Record of Wortenia War – v2-c2

Editor: Thorrium.

Author Note : The world’s naming might be slightly confusing.

Chapter 2 Episode 2
(The despair of those who are being summoned 2)

“What did you

Anamaria answered Ryouma without even moving an eyebrow. 

“I said that you will end up drifting forever in the space between space
and time, in other words, you will die.”

“Don’t joke with me!” 

All the emotions that had been building up inside Ryouma’s heart since the time
he was summoned finally exploded all at once. 


Ryouma’s fist sank into the wooden desk, and cracks appeared on the desked
Although it seems to be
an expensive desk, it didn’t matter for Ryouma right now. 


Laura and her sister who had been silent all this time screamed. 
Blood began to drip out
from Ryouma’s fist after he smashed the desk without holding back. 

“Ryouma-sama! Your hand.” 

“Shut up! Don’t intervene!” 

He brushed the sisters off, who were trying to treat his hand, and continued scowling
at Anamaria while ignoring his hand.  

“Try saying that again!” 

A deep cold hatred dwelled within his eyes and his voice seemed to contain murderous

“Even if you threatened me, the conclusion will not change. In other
words, you cannot go back home to the reversed world.

“Reversed World?” 

“That’s right. The world you’ve come from. We call it the reversed world. It’s
the other side of the world where we live.”

After hearing Anamaria further explanation Ryouma regained his calm. 
No matter how angry he
was, nothing would change. 
Thus, listening to all of
the explanation had become the top priority.

(So this world and the one I lived on previously is reversed of each other huh?
And my world is the reversed one? Well it’s the opinion of the people from this
world after all…) 

It was a pretty common story in his world. 
Although the sun gives
light equally to all nations, yet Japan as a nation was called the country of
the rising sun, and while the Earth is round, China was called the Middle
When you name something,
it was perfectly normal to refer to the side or place one lived on as the
proper one, or the more important one.
Anamaria then continues talking. 

“However, physically there’s nothing defining it as such, there is no back
and front. Such naming most likely comes from the fact, that out of all the
worlds that exists, including ours, only two have life on them.” 

“I don’t care which side which! Tell me the reason why I cannot get

Anamaria shrugged her shoulders. 

“It’s simple. To summon humans from your world to this world, we have to
offer Prana to the existing God in this world, to get authorization to summon
them. This is because there’s a barrier around this world to prevent intrusion
from the outside; however, there’s also a similar barrier set up on the other world
as well.” 

“Wait a minute? Enough about the barrier stuff. I was summoned to this
world is that not it? Won’t it be enough to just ask the God who helped summoned
me, in the first place?” 

“No. Whether or not you can enter a world, depends on the gods. It’s up to
them whether they let you in or not. In other words, to enter your world after
leaving ours, you have to get permission first from the God who manages the
barrier of the world.” 

Ryouma head converted the explanation that Anamaria gave into something easier
to understand.

(So, it’s free to leave? But the problem is getting the permission to enter…
Isn’t that similar to a self-locking door?)

The auto-lock system
which common in a hotel. 
It’s easy to open the
door from the inside, but when the door closes it will automatically lock
itself up, and to enter from the outside requires a key. 
Replacing the two worlds with
hotel rooms, and replacing the space between space-time with the hotel passage made
it easier for him. 

“In other words, if it’s just passing the boundary barrier on this side
then it is possible; however, it is not feasible to pass the other worlds. If
you tried, the result would be you drifting within space-time…” 

“I see, so that’s how it is… ” 

“But, if that is the case, what if we know the God who manages the barrier
on my worlds side!?” 

Ryouma asked Anamaria, already feeling he knew the answer. 
It is not known when the
people of this world began summoning, people from your world, however it’s certainly
something that has been done more than 10 or 20 years. 
In other words, there
have been summoned thousands of people to this world.
Some of them might have
tried to return to their original world, after running away as Ryouma did. 
At least, it was a
certain thing that Ryouma was not the first person who had tried to


Anamaria threw a book with dull colours on the cracked desk. 

“This is the records of humans from your world, who have tried to return.

The book that Anamaria had offered was as thick as a Japanese dictionary.

“It’s not difficult to prepare the summoning ritual. And because you can
just change the summoning ritual a little, it’s not the problem. The problem is
that we have no idea who to offer the Prana to.” 

Anamaria opened the page of the book and offered it to Ryouma. 

“The name of Gods that exist in your world are written here. In other
words, this is the names of all the Gods that we have tried to use in the
ritual and yet have had no effect. ” 

“That means… Unless I know the name of the God, which has not been
mentioned here…” 

“You won’t be able to return to your previous world.” 

A heartless declaration pierced Ryouma’s chest. 

“Tsukiyomi, Susano, Amaterasu, Jehovah, Yahweh…” 

Inside the Inn after returning from Mireish, Ryouma shut himself inside his
room leaving out Sara and her sister and examined the book desperately. 
The face Ryouma made when
he returned from Anamaria’s place, could only be described as desperate and
terrible sad. It was a sadness that Sara and her sister was unable to describe
with words. 

The sisters was standing in front, of the room where Ryouma stayed. They had
been waiting there for hours. 

“It’s already been 5 hours…” 

Laura nodded her head toward Sara’s words.  It was already late at  night. 


The sisters knew how Ryouma felt, now he knew he was unable to return
Shivers run through their
body just by imagining what they would do if they were in Ryouma’s
However, the sisters was unable
to save Ryouma. 
The only thing they could
do, was feeling concerned about him, until he was ready to be comforted by
them. Until he was ready, they would be standing in front of the door.