Record of Wortenia War – v1-c11

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 11 – (Fleeing) 3

As promised, Ryouma went back to the
oceanic noise restaurant.
I need to report that my registration has been finished to the hostess.

“Oh, it’s you. Have you finished your registration?” The hostess
asked joyfully while she put a glass of water in front of Ryouma that was
guided towards the counter.

The time is already past 5 o’clock in the evening.
The time is still a bit early for dinner, so not many customers had arrived

“Yes. I’m glad I asked you beforehand.”

When Ryouma said so, a smile spread upon her face.

“Is that so! Then I’m glad. It was well worth the effort that I had
thought you then. “

The hostess turns her eyes toward the clock
hanging on the wall before continuing. “By the way, what are you going to
do? It’s not like much time had passed since lunch?”

It didn’t take a lot of time to register a bank account nor getting registered at
the guild.
Only little more than one hour had passed since then, and even though Ryouma
can boast of himself as a heavy eater, he was unable to eat again only an hour
after eating lunch.

“Unn… as expected, I can’t…” Ryouma makes vague words and rubbing
his own stomach which was still full after having eaten the fish earlier… 

“Well~, I guess so ne~.”

While nodding, the hostess paid attention to Ryouma attire, which caused her to
have some doubts…
“By the way you… Do you keep your luggage in the hotel?”

“Eh? No…”

“Eh? then are you going to go work as an adventurer like that? What about
your luggage? And how about your weapon?”

There are often adventurers with nothing but clothes on their body.
It is safer to wear relatively good armour and not leave relatively expensive
accessories at the inn to be sure, that one can cope with an unexpected
Thus it was natural for the hostess to have some doubt regarding Ryouma.

Ryouma then turned his attention toward how he was dressed.
He wore a mantle over his shirt and pants. One could can say that it was very
normal clothes. However, that is if he was planning to just live and work in
the town.
(I see… I was planning to do it barehanded, but I guess that won’t work
huh… also regarding baggage, since it would take only half a day until next
town, I thought that I didn’t need to prepare any for the night… I guess,
it’s better for me to prepare huh?)

“Ah… about the weapon, I intend to get one later. Originally I didn’t
have much baggage, the quest that I could take as a beginner will only take me
to the neighbouring town, I thought this alone should be okay…”

The hostess looked at him amazed, although she somewhat thought it was

“Well, since you’re still newcomer I guess that’s reasonable

“Is it bad?

Toward Ryouma words, the hostess leaked a sigh.

“Being adventurer is very dangerous you know? what do you think the most
common cause of death for an adventurer and mercenary?”

Ryouma looked at her pondering.

“The thing that usually kills a newcomer is being unprepared… indeed
requested quest for I rank is not necessarily hard. You might think that even
woman or children can do it. But you know, there’s many unexpected things that
could happen out there. You must be prepared for the worst… if you don’t want
to die that is.”

Ryouma listend to her words, and got lost in his thoughts.
(I guess my mind still think that I’m living in Japan huh… Just like she
said! I still know nothing anything about this world. I need to deal with the
pursuers, but I also still don’t know a thing about outside here… it was
reasonable for the lady here to say that.)

“I’m sorry. I guess, I didn’t have the right mental attitude.”  Ryouma
lowered his head deeply toward the hostess.

“It’s fine!… our restaurant makes meals for the neighbourhood residents
during the day, but also for mercenaries and adventurers at night. That’s why
I’ve seen many new adventurers… saying that they will become adventurers and
leave, but never coming back. Most of the time their reasoning for not bringing
an antidote or a magic potion, is that they don’t have to go far… that it’s
nearby…it’s very unbearable~~~…”

The hostess wipes tears away with her apron.
Until now she has seen many adventurers, and because of that she had experienced
losing people she had gotten to know time and time again, that was why she said
those words, Ryouma could clearly see that from her expression.
Ryouma decided to prepare various thing, listening to her advice.
(I still don’t know anything. That’s why I should listen to advice… this is a
different place than earth after all.)

“Then, I will prepare various thing first, since there’s still time before

The hostess expression brightened up hearing Ryouma words.

“Is that so? … Un! That’s great! … Do you know where the shops are? If
it’s second-hand magic shop, then it’s on the main street near the guild
earlier. You should buy magic potions there… if it’s weapon smith then from
this restaurant turn right, then you can just walk straight from here. You can
just tell the boss there  that the
hostess of Oceanic Nois told you to go there, he will welcome you

Ryouma left the restaurant while the hostess showered him with words, making it
seem like a mother giving her child advices. 

He found the weapon smith immediately,
following the directions that the Oceanic Nois hostess had given him. The
appearance was dirty, but the shop front was quite large.
A big chimney is in the back of the shop, and black smoke was come out from
When Ryouma entered the store and looking at the spears and swords that’s being
displayed, a bearded old man who sat on the counter called out to Ryouma. 
“Oi, what do you want?”

“Emm. I would like to buy a moderate weapon.”

Ryouma words did not have any malice.
Since these are weapons created in this store, he said a moderate weapon in the
sense that he wanted to buy a weapon that he could handle.
However, listening to Ryouma words, the complexion of the old-man

“Out of all the weapons I have made, there’s no such thing as a moderate
weapon, no such thing would pass my judgment~~! Get out!”  The old
man angry voice covered the whole shop.
Ryouma quickly answered desperately while being overwhelmed by the old man’s

“I-I’m sorry. The Oceanic Nois hostess said…” 

After saying that, the expression of the
old man eased somewhat.

“Oh… So you came here after being introduced by the hostess of the
Oceanic Nois huh?”

“Y- Yes!”

“That means you’re a beginner? Well… with that face, a beginner, really?”

The old-man question him while looking doubtful.
Well, Ryouma body is quite developed, and his face looks quite old.
Thus it’s normal for him not to believe it immediately, even if it was said
that he was a rookie.
However, Ryouma answered the old man words without feeling flustered.
It was usual for him that someone doubted his age.

“Indeed. I just registered at the guild earlier.”

Since Ryouma answered clearly, the old man believes him by nodding while
crossing his arms.
There were many traces of burns on his arms, which must be from the sparks that
come out during weapons manufacturing.
With that, it’s shown that he’s an experienced craftsman.

“Is that so. Well, if that’s the case then there’s no other choice.
However, newcomer, I don’t know about other stores, but, don’t use a moderate to
describe any of the swords in my store!”

Ryouma hold the short sword displayed nearby.

“Is it possibly that there are only a few people who make weapons with
forging techniques?”

The complexion of the old-man changed.

“You! You can tell the difference!?”

“Yes… To some degree that is…”

Because of the forging technique, that requires striking the steel over and
over again, which takes out the impurity from the steel. Which is why the blade
edge looks so brilliant.

“Is that so! Oh, this made me happy~. Nowadays blacksmiths adopt casting
technique that can produce mass production see. I hate the adventurers who buy
those weapons, thinking that any weapon is fine! A weapon thats being created
just by pouring iron into a mold is not a good weapon!”

Ryouma saw some pride in the old mans expresson.
That’s why, he shouted at Ryouma who wants some moderate handy weapon.
(I see. This is why the hostess made the recommendation. Certainly the weapons
is not bad)
Ryouma acknowledged this old man ability; however, he now faced a new

“So, what do you want? A sword? or a spear?”

That’s right, here he can find sword, spear and even an axe, but there’s no
(Damn it. As expected, there’s no Katana…  oh well, I did not expect it,
since this place has a European like atmosphere…)

However, Ryouma asked the old man.

“Is there a curved sword with a single edge?”

The old man was lost in thoughts for a bit.

“A single edge curved sword… by any chance, are you speaking about

(It exists?!)

Ryouma was quite surprised.
Since the town had an European vibe, and the swords were double edge and, they
used halberd which fitted the European history.

“No. My bad, but, this shop does not have it.”

The old-man continue his talk.

“Although I know a bit about it. It is a weapon that’s being used at the Eastern
continent. Since the practice needed to handle the weapon is quite different,
it was not exported much.”

“I see…”

“If somewhere were to have one then, you might find it at the eastern
market port town Furuzado.”

“Port town Furuzado is it?”

“It is the best trading city in the western continent. If it’s there, then
you can also find eastern continent item via the central continent.”

Ryouma to be honest felt quite troubled.
(Since there’s no Katana, so I have to use sword huh? But using the sword is
hard after all. If that is the case, should I use a spear? No… if I were to
use it in the suburbs then it would be fine, but it would be hard to use in the
towns. An axe perhaps?… I have no problem with an axe but, to use an
unfamiliar weapon is like exposing oneself to danger)…

“You, you feel like the normal weapons is a no good huh… alright! If
that is the case, I will show you my personal collection. If you can use
something in there, then you can take it!”


“Well… It is the things that have passed my judgment, some are the
things that adventurers broguht in, it is one of the perks of this work, but I
must warn you, the weapons are often difficult to handle, which is why they are
not popular among ordinary visitors. There’s also things that even I was unable
to master. Those weapons, I incorporated them into my collection! I know some
Katanas. Among my collection, there might be one or two that usable for you. If
there is one, then, I will hand it over to you!”

As he said that, the old man led Ryouma behind the counter and down the stairs
leading down into the basement.

A steel door is waiting at the basement, and the old man took out a key from
his pants, which he used to unlock the door.

“Now please enter, let’s see whether or not if there’s something that will
satisfy you.”

When they first meet the old man called him a newcomer, but before he knew it,
the old man already began to speak to him like they were familiar with each
(I guess he already acknowledges me to some degree huh…)
The way the old man talked to Ryouma changed around the time when showed the
old man, that he could tell the difference in how they were made.
It seems like artisans are more friendly to customers who can appreciate their
The room that the old man shows was quite wide.
Inside the room which was around 50 square meters, there are many shelves lined

“The shelf from the right was filled with a sword, then beside it spears,
axes, bows, and so on. All the weapons are clearly masterpieces; they are weapons
that choose its masters.”

As he said that, the old man brought Ryouma to the left most shelves.

“What I want to show you is, this…”

As the old man told him, Ryouma turned toward the items on the shelf.
The first thing that appears is a wooden tonfa, following it, there’s a
nunchaku; moreover, there’s also a gabishi, the last thing there was chakrams
and a baton.
(What is this… why such unique things…)

“How is it?”

I shook my head to the old man question.

“Too unique huh…”

“As expected… do you not know how to use it?”

Ryouma shook his head.

“If it’s only using it then, I can… but I’ve never practiced using

Ryouma then held the tonfa with his hands.
The tonfa sharply turns and cuts the wind.

“Oi oi. So, it’s still no good?”

The old man asked Ryouma while looking at him interested.
Ryouma put back the tonfa and said.

“No good. I know the basic use of it, but the application is ineffective
since this is not suitable for one vs. many battles. I just can’t use it in a
real fight.”

Listening to Ryouma answer, the old man asked.

“You… you’re not your ordinary newcomer huh? This is the first time meeting
someone like you. I thought you were just a mere amateur. However, how you talk
is not something normal…”

“Oh please old man… I’m really just a beginner you know. It is only
because my father brought me to many please; thus I gather a lot of

Ryouma answered while smiled wryly.

“Is that so… well that’s fine. So, how is it?”

He seems not to have been convinced, however, the old man urged Ryouma to
decide on a weapon.


Ryouma advancing toward the inside while replying vaguely.
(I don’t mean it that it was unusable for me. But I thought that using
something too unique will stand out as well…)
Each weapon has an advantage.
However, training is necessary to bring out the advantage.
And furthermore, a unique shape attracts the public eye.
And Ryouma thought he does not want to draw attention when he has some


And Ryouma who arrived at the edge saw a certain article.
It is a chain with a weight on both sides.
The length is approximately around 80 cm? The chains are thin; thus it can be
hidden under the clothes.

“Is it this fellow? There’s a saying that this is something that an
otherworlder brought, but what do you think about this chains?”

Ryouma answered while the old man looked at the chains on Ryouma hands.


“Indeed. The things on this shelf are the things that are said to be
brought by otherworlders.”

He was wondering as to why the culture of east and west were being mixed so
much, Ryouma now understand after listening to the old man story.
It is because they been summoning various races at random for a long
(I see! So that’s why the culture seems developed in certain areas yet
surprisingly low in other areas!)
In other words, they can only use the knowledge that summoned people have,
which can be utilized in this world. The bank card is a good example.
Perhaps it’s because a summoned person from the modern era applied a banking
network in this world.
Although without PC for Ryouma, it’s impossible for him to understand how they
implement it, but, there’s no mistake.
On the contrary, some people use parchment paper, is it because there are only
a few individuals with technique to make paper? Or is the paper
In other words, some parts of the culture in this world is highly developed, but
since they don’t have the knowledge of how to implement everything, the society
is still medieval.
The old man started to talk to Ryouma who’s in deep thought.

“What’s wrong?”

The old man looked at Ryouma face suspiciously.

“Ah! No… I just have a bit of concern…”

Ryouma took the chain to hide his thoughts.
(It is not bad… since I’ve learned how to use manrikigusari from grandfather.
This is not bad as a hidden weapon However…)
There’s no meaning hiding a weapon in this world.
Because one can carry swords or spears and walk on the main street normally
After thinking hard, Ryouma choose the chakram as a throwing weapon.
It has a 5-centimeter diameter and the edge are sharp.
One can imagine it easily by imagining a CD with a sharp edge.
There are four reasons why I choose this.
1. It’s easy to throw since it has an circular shape.
2. I can use iai stance as throwing method.
3. Because the whole surface is a blade, it has a high killing ability rather
than throwing a knife.
4. And I can sufficiently use it as shuriken.

Ryouma then took 20 pieces of it

“Old man. Please give me this guy and a sword.”

The old man looked at me surprised.

“I thought you don’t like the sword?”

“Well. Because tomorrow I need to do a quest after all, so I think I need
one after all.”

“Is that so… It can’t be helped if you’re in a hurry huh. I will choose
something that you can use with one hand.”

“Thank you very much.”  Ryouma lowered his head calmly.