Record of Wortenia War – v1-c5

NOTE: The words inside “()” is the character monologue.

Editor: Thorrium

Chapter 1 E 5 (Escape)

“Seriously, what a black-hearted

Ryouma kicked the corpse of Gaies with his feet.
He kicked the body without holding back which caused Gaies body to flew three
meters away.

The angry expression that Ryouma was unable to express when Gaies was still
alive is plastered on his face. It is an angry expression that similar to the
face of an angry demon.

His anger won over judgment. Losing composure during battles was like asking
‘please kill yourself’ toward their own self. However, as a person, there’s no
reason not to feel anger. Especially toward an opponent like Gaies.
That’s why Ryouma pushed down his own emotion to the depth of his heart. Until
the time where he finally has stopped his opponent breath.

Gaies and the others must have been summoning other-worlders for a long time, even
before Ryouma was summoned.
And as a result of that, it is something that is too much to think
about. <TLN: About the fate of the summoned people>
How many people were summoned, and have died in despair?
Those people probably had their own dream and hopes as well.
Thinking that, once again the sorrow and wrath against the old man welled up
inside Ryouma heart.
Even if he showed no mercy, he’s still a human. It’s normal for a person to
understand pain and suffering…

*Gangangan* <TLN: What kind of SFX is that?>


Suddenly the iron door of this room is being hit from the outside.

“Is everything alright? Gaies-sama?”

The door then strongly being knocked on again.
Across the door, a flustered voice of a man can be heard.

“I heard from the guard that there was some loud noise from inside the
room, so I come over. I know that we’ve been told not to disturb since you’re
in the middle of summoning process, however, please show your face by all


Hearing the man words, Ryouma clicked his own tongue.
It seems like the soldier outside the door have noticed something unusual at
the time I killed the other soldiers.

(In this situation, what should I do?)
Ryouma desperately begin to think.
(Is there a way? Is there something that I can do in this situation?)
However, no matter how much he thinks, nothing comes to his mind.
There’s no window in this room. There’s only a door. And there are some
soldiers on the other side of the door, which make him unable to escape.
However, he cannot stay idle like this either.
Ryouma had already killed Gaies and four soldiers.
Thus, there’s no room for negotiation.
No, even if there is room for negotiation, Ryouma won’t choose it either.
The dignity of a person does not permit him to allow something that
Much less thinking about surrendering to such people.

He tried to pull out the sword from the dead body of the soldier to secure some
weapon while looking at the dead body; an idea flashes his mind!
Thought it was kind of high-risk gamble.
After a few moment of thinking, Ryouma comes to a conclusion.

“I guess, I shall bet on it…”


The door is being slammed again.
Even though there’s an iron bar as a lock to this door, if they are seriously
going to open it, they should be able to do it by force in few minutes.
After all, in this world, there exist people who’re able to bring out lightning
from their hands just like this old man.
There’s no time left.

Ryouma then began searching the body of the five dead people.
Anyway, this place is another world.

(No matter how I escaped this castle, without money, the only thing that I will
end up with will be robbing someone or stealing something.) <TLN: The
kanji for fortress and castle is (城) and I don’t know
which one is appropriate for this line right now, thus, for now, I decide on
(Assuming I choose to find work, I don’t know whether they will allow high
school student in age to work or not.)

At this kind of time, if this were light novel, then a gentle person will
appear and provide food, necessities, and shelter, but he was not stupid enough
for something like that to happen.
For the time being, from the dead body, he finds five leather bags filled with
gold, silver, and copper coins. This money is Ryouma hope.

(At least even if I can’t find work, until this money disappears, I can live
without doing robbery) <TLN: Right, then what about taking from someone
dead? a waste management?>

(But since I don’t know the monetary value of this at all, I was worried about
as to how much a living cost would be but, at this stage, there’s nothing I can
do about.)


“Gaies-sama! Gaies-sama!”

The door is being slammed hard once again. The volume of the voice that comes
from the other side of the door become slightly increased.
The people on the outside seems to have reached a conclusion that there’s has
been some kind of accident.
There’s no time for Ryouma to hesitate.

He took off his student uniform, unfasten his leather belt and fastens it
around his chest.
Though it looks funny, but, there’s no other choice.
He firmly ties the bag filled with money to the belt tightly.
Next, Ryouma stripped the corpse who has a similar body build with him. Dress
the corpse with the student uniform and burn the face with a torch.
That is to make sure that they won’t identify the face. Then, he put on the
clothes and armour that he had stripped from the soldier on himself.

“Fuu~. Somehow I was able to wear it huh?”

Relieved words come out from Ryoma’s mouth.
(I have never tried wearing armour before; thus it took a little bit of time,
but at least somehow I was able to wear it.)
(I’m glad that this armour is not the one full type, but the type that I have
to put it on part per part.)


While trying to wear the armour desperately, the matter of the state outside of
the room does not cross Ryouma head. However, the atmosphere right now has
turned into something that they would likely come rushing into this room at any
As Ryouma walked to a corpse of a soldier, he cut the carotid artery of the
soldier neck and let the blood flow on the floor. Then he lay his body on the
pool of blood and waited.
The door is about to be opened by force.

“This is a dangerous bet, but it’s better than trying to break

Just when Ryouma lay on the floor.
A lot of soldiers tried to come in from the door.

“Rolph imperial knight leader and junior imperial court magician Seria
Wookland-sama have arrived!

Following the soldier report, a red-haired woman appears.

“What’s going on here!? What about Ojiji-sama?” <TLN:
Grandfather… I leave it with JPN term>

The moment she came, she questioned the man named Rolph with a serious
She has a quite well-organized face, but, the strength that comes from her eyes
makes people nervous. She looks competent but it seems like she’s not the type
that people like.

“Please calm down. Seria-sama.”

Rolph’s eyes shines.

“How can I calm down!”

They seem to have to move in a hurry.
The redhead getting upset with, her rich chest which grew quite big shook

“Please calm down!”

Rolph angry voice is resounded this time.
Imperial Guards are people not only experienced in battle, but also soldiers
who will block an arrow that has been aimed at the emperor with their own body
on the battlefield, they are warriors serving for a long time, being hailed as
the Emperors Shield』.
Seria being told this by a person that have survived the bloody battlefield for
so many years, was enough to erase the unrest within the young girl.
Being overwhelmed by the angry voice of Rolph, Seria finally settles

“I’m very sorry. Rolph-sama. I showed you something unsightly.”

Like that Seria then lowered her head.
She might have noticed that she is angry unreasonably. She then combs her hair
try to calm her own feeling.

“No, I myself am being impolite. And I can understand you feeling being
upset since this is about your blood relative after all.”

His eyes then somewhat softened.
It was eyes similar to that looks like a father watching his daughter

“Then, Rolph-sama. The status is?”

The tone of Seria voice has returned to be calmer.
She resumes the face of genius who’s being recognized as the『Queen of the Snowstorm』which has both
calmness and coldness.

“There are a lot of things that I still don’t know.”

“I do not mind. Please tell me the things that you are able to

“Three hours ago, Gaies-sama entered the room with four soldiers to
perform the summoning ceremony…”

Hearing Rolph words Seria face turn cloudy.

“Three hours is it?… it takes 2 hours to prepare the summoning ceremony,
and another 30 minutes to cast it. that means, just what has happened in the
remaining 30 minutes…”

An unpleasant feeling spread over Seria’s heart.

“Yes… From the story of the guard, about 30 minutes ago they felt a big
vibration from the room, after receiving the report, I immediately contacted
Seria-dono, and then headed over here with the others.”

“I see…”

“These guys tried to confirm the situation while waiting outside the door,
because they are being forbidden from entering the room and make any noise
during the ceremony, they therefor waited for a further instruction… isn’t
that right? Oi, you!”

Rolph asked the two soldiers who have been standing behind him.

“I see… there’s no problem with your judgment.”

Seria then nodded toward the two soldiers.


Hearing Seria’s words a relieved smile are shown on the soldiers faces.
They take pride in doing their best while at duty.
However many noble families would not understand that. At worst, there’s the
possibility that they will be asked: “why did you people did not
Since this don’t seem to be happening their expression showed how relieved they

“It’s just, since it took too much time, so I tried to slam the door
myself, however…”

Rolph began explaining the situation once again.

“Is there no response?”


While Seria is thinking things though, she also gives her own opinion.

“It takes two hours to three hours to prepare the summoning ritual and
cast the spell.  Grandfather should have
carried such summoning’s out more than 100 times.” <TLN: Which one
do you think better? for the “grandfather” word, JPN term or
Translated one?>

“That’s right. 121 summon ceremony have been done, and there has been no

Rolph nodded.

“However, if we assume that there’s nothing wrong with it, then we have no
explanation regarding the vibration that the guard felt. Because there’s
nothing in the ceremony that would cause vibration.”

“An accident… is that what you mean?”

Hearing Seria’s explanation, Rolph’s face gets cloudy.
Just because there’s been no accident all this time doesn’t mean that then this
time it won’t happen either, he’s not a senile enough to think like that.

Furthermore, a magic accident is a very serious matter.
At worst, it might cause the nation to decline. However, Seria shakes her head
denying Rolph concern.

“No. Probably a magic attack was used.”

Hearing that words, one-eyed Rolph immediately opened his eye wide.
If Gaies were to use a magic attack, that means, he had been fighting

“Magic attack is it?…  However, why Gaies-sama did not come out
from the room?”

Rolph was still unable to forsake the possibility of an accident.
Receiving a magic attack from the Ortomea empire imperial court magician
Gaies-sama, in this continent, no man can survive that. <TLN: Same as
Seria, I was wondering what the equivalent of his rank in English difference is
Seria have “Junior/Assistant” on the front… Imperial court
Of course, Rolph does not rule out the possibility of battles, but imagining
Gaies being killed is something that he could not imagine.

“Or probably, he can’t come out?”

“That can’t be possible. For people like Gaies-sama…”

Rolph’s face went pale after hearing Seria swords.
Seria’s words pierced Rolph mind who had intentionally ruled out such

“We have to think about the worst situation…”

Seria’s expression also becomes stiff. It was an expression after they are
aware that their blood relative has died.

“I-I’m sorry!”

Suddenly Rolph lowered his head toward Seria.

“Wha- What are you doing? Rolph-sama?”

Seria become flustered.

“Seria-dono. this was one’s error in judgment.”

If by any chance, he burst into a room quickly, he might be able to save
Such thought comes crossing Rolph mind. However, Seria waved her head.

“No. Rolph-sama. In the midst of the summoning ceremony, it is in the
national law that no one should disturb them. There was the possibility of
great catastrophe to happen if Rolph-sama were to enter the room without
permission. For example, no matter what the result is, it was the right decision
for Rolph-sama to wait for my arrival… however, there’s no possibility for an
accident to happen. After all, some kind of effect should have been taking
effect if such thing were to happen.”

In fact, due to the possibility of secondary disasters, no one should be
permitted to come in and out during the summoning ceremony.
Summoning is something that should be done very carefully after all.


Rolph saw Seria’s shoulders trembling a little.
She is just trying to endure the feeling of losing a blood relative

“The current situation is the worst situation ever happened. Anyway, I
have to enter inside and make sure!”

“The door is made out of steel and has been locked from the inside. For
now, we should try using the ramming device. Though we need a little bit more

However, Seria does not agree with Rolph’s words

“No Rolph-sama. We do not have time. I will break it down.”

Rolph flustered.

“T- That is…”

“O spirits that govern of fire! Through thou divine protection, answer my

“Seria-dono! Wait… Everyone duck down~~~!!”

Disregarding everything, as Seria began her chanting, Rolph shouting voice

“To break mine enemy! Fire spirit explosion, Firebomb!”

A spherical flame swirled around Seria’s palms then she pushes her arm forward
toward the door.