Record of Wortenia War – v1-c21

Editor: Thorrium

Chapter 1 E 21 (Surprise Attack)

The 6th and 7th day after being summoned to the
different world.

Two visitors went to the tent, where Ryouma was under watch.

“Ya~ I’m sorry for making you wait. My boss wanted to meet you, personally
you see. “

Sardina stood beside Saitou.

“I see. So you’re the leader-san? “

Listening to Ryouma’s words, the two people looked surprised.

“Oh, my? Why do you think I’m the leader? One can be given authority even
without being the leader you know?”

“Eh? Well, actually I’m just making an educated guess. After all, I heard
that imperial princess Sardina had blockaded Adelpho town. And meeting the
Succubus knights that the imperial princess Sardina leads, well everyone can
easily  guess who you are, if it’s like
this. “

“I see. Indeed if one’s thought of it like that, it would be easy to guess

Certainly, such an answer can be derived easily if everything is thought though
However, is a person usually capable of thinking like that while under

(I see… Just like what Saitou said huh… Indeed this person makes me feel uncomfortable…)

Saitou eyes turned toward Sardina.  Seemingly communicating with his eyes…

(What do you think?)

Understanding that, Sardina began to talk with  Ryouma.

“Thank you for sparing your time. On behalf of the Empire, I would like to
express my gratitude. “

For this worlds commoners, those words would be considered extremely polite,
coming from the Imperial princess.

“Oh no no. You don’t have to mind it. It’s certainly suspicious for not
using the highway after all. “

Smiles appeared on the face of the two people after hearing Ryouma

“Just as I thought. Your Highness. “

“Indeed. It’s confirmed. “

The two people nodded to each other.

“Finally I found you! Otherworlder-san. “

“What kind of a joke is that?”

Hearing his words, however, Sardina merely answers Ryouma’s words calmly.

“Don’t waste your energy. In this world, a commoner would speak as
politely as possible when they face anyone from the Imperial family, and no one
would speak as casually as you just did. “

When Ryouma heard Saitou’s words, his face expression changed, it was natural
for this event to happen.
After all, in this world, a monarch or noble can be regarded as equal to
If Ryouma wanted to pretend that he’s from this world, then he should have put
his head to the ground.

“Fuun~… I see. I guess I’ve failed eh? “

Judging that he cannot escape from it, he admitted easily.

“Well, we at least understood each other’s position now. “

After Saitou had said such words, Sardina nodded her head and began to talk.

“I guess, I should start by saying, that I am pleased to meet you? As you
had guessed, I am Ortomea Empire first imperial princess Sardina Aizenhaid. And
your name is? Otherworlder-san.”

“Me? Mikoshiba. Mikoshiba Ryouma. “

Ryouma answered Sardina’s question calmly.

“I see. Just as I thought a Japanese person huh? “

“Well, looking at you, aren’t you also a Japenese person? Saitou-san?”

Saitou gently nodded his head. 
“Indeed. I’m in the same situation as you. I was summoned to this world
approximately ten years ago. “

“Hee? You been able to reach the position of deputy leader in just ten
years huh?” <TLN: In case I confuse you in the future, where I
uses Vice Leader/Deputy Leader/Adjutant for his title, and seems inconsistent,
well the author wrote it that way>

A bitter smile appeared on Saitou’s face.

“Well, I guess it was just some good luck. As well as the big merit that
comes with being an otherworlder. “

“Are you talking about our enhanced ability to absorbing power?”

Saitou opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“Hou, you already know that much huh? That really surprises me…” 

A cold-blooded smile appears on Ryouma’s

“Oh please. It’s just something I get from torturing that old man who summoned
me. I got various information’s you see. “

“Is that so? As expected, I’ve heard that the corpse damage was quite
terrible, you’d tortured Gaies huh?”

Anger was clear within Sardina’s tone of voice.

“Gaies? If that Gaies person is the old man who had summoned me then yes,
I tortured him I admit it. “

Ryouma acknowledged the truth about the torture easily, after all, he thought
that there’s no point in hiding it.

“Although it’s unfortunate, I will have you die. My Empire can’t use
someone as rebellious, as you. “

Hearing Sardina’s words, Ryouma showed  a
bewildered expression.

“Unfortunate? What are you feeling unfortunate for?”

“I think quite highly of resourceful people like you. Being thrown into
the unfamiliar environment of another world, without knowing left and right,
yet capable of escaping toward the border from the imperial capital. Even with
just that, I can understand you have an unusual power. If a person with such
power and wisdom were to join our country, then it would make western continent
unification remarkably easier. “

Hearing Sardina’s statement Ryouma smiled and laughed.

“Please stop joking. Me helping you guys? Please stop spouting such stupid
things. “

“Stupid things?”

“Yes. I’m not some sort of protagonist in a fairy tale, why would I want
to be used by you?”

“Ara~? Isn’t it natural for a person that getting summoned, to follow the
one who summoned them?”

“Well. I guess if you said so. “

Listening to Ryouma, Sardina frowned her eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing in particular. There’s no point to talk about it with you either.
I will only say one thing. I will only follow my own heart. No matter where, I
will think and decide based on my own judgement. “

“I see, so that is your creed… But you know, otherworlder-san. This
world is not so sweet that it would accept your free will, you know? I mean Gaies
have been killed, and you escaped, but in the end, what happened? You ended up
being detained here. “

An expression of ridicules appeared on Sardina’s face.
She thought that no matter how much Ryouma prided himself, it was just a
howling from a loser.
After all, he had handcuffs on, and was detained in front of her.

“Your pride is a splendid thing you know? However, what will that bring? This
world, is not as sweet as your world. This world is a world where those without
power get robbed and oppressed. Your will, your Faith… This is the result of
clinging such things! Had you listen to the Empire obediently; you might be
able to get promoted like Saitou here. “

“Hee… I have no intention to wag my tail like a dog toward you people.

“I see. What a stupid man. Even in this situation, you still say such words.
Had you begged for your life, I would have helped you. “

Saitou began to feel anxiety from Sardina and Ryouma conversation.

(She’s right… Why did he say such words despite being in this situation?
Usually people would bow their head to the ground and begs for their

Hearing Sardina’s words, a bad premonition flashes in Saitou’s mind.
Of course, Saitou knew that Sardina words was merely a lie.
Ryouma’s fate had been set in stone, no matter how much he begs his life. The
only result awaiting him was death.
There’s no other choice, after all, he’s someone who killed Gaies, and painted
the Empire’s face with mud.
However, despite all of this, Ryouma remained calm.

(Is he preferring death?)

However, looking at Ryouma’s eyes, Saitou didn’t see a hint of someone who had
prepared for death.

(If that is being the case then, does he have a mean to escape?)

Sardina had taken 30 soldiers with her.
In order to explore the forest extensively, 26 of them were dispatched in
So only four people was left to protect Sardina’s camp.
After discovered Ryouma, Saitou had returned with the other, thus they were six
people now.
With that number, there’s would be no problem if they only had to restrict one
person from another world.
And by daybreak, the soldiers that had been scattered should all have returned,
turning the situation more advantageous for them.  However, Saitou was
unable to erase the feeling of anxiety within his heart.
At that moment, something flashes in Saitou’s mind.

(Wait a minute… Is this situation, something he had expected?)

A guess without any base. Imagination without any proof.
However, Saitou was convinced that that was the truth.

(If that is being the case, then it would make sense. But how? What kind of
advantage does this situation provide for this guy?… No, even if there’s an
advantage or not, it does not matter. This man should be killed here and now.
There’s no meaning thinking about what this man could do in this kind of
situation. )

Murderous intent appears within Saitou’s eyes.


Sardina noticed that the atmosphere around his adjutant had changed.

“Your Highness. I beg your pardon. But, you should kill this man here and
now. “

Sardina could not hide her surprised expression hearing what her adjutant had

“W-Wha… That kind of thing is not permitted! We need to escort this man
to the imperial capital!”

“No, Your Highness. This man is dangerous. If we keep him alive, something
unfavourable might happen…”

“Are you saying, you wish to go against what the Emperors orders?!”

Toward Sardina’s question, Saitou merely shook his head in denial.

“I beg your pardon. I will atone for the blame later…”

Saying such words, Saitou pulled his sword and approached Ryouma.

“Wait a minute Saitou!”

Ignoring Sardina’s words, Saitou readying his sword.

“Is there any last words? O friend from the same world. I will at least
listen to what you have to say. “

“Nothing in particular. “

Even so near death, with the sword being reflected in Ryouma’s eyes, he
suddenly began to laugh.

“Is that so. You really have nerves of steel… “

“No not really. After all, I have no intention to die!”

A loud voice resonated into the dark forest.

“Hey! What are you doing….!”

“What are you… Wha! Your Highness!”

Saitou intuition told him a danger is coming.

And as he jumped back to covers Sardina, a strong wind blew up the camp.