Record of Wortenia War – v1-c13

Editor: Thorrium

Chapter 1 E 13 (Fleeing) 5

After dismantling the wild bees, Ryouma moved
out of the forest.
Since he asked for a lunch box at the Inn, he had plenty of time to search
through the woods.
(Anyway, it seems like I’ve gotten used to battle eh. Now, if only the weapon I
used was a katana then…)
It seems like he can at least use the chakram throwing them like a shuriken, however,
it is unfortunate that he had such an unfamiliar sword, which he found hard to
With a katana, he was used to pull the sword and use the flued movement to cut,
where he needs to apply power to the new sword, which made it difficult to use
due to the difference.
However, right now is not the time for him to worry about such things. Anyway,
there’s nothing he can do other than crossing the border with this equipment.

The pursuers have properly already started searching for Ryouma at locations
faraway. Given that they have access to horses, it would be natural for them to
spread out.
The problem is whether the pursuers choose to go toward the east like Ryouma or
not. Ryouma tried to put himself into their position, and tried to guess how
they would act.
(If it were up to me, if I had to find someone that I don’t know the face of…
hmm I would not be able to be stingy in regards to how much personnel I used
for the search.  I would increase the
amount of guards at the border, to make sure nobody suspicious goes out of the
country. Then I would narrow down the search area, starting from the imperial
capital to the borders.)

Ryouma’s thoughts continued as he went through the forest.
(This time, I was able to get away without being captured by the imperial
capital. Right now I got the advantage of my face not being known, however I
don’t know if that will continue when I cross the border later…)

Ryouma suddenly opened his eyes wide due to the spectacle in front of
him. The trees in the forest had been cut down and left a vast open space.
Suddenly howling sounds could be heard.
In front was a big dog, he estimated it being 1 meter long there, in fact there
was dozens of them.
Probably they are one family, among them small pups could be seen.
(Are those the wild dogs…?)
He was unable to make a move since the other party seems to be very vigilant, perhaps
because of the pup’s, which also made him feel a little hesitant.
(This is a chance…)
Ryouma quickly took the chakram and aimed at the dog who were currently
guarding the pups.
The chakram flew cutting through the wind.
If the wild dog were to dodge the chakram, it would hit the pup behind it. If
it didn’t avoid it, it would hit.
One after another Ryouma threw the chakrams.
A sounds cutting some flesh.
A howl of agony.
Ryouma quickly pulled out his sword and ran towards the wild dogs immediately.

Eight wild dogs came towards Ryouma, and some of them crouched down due to
having been wounded by the chakrams.
The first one that attacked Ryouma was the one standing in front of him,
jumping at him from 2 meters away.
(Damn it, I guess they are still beasts…)
Ryouma plunged his sword into the dog open mouth.
One can say, that jumping is not a great strategy, because if you don’t have
wings, you won’t be able to manoeuvre while in the air.
It would be different if it were an ambush, but if it’s a battle like this
then, it is not a good idea.
In the first place, the wild dog  wasn’t
very intelligent, so it jumped toward Ryouma based on it’s instinct.
He avoided the wild dogs who jumped toward him, and when they passed him, he
knocked them down.
While he handled them methodically , Ryouma made a careless move. One of
them did not jump but instead rushed toward his feet, while bearing its
Ryouma kicked out with his right foot toward its neck and broke it, then Ryouma
pierced his sword though the wild dog head that he had kicked.
(Fuu, That was dangerous. I was careless…)

He continued killing off the dogs while counting them “seven, eight, nine”… 
Suddenly there was only three left, the wild dog’s pups, which released
threatening growls toward Ryouma.
As expected of a creature classified as a monster, even when they are pups they
seem to be quite ferocious. 
The distance between them is around 5 meters, Ryouma prepared his swords
on the left side, while getting into a stance that aimed to cut from the lower
left to the upper right.
Both sides glared at each other, and gradually the air around them became
Ryouma vs. the three pups.
When the wild dog’s blood thirst was just about to explode, Ryouma erases his
blood thirst all at once.
Due to that, the three wild dogs hesitated to attack him.

Then, Ryouma closed the distance quickly.
Drawing the sword from the lower left to the upper right in a flash, made one
of the pup’s head flying through the air.
Then the raised sword cut down in the opposite trajectory and cut the head of
the second.
Maybe because it felt the danger of being alone, the third one immediately turned
around and began running. 

(As if I let you escape!)
Ryouma pierced the sword into the ground and took out chakram and threw
(Fuu, 12 of them in total…)

The battle itself took around three to four minutes.
Because all of them had been killed by a single strike, he didn’t need much
time to finish.
He wiped off the sweat on his forehead with his hand, and then finally Ryouma
breathed out deeply.

Because there’s no handle and outer circle chakram is the blade, it was buried
deeply inside the meat even though he hadn’t used any significant power, so it
seemed that the chakram would always get stuck buried inside the meat.
(The chakram is not bad… the only bad point is that they need to collected every
time after being used…) 

He cleaned up all the blood from the chakrams
and put them back inside the bag on his waist.
(Now then, let us begin… let’s see…)
According to the beginner’s guide book, the valuable parts of the wild dog is
the canine teeth’s from the upper jaw and the fur.

Although Ryouma could do it by hands, he decided to use the sword to skin the fur
of the wild dogs.