Record of Wortenia War – v2-c38

Chapter 2 Episode 38

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Day 182 after being summoned to another world: (Decisive battle 10)

A smile slowly appeared on Ryouma’s face when he spotted Kyle gathering the remaining knights.

“Ho ho~… Not bad,  to put such defensive posture so quickly despite receiving a surprise attack like that.”

“What should we do, boy? Should we push them? If we don’t prepare to make sacrifices here we wont be able to break through, y’know?”

Kyle’s formation is simple.
Even if the knights had learnt magic, they are people who emphasize individual capabilities thus never learning how to properly cooperate and setting up complex battle formations.
That is why Kyle can only order them to stand in a defensive line and be done with it.
However, even with just that, such formation can be formidable if one was able to do it in a short amount of time.
And with such thought in mind, Kyle’s gives his order.

They arrange their shield in the front row and projecting spears from the gap.
Such formations utilize the shields to prevent damage while the spears are able to attack any enemies who attempt to assault the formation.
It was a good defense formation.

Nonetheless, such formation is only a formation that is hard to break.
Just like what Lione said, if Ryouma were prepared to make some sacrifice then Ryouma can win this battles with brute force.

“No… We can finish this with one blow! Contact Laura who is waiting at the back and on standby! Tell her to carry out a pincer maneuver, if she attacks the rear while we attack the front, the formation will easily be broken. Draw the enemies attention so that Laura can encircle the enemy from behind.”

Ryouma proposed the plan to intercept the enemy by making Laura and her units move behind Kyle.
Ryouma’s intention is to annihilated Kyle. He has no intention to be merciful to Hodram and his men since for Rozeria Kingdom they were worthless things to keep alive. Rather they could provide to be a more dangerous factor in the future.

“Understood! Attracting the enemy’s attention here huh… Then is it better for us to hit them using arrows?”

Bolts nod his head in agreement with what Lione had said.

“To start with we can use a lightning magic attack! Listen alright; we will attack them in a flashy way to attract their attention, nothing more!!”

Following Lione’s command, the mercenaries turn their palms toward the enemy.

“”O spirit that governs over thunder. With my blood as the compensation, please lend me thy power! In accordance to the pact, take down the enemies in front of me!””

After they chant together, a small ball wrapped in thunder appeared in their hands. It gradually increases in volume.

“Do it!”

“””Lightning bolt bullet!”””

Lightning balls are released at the same time from their hands and attacked the knights.
The lightning balls begin to change into a gigantic lightning ball while absorbing each other.
“All member defensive posture!”

In response to Kyle’s voice, the Knights hold their shield down touching the ground, and put power into their arms.

*crack crack!*

A sound of high-pitched electric discharge echoes.
The gigantic lightning ball exploded after touching their shields creating raging thunders around them.

“Listen up! The shield had been given anti magic art! Do not let go of it, no matter what!”

Kyle’s vision is dyed white due to the light caused by the electric discharges.
If the Knights were to let go their shield even for a moment, the lightning balls would strike them straight on.
Everyone waited patiently for the lightning ball assault to end.
However, because of them focusing on defending against the attack from the lightning balls, they neglected their rear defence, not knowing that Ryouma had accounted for that.
“Second row! Start chanting!”

Again under Lione’s direction, numerous mercenaries who waited in the second row come forward and start chanting.

“””O wind spirit. respond to my request, like a ragging storm and blow away the enemy!”””


“””Charging Wind!”””

A gust of wind appears.
From the palm of their hands. Winds strong enough to blow away even an adult men begin assaulting Kyle.

“Chi! Damn it! Maintain the defensive formation! The enemy’s magic art won’t reach here! If they continue using magic art like this by the end of the day, they will end up exhausted!”

Kyle was convinced that he would be able to surpass the ordeal.

(Humph! I guess they are just bandits after all… If they were military pursuers, then they wouldn’t attack like this… If that is the case, then let the idiots continue attacking like this and get exhausted because of it… Since we have the anti magic shields, we can prevent the attack well enough. Afterward, we just have to wait for those bastards to get exhausted!)

Usually, when it comes to long magic battles, the one who is on the defensive is more advantageous.
Those who are able to use magic art often unconsciously clad their body with prana to prevent a lethal attack from the enemy’s magic.
Furthermore, if the defending person knows the enemy is going to attack just like right now, the person can thicken the prana around their body to temporarily protect the body.
In addition to that, the armors worn by the knights usually have magic incorporated on it by using endowment magic art. With all of these, most of the magic art can be rendered harmless, or at least prevent the person from suffering from high damage.
Of course, even defending has it limits since the person in defense also consumes prana to cover their body. But in this regard, the attacking enemy is also in the same position.
However, in term of prana exhaustion, the attacking side is much more severe.
That is why the people who conduct war in this world usually use their magic art on their body to strengthen their body then bring the battles into close quarter combat.

Suddenly voices can be heard from within the forest behind the defending knights.
At the same time with shouting, shadows jump out from within the forest.


“Don’t let anyone escape!”

The men who came out from the forest attacked the back of the knights which was left unprotected.

“Wha! Enemy attack! The enemy is attacking from behind!”

“It can’t be!”

“Fools! Don’t lose focus! You can just strengthen your defenses against the enemy from the back as well!”

“Don’t be unreasonable! We can’t change the formation right now!”

“Shut up! Do you want to die?!”

They had received a suprise attack whilst defending against the onslaught of magic performed by the units under Lione.
The soldiers began to think of their next course of actions.
Some considered standing their grounds to continue their defense against the magic arts while some wanted to go on the offensive to deal with the threat that appeared from behind.
There were also those who despite being in such a situation, wanted to await for their new orders from Kyle but in the end even with the number of strategies they thought up, nothing changed. After all they had already made the biggest mistake since the start of the battle, waiting for Ryouma to finish his attack.

“Now! Push forward!”

Following Lione’s order, the mercenaries pull the swords out and head towards Kyle.

“Khu! Front row! Don’t break your stance!”

Kyle is desperately giving out his order.
The victory and defeat has not yet been decided.
If the Knights follow his command, then the possibility of victory still remains.
However, his words no longer reach anyone’s ears.

It was natural for it to end up like that.
After all, having a surprise attack happen behind their back, a considerable training and trust toward their commanders are needed to keep the formation from being broken.
While in this case Kyle and the Knights lacked both of these traits.

A strong attack from behind led by Laura and Lione who advanced from the front gradually broke the formation.
The formation was broken as if it were nothing more than a sand castle being swept by a sea’s wave.
“Kyle-dono! This is impossible. Let’s withdraw!”

One of the knights shouted toward Kyle.

“That would be impossible! In this situation, there’s no way for us to escape!”

Kyle shook his head as if giving up.
There are only 20 people left around him.
Kyle who was being assaulted from his back and front were surrounded and completely isolated.

Those who wanted to escape to the forest.
Those who wanted to stay and keep fighting.
No matter what they chose.
The result would be the same.
And that is Death.

(Damn it! Why?! Why did it ends up like this! For them to attack us using a pincer maneuver! Are they not bandits?! Don’t tell me. They are Lupis men?! Damn it!)

Kyle cursed under his breath.
Even if he lamented his fate, nothing would change.
If Kyle were being impatient here, then everything will end for real.

(Khu! 20 people left… Should we run toward the forest? Otherwise, we have to defeat the enemy and break through… Which one should I choose? If I were to die here, everything would end! Even though I was volunteered because I thought I could prevent the attack with our ability!)

It was not out of good faith that Kyle let Hodram goes first.
He let Hodram go first is entirely for his self-interest.

(If I can stop the enemy here, the impression Hodram has toward me would improve. Since Hodram who was on a decline would need a trustworthy subordinate!)

That was what Kyle had in mind.
He was thinking of raising his appeal towards Hodram so that he would receive even better treatment once they reached Thalluja Kingdom, that was the only reason that Kyle allowed Hodram to escape with his family first.
In other words, he assumed a dangerous position to reap the benefits from Hodram, after all, if they were only mere bandits then they would be no match for Kyle.
Even if he suddenly received a surprised attack, he predicted he would be able to survive and win by making use of their sheer power and equipment.
Of course, if the people who attacked him was Princess Lupis’s subordinates, then his calculation would be thrown far off.
(What should I do? What should I do to survive?)
Kyle thinks desperately.
Around them, the sounds of swords clashing against each other gradually become fewer.
Since the mercenaries were able to deal with the knights one by one.

(This is bad! If this continues… there’s no other choice… If escaping to the forest is impossible then…)

Kyle directed his eyes forward.
Even if he were to escape, he would just end up being pursued.
He must make the enemy confused in order for him to escape the pursuers.

(That’s it! Over there is the enemy’s headquarter! There’s no other way than break through and attack that place at once!)
Kyle spotted a small group that hasn’t moved since the beginning of the battle.
He judged that it must be the enemy’s commander.

“Listen! Keep pushing forward! We will attack the enemy’s commander!”

“Are we going to break through the enemy?!”

The Knights become noisy.
However, they immediately quiet down.
After all, no one else had thought up of another solution to survive.

“Listen! Only focus on the enemy in front of you! Kill all those who stand before you!”

Kyle only demands one thing from the Knights.
And that is to kill the enemy who stands in the direction where they are advancing towards.
Straightforward and clear orders restore the knight’s spirit who was caught in fear.

(That’s right! Push and kill!)

(If I want to survive, kill!)

(Kill, Kill and only Kill!)

Within the knight’s heart, they only want to kill Ryouma.


Their fighting spirit was burned up once again.


Following Kyle’s order, the knights begin to push the mercenaries back.
Just like how a cornered mouse will bite the cat.
Kyle who was driven to the corner due to Ryouma’s plan is similar to that of a mouse.
And now, Kyle tried to bet his life on the line by engaging Ryouma head on.

“Khuu! What’s going on! Somehow they managed to gain some momentum!”

“Calm down! That was just their last resistance!”

Being pushed by the knights who suddenly gain their momentum, the mercenaries movement was stopped.

“Stupid! What are you doing?!”

“This is bad nee-san! If we stay like this, they will break our front line!”

While wipping some blood stuck on her sword  Lione clicked her tongue after hearing Bolts words.

“Enough! I will personally handle the front then!”

Originally, she is a warrior.
Although she can command troops, her real value lies in her competence as a warrior but Bolt couldn’t let her go to somewhere so dangerous either.

“You can’t nee-san! Did you forget what young master had said?!”

“Stupid! This is not the time for that! If we leave it like this then…”

The goddess of war is smiling at Kyle this time around.
While Lione and Bolts were arguing with each other, Kyle managed to break through.

“Nee-san,it’s dangerous!!”

Bolt covered for Lione.
A sword clashed against each other in high speed.

“Khuu! Who are you trying to obstruct me!”

The men voice resounded and he raises his swords fast aimed at Lione.


“Are you the leader of this people?! Why did you attack us?! Well whatever, whether you’re a bandit or Lupis’s follower, there’s no difference, die!”

Kyle sword began to move toward Lione’s head who was caught off guard.
Clear murderous intent can be felt coming out from him.


“Damn it! Nee-san!”

“Dodge! Bolts!”

Bolts and Lione were prepared for death.


Suddenly the sounds of wind being cut can be heard.


“Who?! Who is it?”

Kyle shouted while trying to fix his stance after deflecting a blade flying at him.

*Hiyu, Hiyu*

*Clank, clank*

Kyle desperately knocked down the blade that was being aimed at him from somewhere.

“Damn it! Show yourself!”

Around Kyle, the knights who had survived the break through standing surrounding him
Only five of them left.


What reflected in front of Lione’s eyes is Ryouma.

“Are you alright? Lione-san.”

“Y-Yes! You too, where did you come from?!”

“It’s fine, let’s talk later… Lione-san and Bolts-san should withdraw here and command the remaining units.”


“It’s fine… This guy is mine.”

Ryouma’s eyes shine coldly.
His gaze freezes Kyle and his knights for a moment.

“It’s you huh?! You’re the one who interfered!”

Ignoring Kyle’s words, Ryouma pulls his sword in silent.

“I will personally eliminate you, Kyle Irunia-san.” <TLN: In case, this is Kyle’s surname “イルーニア,” and yes, it sounded like a girl.>

Then he performs ‘Kage no Kamae’, a stance where he hides the end of his word behind his back.

“You bastard! We won’t let you touch Kyle-dono!”

The knights around Kyle began standing in front of him tried to protect him.
However, in the next moment, blood splashed out from their neck.

“Do not disturb my lord. Youngsters.”

From the shadow, Genou appeared while wiping blood from his sword.
No one realizes how fast his movement was.
Despite the confusing battlefield, there are five knights left.
Yet he was able to kill all of them in a single moment. For his enemy, his movement is equal to that of a god of death.

“W-Wha-What are you!”

Kyle raises his eyebrow in surprise and fear.

“You don’t have to mind me. I only want to get rid of the hindrance. Your opponent is my lord over there…”

That was the cold words coming out from the person whom Kyle thought to be a god of death.

Ryouma and Kyle.
The fates between the two will be decided here and now.