Hesitation will only distract your mind and consciousness, such hesitation would then be transmitted to your katana. Focus and don’t hesitate! Believe in the technique that I’ve taught you! And your katana would never be broken…]

In Ryouma’s mind, his grandfather’s words emerge.

(Focus and don’t hesitate… What I have to do is only one thing, and that is to kill my opponent!)


Ryouma shouted his opponent name.
At the same time, he rushed toward Kyle with great vigor.

(Come! I will defend against your blow, and then I will push you back!)

Kyle prepares his body to receive the blow.


Ryouma’s body who come rushing at Kyle flew into the air.

(What?! Are you stupid?! If you jump into the air like that, you will be unprotected until you landed!)

With such judgment, Kyle raised his left-hand overhead.

While he was still mid-air, Ryouma bent his body back.
He put all the power from his muscles into this blow.

“Eat this!!”

A blow that was very strong.
It struck Kyle’s body with the entire force of Ryouma’s body.

*Bang! Crack!*

The sounds of something being broken can be heard.
And dull sounds just like when someone cuts a watermelon can be heard.


Astonishment appears in Kyle’s face.
He turned his eyes slowly toward his left hand.
The first thing he saw was that the shield buckler on his hand had been cut in half.
Then he saw the sword that cut into his arm.
Gradually he can feel his left hand become hot and the skin start to become drenched by blood.
The warm blood flow passed through the armor and reached to his elbow.

*Drip. Drip*

A reddish drop appears on the ground.
The spot is gradually getting bigger.


Kyle’s mind that was occupied by amazement begin to move once again, and he starts to swing his sword toward Ryouma.
However, despite such resistance, nothing happens.
Since Kyle’s position is bad, Ryouma was able to avoid his sword easily.

(My left arm… Damn it I can’t feel it anymore! My sensation seems to have been paralyzed too… Shit! What is he?! To cut through my shield and harming my left arm, the left arm that was covered completely with armor! Is he a monster?!)

“That kind of bleeding… I guess I got your bone and arteries. This is the end for you.”

Ryouma declared those words expressionlessly toward Kyle.
Ryouma told Kyle that the battle is over already.

“Don’t joke with me! The duel is not yet over! I can still fight!”

Kyle holds up his sword.
Certainly, what Kyle had said might be true.
As long as one still breathing, they can still fight.
But still, for Ryouma, the duel is already over.

“It’s useless… There’s no way you can defend against my slash with just your right hand when even with a shield you failed to do so… Furthermore, that bleeding. If you do not take immediate action, such bleeding can kill you. However, you have no one to treat you at this place… Thus, this is your lost…”

Kyle’s face becomes distorted.
As Ryouma had said, the victory and defeat have already been decided.
Kyle’s left arm has its bone broken, and it already stopped moving.
Not to mention, Ryouma’s slash also reached his artery.
Due to the shield and his left hand being completely covered by metal, Ryouma could not cut Kyle’s left arm completely, but without a doubt that left arm is already completely broken.
His left arm won’t be able to move anymore, unless he receives an appropriate treatment and has some rest.
Not only that, the blood that came out from Kyle’s body also drains his strength without mercy.
If he does not stop the bleeding immediately, in the next few minutes, he will die of blood loss.
This is in the middle of a battlefield.
He has no friend to take care of such bleeding, and having an opponent in front of him. He can’t take care of the bleeding himself.

“I guess, it was up to this far huh…”


Ryouma nods his head toward Kyle’s words.

“… To think that I would die in this place… I’m a man without any luck…”

On Kyle’s face, there’s an expression similar to that of a warrior who had prepared to die.

“Are you the one called Mikoshiba Ryouma?”


“I see… While being an excellent tactician, you’re also an excellent warrior that is better than me… Are you a monster?”

Kyle uses the word of “monster, ” yet it does not contain any contempt in it.
On the contrary, one can feel a word of praise from it.

“I was proud of being a knight without any equal… My sword art is superior to any other, and my mind was always able to see one step ahead of the others… Yet I can’t surpass you in both, commanding soldiers and in a sword fight… Why did I lose?Is it because you’re a man with more talent than I do?”  

“No… I don’t have talent better than you… I do not think of myself as inferior, but I also do not think that I have talent better than you.”

Ryouma answered Kyle’s question with words filled with his true feeling.
Ryouma answered like that because he thought it is a courtesy toward the man who is about to die.

“Then why did I lose?”

“That was because you lost track of your own heart… It was the arrogance that caused you to lose…”

Kyle’s eyes opened wide while he was listening Ryouma’s words.

“My arrogance caused me to lose huh… Fufuhahahaha… Let me ask you one thing… Why are you following Princess Lupis? Is it money? Or power? You should know that such a thing is just an empty promise right? In this nation, the social status wall is very high… Even if the princess is willing to give you something, the other nobles won’t!”

“My goal is neither money nor power.”

Ryouma shook his head in responding to Kyle’s words.

“… That can’t be… Then why did you fight? Why did you fight against us?Why?!”

Kyle’s voice grew louder and louder.
He wanted to know.
The reason why the enemy in front of him fights and causes him to die here.

“That’s an easy question… The reason we work together with Princess Lupis is because of you.”

“Because of me?”

“Indeed. You, do you remember you tried entrap Mikhail?”

Toward Ryouma’s words, Kyle expression distorted.
He nodded his head as if remembered something.

“Is this about how Princess Ladine was heading toward the Rozeria Kingdom in the past?”

“That is right… We receive a request from the guild and were attacked on our way toward the Rozeria Kingdom. As substitutes for Princess Ladine.”

“I see, I did send fake information to Mikhail as a decoy. In the meantime, the real Princess Ladine was being transported to the Rozeria Kingdom… Which ended well in our part… Thanks to that I was able to get myself a position within Duke Gerhardt faction!”

Within Kyle’s words, one can feel some pride in it.
Ryouma then spoke with a smile on his face.

“Indeed, that was a good move… That is if you hadn’t involved us!”

That might be not 100% Kyle’s fault.
Because he did not have any intention of involving Ryouma.
It was just coincidental that Laura has silver hair.
It was coincidental that Laura is the only silver haired mercenary within the port town of Fulzad.
As the result of that coincidence Ryouma is standing in front of Kyle.

Listening to Ryouma’s words, gloom appears on Kyle’s face.
If any person were to hear Ryouma story, they would not be able to keep cursing over their fate.
The fate where, because of one’s own plan, it causes one to lose one’s own life.

“It was my bad luck huh…”

Such words leaked from Kyle.
That was the words of grief that came out from a man disliked by the goddess of destiny.

“Indeed, you’re unlucky…”

Ryouma quietly nodded.

“I have one request.”

Toward Kyle’s words, Ryouma nodded his head once again.
Kyle’s face is already pale due to the bleeding, and it was a matter of time until he died.
And Ryouma was not ruthless enough to insult someone who is about to die.

“I want to die, as a Knight… Can you be my opponent?”

Ryouma nods silently and fixed his stance.

“Thank you..”


Ryouma silently raises his sword.
Kyle then starts charging at Ryouma.


The moment Kyle’s sword tried to strike Ryouma’s torso, Ryouma slashes his sword down.


In the next moment, the sword slashes Kyle’s head.

Kyle’s body keeps moving away passing Ryouma.
Two steps, three steps…
Gradually Kyle’s body stops moving and eventually fell to the ground…