Record of Wortenia War – v1-c16

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 16 – (Rescue) 1

Three days had passed after Ryouma was
It was around noon, and Ryouma was walking along the highway toward Aru.
Today Ryouma was a little late at waking up, and after eating breakfast, he had
gone to the blacksmith to receive his weapons, before going to the guild in
order to receive new quests before began the journey to Aru.
(I really do hope I don’t run into that thieves group…)

Ryouma thought back to when he received the quests.

“Now! Why don’t those who have experience and skills to back it up, not
try their hands on these quests!”

The young receptionist that had talked with Giltz-san yesterday called out to people
loudly in front of the bulletin board inside the guild.  Ryouma forced his
way through the crowd to take a look at the paper hanging on the bulletin

We are seeking to make a party to subjugate the thieves group called [Red Moon],
the group appears on the highway and villages between Aru and Melveren.

Total extermination of the group [Red Moon]
Either capture or kill everyone.

The reward is 50.000 Baht for each of their member, there are eight members
However, other than the eight members, we have also decided to pay 50.000 Baht
if it can be proved, that anyone else brought in is a current member of the
As for the treasures that is in the thieves’ possession, it will be regarded as
a bonus for the subjugation party.
On completion, there will be awarded 50 achievement points to all member of the
subjugation party.

When the subjugation party has been formed, it will have half a month to
complete the quest.

Application Requirements:
Applicants must possess rank F or above.
Applicant must have mercenary experience. 

People with experience as soldiers or as law
enforcement will be approved.

The number of people needed are six people.

Individuals who have experience in searching and tracking, and those who have
combat experience will be given priority.

Authorizer: Melveren Guild Branch chief Akrez Rekine.


Ryouma had listened to people talking around him.

“Oi, look at that… 50.000 Baht for one! That would be 400.000 Baht for
eight people! And also we can take their treasures as well!”

“Uwaaah. The guild make a great splurge eh?”

“I guess they can’t help it, you know? Since Graez seems to have failed
after all…  Even the guild have to try and redeem some of its honour

“What!? 『The rock smasher』Graez?!”

“That’s right. He seems to have to taken down another thieves group

“Ha! Did the person go and subjugate without doing investigating first?.
How stupid… well if it’s that person I guess it can’t be helped! He might be
strong, but he lacks a brain.”

“Oi oi. If Graez heard you, your head would roll, you know?”

“Wups… My mouth slipped.”

The people surrounding his seemed to be mercenaries and adventurers as
(I guess Graez-san has a hard time huh. He does not look like a bad person
Ryouma went into the guild while listening to the men’s heartless

“I’m very sorry, but all the delivery quests from Melveren to Aru has been
suspended. There’s some urgent delivery quest; however, they are only available
for those who has single E rank or higher, so sadly I cannot introduce them to

The woman who is at the reception desk told Ryouma and bowed her head.

“Is it because of the thieves group in question?”

“Indeed. Because of the previous failure, the guild lost a fair bit of
prestige… The feudal lord and his garrisons has also have been complaining…
Ah! I-I’m sorry. Please forget what I had said just now.”

“No no, it’s fine. Well with that being the case, is there something that
I can accept?”

“Hmm let see. There’s three kind of subjugation quest for I ranks, and three
subjugation quests for H rank.“

“If the rank of the person who receives the quest is higher, then the
achievement points will be 0 but the reward will be double, is that

“Yes. That exactly right.”

“Well, how is the time limit?”

“There’s no time limit for subjugation request quest below B rank, you

“Oh, is that so?”

“Indeed. That’s why, like this, it would be better to receive subjugation
bellow B rank, see?”

“If that is the case, I would like to take all the subjugation quest that
can be accepted by a single H rank.”

“I understand. Then please take a look at these.”

She then presented a book.

“This is?”

“It contains the list of the subjugations targets, the rewards, and also known
places where they have made habitats. Up to 20 quests can be taken by single H
rank. Since it would be hard to explain everything verbally, it is my job to
gives this book for first time H rankers. Please read it carefully.”

“Haa… I understood.”

The only good thing about it, was that it was not very thick.
(Does everything really change so much with just one rank?)

“Well then, since the quest will be registered by the personal card, the
procedure ends here. Thank you very much.”

When the miss receptionist said so, he lowered his head.
Ryouma then left the guild while carrying the book handed over to him.

Back at the main road, it had been 2 hours since Ryouma had left Melveren.
Ryouma had followed the road, which now passed through a very thick forest, it
was not a problem to walk on the road since it was width enough that three
carriages could drive next to each other, however, when problem was, that one
either sides of the road there was only thick trees.
Since the high trees were blocking the sunlight, the road was dimly lighted.
That combined with the threat of the thieves group, meant that no one was using
the highway. No one else, except Mikoshiba Ryouma.
(Oi oi… Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this…)
A road that was surrounded by dark forest. It was a perfect place to lie in
wait with an ambush, making it a perfect place for thieves to
(Well, I guess, it would be fine though…)
Ryouma decided to go to Aru because he was constantly reminded by the pursuers,
he wanted to cross the border as soon as possible.
However, such thoughts crumbled away immediately due to a scream coming from a


“Shut up! Be quiet bitch!”

“No!! Let me go!”

“Behave yourself!”

The sounds come just right of the place where the road turns a sharp right,
which made Ryoma unable to see what was happening.
Ryouma began to run toward the voices, but when he arrived at the big trees he
stopped and peeped from behind cover. There he saw a carriage that had been
attacked by several men, there was also two girls.

“Kukuku, Today has been a great catch!. Oi, don’t it seem like luck have
been on our side lately?”

“Agreed. Yesterday we also got a lot from the villages.”

“Their women were not bad for a rural village. We didn’t even get any turns
with them at all…”

“Well, that can be helped… The price they sell for will be quite a bit
higher, if they haven’t been violated.”

“I have also already gotten tired of only enjoying middle-aged women…  But I guess, two young ones has finally come
by…”  He pointed to the girls that his company had catched.

“Hahaha. Time to enjoy!”

“Oi! Don’t put your hands on the products. We would get killed by the
boss, you know?”

The man holding the blonde girl told his comrade.  “But you know, this
is a very high-quality goods, it would be a waste not to give them a try?”

The man holding the silver girl retorted. 
“You think so as well? Don’t you guys believe the goods from the
carriage will be enough to fill our quotas?”

And then voices of approvals could be heard from here and there. Suppressing their
urges was not going to be effective due to the girls’ beauty, that was right in
front of them.

Being unable to listen to the men’s words, the silver-haired girl yelled. 
“If you touch us, we will bite our tongue!”  However, the men
was just smiling while looking at the girls.

“Ha! We know you guys are slaves and due to the collar, you won’t be able
to commit suicide nor resist us!”

The girls faces turned pale.
They did not think that the thieves would have noticied it.
As the man said, the collar has the power to obstructs their behaviour,
especially suicide and rebelled wre prohibited for slaves.

“But still,  just in case, it will
be best to have out way with them, while 
they are still wearing the clothes.”

“S-Stop. Let me go!”  The girl desperately tried to free herself
from the men, however due to the difference in strength she was unable to do

“Oi! If you don’t behave yourselves, I won’t be responsible if something
were to happen to the other girl!”

The silver hair girl who had been resisting got quiet immediately after seeing
the other girl had a sword to her throat.

“But still, your master is really cruel! To think that he would escape and
save only his own self, while leaving you both behind.”

The man who had threatened the girl with the silver coloured hair, began
ridiculing them.

“Gates yo~. Isn’t that obvious? After all, he had his life on the line,
being being targeted by the [Red Moon group]”

“True that!”  the man called Gate began to laugh.

“Oi! Look at this. With this getting five million Bahts would be

A man wearing a hood said while carrying an item.

“Uoooh. I can’t believe it. There’s really five million

“Is this all gold coins?”

Other than boxes full of miscellaneous goods, costumes, jewellery, there is one
box filled with coins.
Almost all of its content was gold coins. Seeing that, the men’s faces became

“Hei, with this much loots, there won’t be a problem if we get the girls right?”

“Oi. I think so too… Jewellery and Gold coins, there are a lots of it…  I won’t even mind if I get to do it last with
the girls.”

“But, if the boss were to find out…”

To the man who shows a worried expression, Gates declared with distorted smiles
on his face,

“What are you saying. It will be okay if we deals with both of them after
we violate them. No one knows that these girls were among the spoils except us,

Hearing Gates words, an disgusting laughter come out from the men.

(One, the, there… seven people huh?)

The men are 10 meters from the trees. The men’s clothing was not very
different compared to mercenaries or adventurer that he saw at the guild. They wore
armours and weapons.
However the big difference was how Ryouma would describe them.. he could only
think of one word; dangerous .
Killing, Stealing, and Raping.
It could be seen that they were confident, they showed it on their faces that
they believed wholeheartedly that they were strong people.
(Such ugly appearance…)
In his sixteen years, Ryouma had never seen such ugly distorted faces before.
(What should I do? Should I help them?… It would cause me a lot of trouble if
I was to get involved here…)
Ryouma hesitated.
(Should I help the girls or not? I am fairly sure they won’t be well off if I
leave them, but if I get involved and just one of the bandits manages to
escape, that person might come back with reinforcement, so I need to be sure
that I can finish this. Hmm and with this distance, I have no countermeasures
if the girls were being used as a shield.)

There was a clear reason to help, but Ryouma was unsure if he should do so. He
valued his own personal security, which was already being tested with him being
pursued by the empire. On the other hand, Ryouma valued justice, and while
brooding over what he should do, Gate’s vulgar words finally reached him.

Anger appeared on Ryoumas face. (What am I even
worrying about, is there any reason to let such people be alive?… Is it
alright for me to let these guys go and do as they please, while I just return
to my previous world? Can I live with that?) 

Ryouma who had been summoned to this world forcibly, and wanted to go back to his
world by all means necessary, had such thoughts.
If he had been offered to return to his world in exchange of the entire
population of this country, he would most likely taken the deal.
However even so, letting girls in front of his eyes getting raped and killed
while staying silent, he felt unable to accept it.
(Both my hands have already been stained with blood. And I do not believe that
I was in the wrong, not once. Even if someone were to criticise me, for ending
the lives of the people standing in my way, in this foreign world, I could
confidently respond with “I killed them out of necessity!”, however…
if I were to leave these girls, would I be able to say the same?
No it would be impossible! I don’t care about others, but I definitely won’t be
able to forgive myself for it.)
Ryouma who can be ruthless and cold, was actually by nature a good person.
He was an ordinary man with common sense and a normal sense of justice, the
only difference between him and the general public would be his
Being resolute to kill his opponent and be true to his own sense of justice,
that might be the only difference.
Ryouma took the chakrams from the bag and sneaked inside the forest to make a
surprise attack.
Due to the sheer number of people, if the surprise attack failed, it would be
disadvantageous for him, especially as did not hide his face this time. So
If one of them manages to escape, reinforcement might come and try to take
revenge on him.
(I guess it can’t be helped, to raise the probability for this to success… I
guess I should apologize beforehand)

Ryouma apologize in his mind.