Record of Wortenia War – v1-c22.5

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 22.5 (Aftermath)

“What did you
intend to say?!” 

An angry voice resounded during audience. 
The owner of the
voice is a person nicknamed the prime minister of iron and blood, Lord
The emperor who
should have been the most important person silently listened to Sardina’s
report while resting his elbow on the armrest of the throne. 

“That’s all for the report. I’m willing to receive any

In front of the Emperor, five people was kneeling down, the five being Sardina,
Saitou then Seria, Rolph and Orlando. 
Within Sardina’s
mind the event that had happened a few days earlier, was replaying itself. 

After letting Ryouma escape, Sardina had waited round for dawn to come, and the
soldiers that had been scattered to return. She bet on the chance that she
might be able to catch up to him. 
Since her mistake had
lead to his escape, was due to having sent to many soldiers out searching. So
in order to be able to change the situation, she had waited until she had
regrouped with all the soldiers before starting the pursuit again.
However, in the end, Sardina was unable to catch a glimpse of Ryouma’s figure

“I knew it; it’s impossible huh…” 

Hearing what Sardina had muttered, Saitou responded with a sour

“It cannot be helped… It was hard to gather all of the soldiers after

For Ryouma, he might have expected something like this to happen. 
To said it plainly,
he might have calculated that they would be unable to continue the pursue until
he had crossed the borderr. 

“That guy, he’s not careless at all it seems…” 

Not having naive mind might be the greatest strength that Ryouma
Sardina bites his
lips for realizing that she’s being too optimistic. 

“It can’t be helped… Let’s return to the imperial capital.” 

Saitou’s face shows a clouded expression after listening to Sardina’s
Indeed since they had
failed to capture Mikoshiba Ryouma, there’s no meaning for them to stay inside
the forest for much longer. 
Not only do they
need to immediately let the border to be opened again, to make sure it does not
inflict much damage to the empire economy, but they also have to inform Seria
and the other that had gone to the south. 
Although Saitou
could understand the situation, he still felt uneasy about the treatment that
Sardina would receive. 
After all, it was
a big loss for them to have failed to capture Ryouma. And the worst part is,
they let the arrested person to escape. 
Furthermore, there
are some casualties among the knights. 
Although there was
some unexpected events, like Ryouma having companions, it would not be an easy
failure to ignore. 

“Dornest face had definitely turned into rage eh~…” 

In spite of Sardina’s joking words, Saitou’s expression remained stiff. 


In Saitou’s mind, he can imagine Dornest figure yelling toward Sardina in front
of the emperor. 
He was nicknamed
the prime minister of blood and iron, due to being a politician that has a
strong mind like iron and having the determination to shed blood. 
He won’t change
his attitude toward Sardina just because she’s royalty. 
He will definitely
won’t let this case end like this. 
there’s also another concern. 

“I think there’s also an issue, regarding how to handle Seria-sama after

Sardina nodded when hearing Saitou’s subdued voice. 
The one who’s the
most enthusiastic about this mission is Seria who had lost her family
member. What are they going to say to Seria? 

“Well, we will manage it somehow. Seria is not that stupid after all. I
think if I were to explain the situation to her properly, she wouldn’t complain
too much…” 

(That is the case if it was the usual Seria though…” 
Saitou was in a
complicated stat right now, being oddly in control yet, showing signs of not
being able to remain calm whenever something about her grandfather came up. Maybe
she read him having such complexion on his face. 
Sardina shrugged
her shoulders and said, 

“Well, leave that matters to me. In any case, there’s no other choice than
to return to the imperial capital.” 

A while later, Seria, Rolph, and Orlando sat down in front of Sardina. 

“Is that so…” 
Seria’s voice
lacked her usual energetic vibe. 
After the decision
of returning to the imperial capital, Sardina recalled the three who had gone
to the southern border, and she decided to join them at the town south the
imperial capital in order to share the information before having an audience with
the emperor. 
This where they
met up, was one of the suburbs of Oito, where the road junction merge. 
In the tent that
was set up, Sardina told them the situation. 

“I see… If the situation ends up like that, no wonder you’ve failed to
catch them huh.” 
Rolph’s face turned
His expression
indicated his regret to be unable to accompany Sardina. 
Orlando also had
the same expression. 

“But still… Right after being summoned, that person, Mikoshiba Ryouma
was it? He has people who help him? Furthermore, they have such a degree of

Toward Rolph question, Sardina shakes her head. 
That question was
the one that Sardina and Saitou had contemplated seriously along the road as

“I’ve also thought of that along with Saitou… But to be honest, we are
not sure either.” 

Toward Sardina who shook her head, Orlando asks a question reservedly. 

“Emm… Your highness, how are we going to report to the

This was a question that all of them except Sardina were worried about. 
The Emperors
orders are absolute. 
Since they could
not fulfill their order, they were at worst at risk of the death penalty. 

“I will report things as they are…” 

Saitou nodded his head in agreement with Sardina’s words. 
That is because
the two of them had agreed between themselves as to what to do when they are on
the way toward Oito. 

“Is that alright?” 

The complexion on Rolph’s face indicating that he wondered if it was really
fine to do that. 
If they report it
as it is, all the responsibility would hang over Saitou’s and Sardina’s
Although one of
them is a member of the imperial family, she might not get out from it

“There’s no helping it. It was a fact after all.” 

Sardina answered as such quietly. And she had prepared to do so… 

“Even if you’re an imperial princess, to report something like

“Dornest… Be silent for a bit…” 

The emperor’s voice interrupted Dornest angry shouting at Sardina. 
Saitou shook off
the imagination that appears within his mind and turned his consciousness to
the emperor’s words. 

“In response to Sardina’s report, I have no intention to

A heavy voice comes from the throne. 
A surprised
expression appears on Dornest face. 

“However… Your majesty!” 

“Listen to what I had to say… Dornest!” 

The Emperor presses his elbow on the armchair harder and called him with a low

“Indeed Sardina had failed to fulfill my order. That is a fact. However, an
unexpected strong person also appeared. What do you think they can do in that

Dornest was unable to reply the emperor’s question. 
Certainly, that
was the truth. 
No, being able
even to capture the other world person once is already close to a
After all, at
first they didn’t even know the name nor the face of him. That was
something Dornest understood. 

“But still… To let the otherworlder escape!” 

“I also know that. However. Sardina and Saitou are an important part of
the empires strength. No matter how much we want to suppress that hateful man, that
killed Gaies, we can’t put the empire in danger! Not to capture or kill one
person… don’t you agree?” 

They should avoid losing the leader and deputy of the Succubus Knights, which
they are so proud of at the same time. 
Now with Gaies
have died, the empire power has declined, and if they also had to part with the
leaders of the newly formed main force, the empires hegemony would without a
doubt get threatened. 
Considering all of
these matters, Sardina judgment was right. 


The Emperor was looking at Sardina. 

“Although be
that as it may, it is also a fact that you was unable to fulfill my order.
Therefore you will take over Gaies mission, conquering the Eastern countries.
Sardina, you will be in charge of command.” 

After that words reverberated within the audience hall, Sardina and the other
four lowered their heads at once on the spot. 
Instead of giving
them punishment, the emperor gave them the opportunity to gain merits to offset
their mistakes. 

“We will
certainly respond to your expectations. Your majesty!”

The End of Volume 1 : Being Summoned to another