Record of Wortenia War – Chapter 1 Epsode 2

TLN: In case someone asking, no, I’m not deliberately cutting the chapter… this work, one tittle have multiple chapters.

Chapter 1 E 2 (Summoned to Another world) 1

“Fuu… Finally lunch time

When the morning class ended, Ryouma breathes out a huge sigh; he then took out
a lunch box from his bag.
It is a lunch box that Asuka had made this morning.
In the high school Ryouma attends to, the lunch break spans 1 hour from 12.00
o’clock until 13.00 o’clock.
He then took his lunch box and pet bottle filled with tea and opened the
classroom door.

“Ryouma-kun…  are you going to eat at the roof-top again? how about
eating with us once in a while?”

A classmate who is currently preparing the table to have a lunch break called
out to Ryouma.
A very beautiful girl with big eyes and long black hair.
Hearing her voice, Ryouma stopped at the classroom entrance.
For a moment, hesitation appeared on his face; however, he immediately turns
himself with a smile.

“Ah… Sorry, let’s do it next time!”

It’s not like I don’t want to have lunch with my classmate.
The reason why Ryouma does not want to eat with his classmate is that he just
don’t want to shows the content of his lunch box.
After all, Asuka lunch box is just too cute, which did not fit with his image.
At least, that was what he himself thought.

In society, there’s the so-called character lunch box [1]
The various character being made using ingredients, the world of mothers will
try to devote themselves to this craft; however, Asuka is also a master of this
Her variation is vast, start from Pikachu and the others, though it expresses
the ingredients, to be honest, for Ryouma, having his lunch box in the form of
character lunch box, it can’t be helped if he wants to stop it.
Being a high school student, yet having a Pikachu being drawn in his lunch box.
Though it makes woman reputation goes higher, in exchange, it destroys a man
However, for Asuka who make this lunch box, she didn’t take any consideration
to Ryouma manly heart at all.

There was no problem with the lunch box until middle school.
However, it became a problem when he brings his lunch box to high school.
He has no parents, and his grandfather is not someone who will make a lunch box
for Ryouma sake; thus it was a custom for him to just buy bread from the school
cafeteria, that is until the later half of April Asuka began making lunch boxes.
I feel grateful when she made me one and surprised when I received at lunch

(Even now, I still feel a chill down my spine…)

When Ryouma remembers that time, his body shakes.
He ate the lunch box frantically, making sure that the surrounding did not see
it; thus he was able to protect his honour, later after he returned home he
called Asuka and made a protest, but, by the next day, his lunch box, a
homemade lunch box, has become a white rice with a single pickled plum in the

(And the breakfast turned into hell too… it turned into cold cereal with

Like that, Ryouma suppressing his dissatisfaction in his heart, he apologizes
to Asuka. Thus, his lunch box ended up being a lunch box filled with well-made

“You said next time, next time, aren’t you making the same excuse every
day! Mou, fine. But, next time, you absolutely have to eat with us by all

She said such thing while puffing her cheek. Such lovely expression.
However, after Ryouma raised his right hand, she sits down while laughing
She does not seem to be particularly persistent. Well, you can say it was just
a lip service of a popular high school student.

“My bad my bad. I will do so next time!”

Every day whenever the weather is clear, he will eat at the rooftop, and have a
siesta until the bell chime, that was Ryouma daily routine.

“Well then, see you next time.”

After saying that words to his classmate, Ryouma left the classroom.

And then, when Ryouma climbed the stairs, at that time, something absurd
That’s right; his hell began from there.



The floor disappeared from Ryouma foot.
Suddenly, his body is falling vertically.
It’s not like he missed his steps. He was sure that the stairs were there
before, but abruptly disappear, and just like that, he fell below.
He then tried to stretch his arm forward trying to grab the stairs board rim,
however, that stairs board rim also disappeared, making his hand only grabbed
the void.
The light from his school building grew narrower little by little.
And then, the light finally disappeared.
In the jet black darkness, he merely kept on falling.


Suddenly Ryouma noticed.
Before he notices anything, his body is not falling anymore, but

“This is bad… Is this a dream, or hallucination? was there something
wrong with me?”

Ryouma grumbles to himself.
Well, that, of course, make sense.
After all, even though it is not weird for a body to fall. Though it was
unlikely, there’s the possibility of the school building collapsed, or the
ground fall out, making the body fall deeper underground.
But having one’s body floating is impossible. Because a person cannot fly in
the sky with his own strength. No matter how much that person trains his own

Ryouma then looked above.
Before he noticed, from his overhead, a downpour of light comes toward
The body then keep floating, and the light downpour becomes stronger.
And then, finally, Ryouma body jumped out from the light.

“Where is this? This place… the school didn’t have this kind of place,

For Ryouma, this place is inside his school building, or at least within the
school ground.
That’s why, even though in front of his eyes the room looks like a temple, he
just thought of it as a school facility.
However, such pattern of thought, crumbled away the moment he saw the people in
front of him.

There is five man before Ryouma eyes.
One of them is an old person who wear a white robe which being embroidered with
silver and gold thread gaudily.
But, the problem is not that.
The problem is the appearance of the remaining four people.
Their body height and build are not that different compared to Ryouma. Their
body are fairly trained.
Just by looking at their muscle thickness on their thigh and upper arm, one can
see that they are not amateurs.
They also cover their body with metal armour, the one that being used in
ancient Greece and a helmet (helmet with crest and on the nose part being
guarded with T shape metal), on their hands, they hold, axe, spear, and
I don’t know whether their armour and helmet are real. However, having eyes for
weapons due to dealing with real weapon against his grandfather, Ryouma is sure
that the spear and halberd that they hold are real.
With that being the case, that means the swords on their waist are also

If it was only their armour, then Ryouma might think that it was just a
Since if he uses the money, he can buy it normally in Japan.
There wouldn’t be anyone who is going to buy it either, and if they were buying
it, they wouldn’t use it, but, the fact that there’s a human being who wears it
at least, in reality  has always been in
the scope of comprehension as a fact that occurs in reality.
However, even if Ryouma did not think that this is a parallel world, it does
not mean that he won’t recognize that this place is a place that far apart from
his regular daily life where he himself have lived all this time.
It is because of all those spears, halberd, and swords, all of them are sharp.
He did not think that having real spears and halberd to be a joke.
First, he cannot imagine that a situation like this happens in Japan.
Even if this is a robbery or some kind of random attackers, there’s no one
going as far as to prepare such thing as that kind of spear and halberd.
Usually it would just be some sort of knife.

And Ryouma can feel the bloodthirst coming from them.
It reminds him of the times when he receives his grandfather’s attacks. He
feels stung on his skins as if it was being pricked.

(Oi Oi, are you for real… no… They are indeed serious… these guys’ eyes are…)

Inside Ryouma heart, something has completely changed. From a usual to unusual
It was the moment, where his daily life, fall apart.

“Ho hou? It seems like the summoning this time is a success

Looking at Ryouma, the man wearing a robe talked to the man on his side.
The man he spoke to wear a helmet with a lot of red tassel decoration on
Looking at them where only one person has an extravagant armour, Ryouma thought
he must be the captain.

“No, Gaies-sama. That kind of judgment is still too early. Though indeed
he has a great physique, you must think about things as deceptive appearance,
after all, out of 100 summons, less than ten people are
sufficient.” <TLN: Gaies name is ガイエス… Gaies
or Gayes?>

The eyes of those two people gazed at Ryouma. It’s like they are trying to
discern the value of goods at a store.

“Fumu. I guess that’s true… very well then. Whether he can be used or
not, I won’t know it until I develop him.”

While muttering so, the old man pointed at Ryouma with his chin.
With that signal, three-man approach Ryouma with their axe, spear, and halberd

Things regarding what is the intention of these guys are something that Ryouma
do not know.
After all, just until a while ago, he was at his school. And then suddenly,
he’s being transported to a different place.
He could never be able to understand. However, it was evident, what they are
going to do is not a good thing for him.
Having pointed a sharp weapon at him, it was evidence that there’s malice in
He immediately looked around, but, he was unable to find windows for escape.
The only escape way is by using iron door behind the old man.

In Ryouma mind, there’s no another choice other than to live.
And then he remembered the teaching of his grandfather.

(In order to protect one self, is it?)

Should he receive it, despite knowing it’s going to be something bad, or should
he kill them and escape.
Furthermore, he doesn’t know the exact situation, and there’s no one that he
can ask about it either. If that is the case, then there’s only one way.
He should try to keep the weakest one alive and kill the others. And the one
that looks the weakest is the one who wears the robe.

(I’m barehanded, and the opponents are wearing armours and holding weapons…
attacking them head on would be disadvantageous… If I don’t kill them fast,
it would be dangerous…)

Of course, such decision is actually unacceptable.
For modern day people, such decision should never be made.
However, Ryouma did not feel any hesitation. He chooses the road where he
himself survive. Even if that means that will have to walk down a bloody
And his brain thought out a way with the highest probability for him to
He erased his intent to kill within his mind. Then he let go the lunch box that
he held in his hand, and shows a smile on his face.

For an instant, the soldiers were puzzled by Ryouma who smiled at them.
Even for them, they did not think that the people that they had summoned would
smile at them. That would be obvious. After all, it was a smile from someone
being kidnapped toward their kidnapper.
The soldiers being bewildered, stopped their walk. That action was what Ryouma
has aimed for.
In the next moment, among the three soldiers, Ryouma ran toward the man
standing at the left end.
And then, his finger pierced at the soldier eyeballs deeply.


A scream comes out from the mouth of the soldier.

Eyes are among one of the vital that would always be in immediate danger.
Even just by using a grain of dust already painful, but, Ryouma mercilessly
gouge them.
Ryouma gouges the eyes socket without pulling his fingers, as it is he pushes
down his arm downward.

It was bad luck for the soldiers because they wear armour.
After all, no matter how powerful Ryouma is, he won’t be able to kill four
people wearing armour.
If that the case then, he needs to aim at their vital from a gap in the armour.
And form that, it was the eyes that have such high probability.

The soldiers who have his eyes gouged, fell while screamed loud cries. Before
Ryouma line of sight, the soldier cervical vertebrae is being exposed between
his helmet and armour.
Then he sprung into action. Ryouma then dropped an elbow toward the defenseless
man neck; He took the fall of Ryouma who has a weight of more than 100kg.


It as if something watery being smashed, a dull sound resounded within the
Using his elbow and with the weight of his body, Ryouma shattered the soldier
neck bones.
From the soldier mouth, blood bubbles come out.

Ryouma then took the sword of the dead soldier, and charge toward the remaining
three soldier.



Ryouma with the sword in his hand, throws it at the face of the soldier who has
been standing still in front of him.
A surprised expression appeared on the soldier face. He probably didn’t think
Ryouma would throw away his only weapon.
In a hurry, he uses his halberd vertically to repel the sword that Ryouma had
But, that is something that Ryouma have aimed for.
After all the soldier, would pull back his body to avoid the sword, and his
body which being protected by armour and helmed would then being exposed.

No matter how much one protect their body with armour, there would always be a
place where he can breach it. If there’s no gap, then he just had to make one.
Ryouma went toward the neck of the soldier which is virtually defenceless, he hit
there using his right hand.


Ryoma crushed the soldier neck, who fell down on his knee.
Though it’s not an instant death, the man will die from suffocation with his
respiratory being crushed.
One of the soldiers immediately went after Ryouma, and Ryouma Immediately put
up his guard. Including the old man, three men left.


A halberd is thrusted toward Ryouma from behind.
Ryouma then just throw the man whose throat has been smashed in away, using the
body of the man as a shield.


Dull metals sound clashing each other resounded. Though the solder had pushed
the halberd with all his might, the blade mashed the man with broken neck and
pierced his armour; then the halberd stuck in his body.


Ryouma then moved behind the solider, while the soldier, in panic, frantically
tries to pull out his halberd, and then Ryouma attacked the defenceless soldier

The human body is unexpectedly strong; thus, if you stab the body too deeply,
it might result in the blade being hard to pull out.
Contracting muscle is surprisingly tougher than one’s think. Furthermore,
there’s also the pierced armour; thus it would be even harder to pull

(Two remain)

Ryouma then glared at the two people.
The two individuals that remain are the soldier that looks like the captain of
this bunch, and the old man wearing a robe.
That captain throws away the spear he holds and pulls out the sword from his
Looking at Ryouma’s way to do battle, the captain judges that it would be more
efficient to fight with the sword which has more manoeuvrability.
The fourth person seems to be different compared to the rest of the guys. As
expected, he is indeed the captain of the other soldiers
He was able to carry a minimum assessment to adapt the situation. The captain
aims the blade with it blades edge down and then pull it to the side.

(Side stance huh… are you trying to hide your sword length?…  I guess
he decided to end this in one strike eh?) [2]

Ryouma was able to grasp the intention of the captain just by looking at his
In that stance, there are only two kind of slash.
A slash from right to left to scythe down the torso, or rounded from the right
foot to left shoulder, just that two.
And to do another slashing, it is necessary for him to re-do his stance.
And that delay will become his fatal mistake.

Ryouma who was pondering about the opponent in front of him suddenly heard…

“O God of Thunder O God of the storm!”

When he turned around the man wearing a robe is murmuring something.

(This is bad!)

Ryouma was unaware about magic until this point.
However, his survival instinct screamed.
(Avoid it!)
Through quick decision, Ryouma then runs toward the captain who’s holding the
An all-or-nothing bet.
Ryouma dashed toward the captain while avoiding the slash by then slipped under
his right side.
Then turn around behind the captain.


Ryouma kicked the back of the defenceless captains.
And just like that, he falls upside down.

“Listen to my request, and destroy my enemy! Bolt Storm!”

At the same time, Ryouma ducked down into the ground, the storm released by the
old man rushed toward him.

1. Kyaraben, Bento filled with things like rabbit made by using carrot.
2. Waki kamae/Side stance. for example : HERE