Record of Wortenia War – v2-c11

Editor: Grey.

Chapter 2 Episode 11

(Audience 3)

The 96th
day after being summoned to another world.
Ryouma was
the only person inside the room in the castle.
There was a little bit of chaos during the audience; however, the princess
never changes her decision.
In Ryouma’s mind, he remembers the generals’ gaze full of hatred being directed
to him at the time when he was about to leave the audience room.
Well, I was a newcomer after all, so it can’t be helped.)

there are many things that he’s regretting.
In the beginning, he wants to join the princess’ faction without causing anyone
to be wary of him.
However, even if he said that, nothing would change.
(I should
be happy that the princess shows an interest towards my proposal…)
Ryouma is still not yet formally part of the princess’ faction.
Considering everything, it was natural. After all, he has no achievement yet.
And from now on, he should start making an achievement.
Ryouma’s battle had not yet ended.  No-
rather, this is where the actual battle starts.
sorry I’ve made you wait.”
The one who
entered the room was Princess Lupis being accompanied by Meltina.
no, for granting such an impossible wish, I really feel grateful. Your
raises his body from his chair then lowered his head.
He wants to discuss about what to do from now on, specifically because he had
created an inconvenience to the people during the audience.
For that, both Ryouma and the princess moved to another room within the castle.

And for security reasons, only Ryouma was being called.
you don’t have to be that stiff. Please relax and make yourself comfortable.”
Then, please excuse me.”
confirming Princess Lupis and Meltina have sat down, Ryouma once again sits
down in his chair as well.
shall we begin our discussion?”
confirming with the Princess, Meltina starts the talk.
should know it already, what we want is a military force.”
This should
be equal to having Ryouma and the others in the princess’ faction. Meltina said
those words while looking at Ryouma as if trying to read his mind, then she
family of the people who died because of us, you are unable to disregard the
families’ dissent is it?”
Ryouma’s words, Meltina nodded her head.
I guess that can’t be helped, don’t you think? Now then, what’s your
term?”  Ryouma inquired.
answered Ryouma’s question briefly.
Although many expectations were hidden within her reply.
see… I have to show some value other than being a war potential, is it?”
all, if you said you only have war potential then, it would have no difference
than hiring mercenaries from somewhere.”
that is the case then, your highness will get a bargaining in this negotiation
you know?”
Ryouma’s words, Meltina shows an expression as if doubting him.
all, I’ll be the one who brings victory for your highness.”
that, Princess Lupis unintentionally leaked small laughter.
You have such a great confidence ne~?”
you very much for your praise.”
I can’t believe you with just mere words.”
course, I understand that.”
can you prove your words?”
Lupis’s tone of voice sounds like she’s joking; however, he can feel thirst of
blood coming from her gaze.
course… or so that is what I want to say… but, can I ask for confirmation
are you trying to do? You, are you trying to deceive her highness?”
hand moved toward the sword on her waist.
It seems like she’s going to cut his head immediately if he makes a poor excuse
“No no
no… It’s just, how am I going to make a countermeasure if I can’t grasp the
current situation? Or rather than that… I saw something worrisome during the
audience, you know… After all, the situation is entirely different from what
I heard from Mikhail. Thus, I want to hear the current situation directly from
her highness.”
Meltina who
heard Ryouma’s explanation turned her line of sight toward the princess for
shall we listen about the worrisome matter you had said just now?”
Lupis said those words toward Ryouma while keeping calm.
First, I heard from Mikhail that the Knight faction is the princess’ faction;
however, I guess it was not that simple is it not?”
An unrest
expression is shown on the two people’s face after they heard Ryouma’s words.
While pretending to be calm, Princess Lupis continues the talk.
do you think so?”
because at the time when your highness spared Mikhail’s life, some of the
people there showed an unpleasant expression. Well, it was only for an instant
though. And the thing that I wanted to confirm just now… I’ve already got the
answer from looking at your highness expression.”
see… Then, what is your thought regarding that?”
the knight faction as your highness base support, we’re sure of that, right?
However, not all of the knight faction members are supporting your highness.
Perhaps, the General who had been arguing against Meltina-san? Is there a
separate faction centered around that person? No… opposite of that, it’s not
like there’s a separate faction centered around that general, the general
himself is the main actor while the princess is actually only a figurehead, am
I right?”
silence covered the whole room.
One might wonder just how much their hearts was beating furiously after hearing
Ryouma’s words.
The answer can be seen just by looking at their expression.
(I hit the
mark huh?… That means, I have to change how I should deal with all of this…
No wait, I have to hear the princess’s objective first…)
able to understand all of this just from the audience today?”
After the
long silence, Princess Lupis finally opens her mouth.
see… Indeed, just like you said, having you at my side might be really a
voice filled with sorrow and regret can be heard.
fine… There was no meaning in keeping quiet when he has already seen through
me this much, don’t you think so?”
saying so, Princess Lupis turned her eyes to Ryouma.
like what you said… I had no choice but to become a figurehead. All the real
powers are held by General Hodram.”
see, that is the name of the person who argued with Meltina-san during the
audience, right?”
Then can your highness tell me about the current situation? After all, I can’t
make any countermeasures without knowing it.”
Lupis began to talk after brooding over a little.
…First, I should tell you everything about what the knight factions are.”
It took
Princess Lupis 30 minutes to explain while getting supplemented by Meltina here
and there during the talk.
“I see
now; this is indeed quite bad. Even if the knight faction were to win the next
political struggle, the future that your highness will get would be the worst.”
Such words
come out from Ryouma’s mouth after listening to all of the princess’
Due to General Hodram holding the real power, by the time the political strife
against the noble comes to an end, Princess Lupis would literally-
No, if General Hodram was someone who does not care about rebel stigma, after
he executes the noble’s faction, he might actually sit on the throne himself.
In other
words, for the princess to survive, two conditions must be cleared.
One is to
win the political strife against the nobles.
During the time the knight faction tried to win against the noble faction, they
also had to expand the princess’ faction until it has enough power to counter
the General.
Even just one of these conditions can be said to be considerably difficult.

Although Meltina and Princess Lupis seems to have understood about this

(I thought
I was going to pass my predicament smoothly but, it ends up like this huh? Only
one-third of the knights from the Knight faction have sworn allegiance to the
One can say
that the Princess faction was being cornered like a mouse.
That’s why they found interest toward Ryouma’s words, as if clinging to the
last straw of hope;
For their
own survival.
want to make her highness the princess to be the real head of this country!
Both in name and reality! You, can you do it?!”
Thank you…”
Lupis said her thanks for Meltina’s words.
guess so… But I want to confirm. Firstly, for your highness to become a true
ruler of Rozeria kingdom. Second, to break away as the knight faction’s puppet.
You want to aim for these two points right?”
The two
people nodded toward Ryouma’s words.
that is the case, we can do it somehow. After establishing royal authority,
whether or not it can be maintained, depends on your highness the princess’
ability, however, if it’s just to take it… it’s possible.”
that true?”
“Of course.”
Ryouma’s words, their reply was filled with a mixed feeling of happiness and
are we going to do that?”
splitting the neutral faction.”
The face of
the two people clouded with disappointment for Ryouma’s words.
it was stupid for the two of us to believe in you.”
calls him stupid with mocking tone.
You don’t like it?”
course! I was already doing that since a long time ago!”
Meltina-san was?”
A smile
appears on Ryouma’s face.
right! Everyone would already think about that!”
you think nobody notices that?”
Meltina feels like she was getting mocked, she drew her sword.
you looking down on me!”
(I see…
With just this much provocation it ends up like this huh?)
He had
already expected it since the time he saw what happened during the audience,
but still…
(There’s no
problem in terms of loyalty toward the princess, but, I want someone who’s a
little bit thoughtful…)
thought of something like that while Meltina’s sword draws closer to him.
still your highness!”
Calm down!”
Due to
Princess Lupis reprimand her, Meltina reluctantly withdraws her sword.
it was reasonable for Meltina to get angry. Or did you really think you can
split the neutral faction?”
One can
feel Princess Lupis words contain some thorn in it.
Although she shows some tolerance toward him, she does not have any intention
to swallow all Ryouma’s words just like that, and she also shows slight
displeasure on her face.
Ryouma shows a bitter smile while looking at Princess Lupis, and then he began
to talk.
I’m 80% sure. However before that, I want Meltina-san to do something, is that okay?”
gazing at the princess, Meltina nodded her head.

slow of you! How’s the negotiation going?”
The night
sky had already ruled over the neighborhood.
Most people inside the castle have already eaten their dinner and currently
prepared to enter their bed.
about that. Or rather, you both still awake?”
finishing his talk with the princess, Ryouma heads toward the room he was
allocated to, when he opened the door he saw Laura and the others whom he
considered already sleeping standing in front of him.
course. We won’t sleep until master return!”
Sara nodded
at Laura’s words.
not the only one who stayed awake you know?”
there’s Lione-san too huh?”
do you mean with ‘what’! Geez… I was wondering how the negotiation was going,
to the point I can’t stop my heart from beating fast!”
Lione who
sat down in front of the table that is placed in the middle of the room
you felt nervous thus you ended up waiting is it?”
Due to the
scattered bottles of wine on the top of the table, Ryouma didn’t think she’s
that worried about him.
believed young master and had been waiting for you to return, you know?”
You don’t have to say such an unnecessary thing!”
Then Lione
erases her smile and turns her line of sight toward Ryouma.
How is the negotiation going? Is it going as you had expected?”
immediately returns the topic as soon as she sobered up, it seems like she
holds back on her drinking a bit.
Though I was planning to tell you about it tomorrow. Since Lione-san is already
here, I guess I should just tell you now. Laura, Sara. Both of you please sit
down as well.”
“Emm… what
about the meal?”
“Ah, forget
about that. There’s no problem if I just skip one meal.”
wondered if the sisters actually prepared his meal already, as he ordered the
sister to sit down when they were about to head toward the inner room, he then began
his explanation regarding the negotiation.
did you say!? The princess’ faction is in that kind of disadvantage!?”
The first
who raises voice after listening to Ryouma’s explanation was Lione. Bolts and
the sisters’ face also shows a gloomy expression.
there’s nothing that can be done about it.”
still, to think that there’s a dispute within the Knight faction between the
general faction and the queen faction is a little bit…”
I guess that’s how the big-shots usually are, I guess?”
Laura’s words, Lione replies in a somewhat philosophic way.
In that regard, it might be because of the difference in life experience.
then again, are you really going to help them when you already know they were
in that kind of situation?”
if we leave it as it is, it would be impossible. At least, if the princess does
not have the power to hold up against the general after the political strife
against the noble faction end, it would be over for them.”
If one
considered the way General Hodram talks or how he looked at Ryouma and the
others, he might just laugh and ignore them despite the fact that they had
already asked the princess to help them in exchange for helping her to fight
the noble faction.
If Ryouma handles this poorly, when the political strife ends, they might send
an army to get rid of him.
that is the case then, there’s no other choice other than building the
princess’ faction’s strength huh?”
The reason
why Bolts’s voice lacked energy was because if he had to analyze everything as
a mercenary, it would be very difficult for them to win in this kind situation.
not all is bad. At least, the princess is willing to help and back us up if we
assist them.”
Because the
possibility of winning is slim, usually it makes such agreement end up having
more binding force.
are you really sure you can win over the neutral faction?”
Since I’ve asked Meltina-san to demonstrate how she negotiated a while ago. I
will go and catch the fish.”
showed a pondering expression after looking at the face of Ryouma who had
responded to Lione’s question.
They are wondering why after seeing how Meltina had done the negotiations,
Ryouma considered it as confirmation of success.
we will talk about that after I succeed on doing the actual negotiation. For
now, Lione and the others will be put under the princess’ direct command. Your
main duty would be guarding the castle and practice until the war starts.”
Up until
here, Ryouma stops talking and directs his gaze at Lione.
What? Is there anything else?”
Lione-san, how many people does Red Lion have?”
me, there are 22 people who are able to fight. There’s a guy who got his
shoulders injured by an arrow during the last surprise attack, but if that guy’s
injury were to get better, then there would be 23 people.”
“We are
slightly lacking in numbers huh… Lione-san, can you gather around 70-80
people without going through the guild?”
since I have some mercenary friends and acquaintances, it is possible… but do
you have the money?”
It was
unusual for Lione to reply with such bad manners.
see… If you want people with capability like me then… I want around 300
gold coins.”
I will ask Laura to get the money tomorrow, so can you gather them
If you have the money, then it’s fine.”
Lione was
taken aback due to how Ryouma brought out a large sum of money easily.
now, tomorrow would be the start of our battle! What kind of action we make,
and how we conduct ourselves will decide everything!”

nodded their head vigorously after hearing Ryouma’s words.
They understood that in order to survive this battle; they cannot lose.

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