Record of Wortenia War – v2-c1

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 2 Episode 1
(The despair of those who are being summoned)

The 63rd day, after Ryouma was summoned
to another world.

The northern part of the western continent. 
Three travelers proceeded through the
Doshu desert where the yellow sand blew violently.
The threes cloaks was stained and
scratched slightly, symbolizing the harsh journey they had been through, and their
steps were heavy.
“There is an oasis at the end of this
sand dune.”
“That fellow over there,

Ryouma eyes turned toward the sand dune
that Laura had pointed out. 
His eyes was filled with a mix of sadness and
despair and a little desperate hope. 

“Let’s draw the conclusion. I am sorry; however, it is impossible for you
to return to your former world. “

Inside a small crowded room, filled with books and parchment that had turned
yellow due to age, the manager of the room said such words while sitting in the
The manager of this room was a lady in her
mid-30’s to early 40’s, who wore hemp clothes. 
Her appearance was just, bland, neither
beautiful nor ugly. Her eyes and hair was both black, but that was only feature
that could characterise her, she was truly bland.

However, they were not visiting her, due
to her looks, no the real reason they were there, was because she was one of
the people with the most knowledge of magic on the western continent 
That is the reason why Ryouma visits her.

The woman was named Anamaria, but she was
more commonly known by her nickname, The hermit of Mireish. 

“That is because right now there’s no spell for it, right?”
Ryouma looking at her with sneering
They had gotten the same response from
every magician with a worthwhile reputation, ever since they fled from Sardina
and her pursuit. 
However, what she said after that crushed Ryouma.

“No. It’s not because there’s no spell that you cannot go back. No it’s because
the spell is flawed that you can’t return.”

“What did you say!”

It was a fit of anger that even the sisters who had been traveling together
with him for over sixty days, had never seen. 
During these two months, Ryouma and the
sisters had been doing guild work while seeking out several renown magicians,
in order for them to find a way to return Ryouma to Earth. 
Of course, he didn’t meet the ones inside
the empire, but they would most likely have given him the same answer, as the
ones they had visited.

That there’s no way for him to
return home. 

However they had also said, that there had not been developed any spell
that could do it, which had made Ryouma ask them if they could create one or
Sadly everyone had said, that it was impossible for them to do so, but
one name had been given to him, one person who might know how to create
something as complex as what he wanted. 
Anamaria, The hermit of Mireish.. 

“Calm down. Nothing will change even if you’re getting agitated. “

Even when Ryouma showed his anger, Anamaria expression did not change at all. 
Apparently she had been a civil officer in the past, but she was forced
to give up her job after having a confrontation with a cabinet minister at the
place she worked.

“My bad. It’s fine. I’ve calmed down. Can you explain why I can’t go

He said those words while trying his hardest to hold back the rage inside his

“The reason is obvious. … But before I’m explaining it to you, I want to
ask, how far is your understanding regarding magic?”

“Understanding regarding magic huh? “

All the knowledge about magic, which he had gotten from Sara and Laura came to

Magical spells needs energy known as Prana. If one wants to use spells, and
depending on how they want to use it, there is three systems.

One is to use the Prana residing within one’s body. 
As this technique does not require casting, results in it being overwhelming
in close combat situations.

Another is incantations. 
This magic art is the kind that borrows power from outside sources, such
as God, demons, and spirits. 
Because of the need to cast, it is not suitable for close combat.
However, since one uses the power of non-human beings, they are able to
create a phenomenon that cannot be done by humans, such as manipulating the
fire and  wind.

And the last one is enchanting, or bestowing magical powers. 
This technique uses Prana on a substance that does not have Prana within
it, such as swords or spears. This method will raise the strength of a person
who does not have Prana within them. 

With Ryouma explaining what he knew, Anamaria began smiling.

“That’s right. You seems to know about the basic, but now I will ask you a
question. Do you know which type is the one that’s being used to summon people
from a different world?”

Ryouma replied Anamaria’s question with annoyance.

“The incarnation type!”

Hearing the answer, Anamaria nodded her head.

“Exactly. Now the problem is, whom are we going to borrow the Prana from in
another world?. “

“… What do you mean by that? I was summoned to this world. It was the consequence
of this world magic that I was brought here! Don’t you just need to pray to the
God who has summoned me to this world?”

Ryouma comment was reasonable. 
However, Anamaria expression remained the same.

“You can leave this world. I’m sure of this.”

“What’s the problem then!”

Yet, the words that Anamaria responded with knocked Ryouma down to the bottom
of despair.

“However, you will end up drifting within the interstices of
space-time forever.”