Record of Wortenia War – Chapter 1 Episode 4

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Chapter 1 E 4 (Summoned to another world)

“Y-You bastard…”

Listening to Ryouma words, Gaies prepare for the worst.
The words that Gaies unable to say. Everything of that is something that Ryouma had thought.
(Everything is already hopeless. If he already knows this far then… no matter what I said, this bastard won’t let myself go alive.)

Making a quick judgment based on the situation, and taking a preemptive attack without being confused because of the summoning. Having the ability to kill four soldiers barehanded. Furthermore, having the will to do torture for the sake of information without hesitation. And having the wisdom to make a proper inquiry, based on the information that Gaies gives.

(If I were to be able to employ this person… it might be possible for my Ortomea Empire to become the conqueror of the western continent.)

Such thought passes through Gaies mind.  However, the man in front of him is already completely hostile toward the empire.
Because he already understood regarding the purpose of the empire calling him.
And how he think about the treatment of another world people.

(Am I going to die here?… NO! I can’t die here. I can’t let the dream of the King and I to get crushed here! Fortunately, I was able to block my wound with magic. For now, I should wait for an opportunity… there should be a way for me to escape.)

Since his means to go back does not exist, one can’t possibly think that this man will let him go alive. Gaies is able to at least understand that much.

(He’s right now letting his guard down since he thinks I’m injured… if that is the case then I will wager everything the moment he’s about to kill me!)

Gaies then observe Ryouma movement for the sake of finding a chance to win. The moment Ryouma relaxed his body.

“Bull’s-eye huh?…Ah, I give up.”

Ryouma sighed toward the sky.
Even without the old man telling lies, looking at his complexion, one can understand it.
The reason why he did all the torture that he does not like is that he don’t want any lies. However, the result that comes out is the worst.
But still, this is not enough. If one cannot go back immediately, then that would be all the more he needs to get various information out of the old man.
One has to do anything. For the sake of survival.

“Why did you summon me? since you have no intention to return me alive, then is it to turn me into slave and make me work until I die?”

Gaies was at a loss for words to answer Ryouma.

(Again, he guess it precisely once again.)

Gaies looked at Ryouma face once again.

(No good! This person already finds the answer already. Even if I told him lies, he would know about it immediately… and the reason why he asked is that he wants confirmation.)

Looking at Ryouma unwavering eyes, Gaies realize.
He should give up trying to deceive Ryouma, and tell him the truth.

“We are going to employ people from another world… to win a war.”

Such reason can only be perceived as self-centered.
The human summoned from the earth are only going to be recruited to go to the battlefield.
However, even after listening to Gaies words, Ryouma expression did not change. His expression is as if saying that he is only confirming a fact.

“About the world… give me more detailed information. As far as I know, in my world, not many people are accustomed in fighting using the like of swords or spears you know? And there’s no one like you old man who can summon thunder from his hand too. Or is there exist another different world, and some of the summoned people have such power?”

“No… There’s indeed another world, but it was only your world where human exists.”

“Fuun… I thought it would be hopeless to call people from my world, though. What is the purpose?”

It would be dangerous to answer this question. However, Gaies did not want to give up on living yet.
Since he’s one of the pillars that supporting the empire.

“It was because there’s the possibility that the persons from your world will become the best soldiers in this world.”

Hearing Gaies words, a question mark floats on Ryouma face.

“The best soldier huh? Can a guy who have never done any training become the best soldier, I wonder?”

Ryouma question is a reasonable one. Just like him, the people that are summoned from another world might also don’t know any martial art after all.

“Or perhaps, you will only summon human who passes a certain power condition?”

If so then, that would explain everything. However, Gaies shakes his head hearing what Ryouma had said.

“What kind of person that would appear is completely up to luck.”

However, it was true that the majority of people whom they summoned said they don’t know anything about fighting.
Since they are not living in the warring state period. Martial arts is something that already becomes one with culture.
In the modern age, only a handful of people training martial arts for the sake of battle.
The majority of humans even trying to avoid killing an animal. Does it really make sense to summon such people?

“If that is the case then, there’s some profit even if the summoning only resulting an amateur from another world huh?”

Gaies nods toward Ryouma statement.

“Every time someone from your world killed a living being from this world, they will be able to hold some part of the being power. And someone from your world, they have a better absorbing ability, compared to the humans of this world.”

Ryouma can understand what Gaies is getting at.

“What’s that? is that means the power of that four soldiers whom I killed just now dwell in me?”

“That’s right.”

Ryouma then looked around his body. However, he did not feel any different.
His legs did not grow longer, and his hands also did not get any thicker. There’s no different than the usual.

“Is it something that I cannot feel?”

“That is because there’s nothing much to absorb if the one that gets killed is human.”

“I really don’t understand…”

If one were to kill someone, one would be able to absorb their power. Since Ryouma never knows such phenomenon, thus it was natural for him to be unable to understand it.

“To be precise, you will be able to absorb a portion of one person power after killing at least 10.000 humans.”

Ryouma showed an amazed face.
He did not expect that the words of killing 10.000 humans would appear. And only for the purpose of taking one person worth of power for your own

“Won’t the efficiency turn bad if it’s like that? to be honest, is there any worth to sacrifice that many people?”

It was something reasonable for Ryouma to feel amazed. If we talk about the labor if killing off 10.000 people, one would feel the rate does not pay off at all.

“That is if the target is human. you will get your power raised to around ten times if you’re able to kill one dragon

Gaies desperately continue talking
(A little bit more! Just a little bit more, if I can buy more time, the soldiers might come to this place. They would feel suspicious since I did not return yet!)

Thinking like that, he thought that was his last hope.

“Funn~… Well, I’m able to understand the story about power absorbing. In the end, why did you guys go all the way through the troubles to just summon someone from another world?”

“For one thing, it’s because the ability for absorbing power is much higher.”


Hearing such answer, Ryouma shows a question mark on his face once again.

“In other words, even if the human of this world and another world killed the same number and the same kind of living things, the end power result would be clearly different.”

Hearing Gaies answer, Ryouma narrowed his eyes.

“I see. It was the growth after summoning which is important huh… even if they are humans being with no experience, they will eventually become stronger than a human being from this world. That’s the reason why you guys prefer a human being from a different world is it…”

Suddenly, Ryouma paused his grumble. And then, his sharp gaze pierced Gaies like a needle.

“Which reminded me, old man… I see that it seems like your wound have been healed?”

Cold ran down Gaies back.
After Gaies got hit by Ryouma and crouched on the ground, all this time he has been using healing magic.
Even such thing is being found out by Ryouma.


Gaies raises his voice in surprise, while Ryouma was looking at him with cold eyes.

“Of course I would notice it… I gave your lung damage by breaking your ribs you know? The old man who’s talking while coughing blood at the beginning, yet, suddenly he’s able to speak fluently.  If that is the case then, that would mean you had been healing yourself while crouching down isn’t it?”

“Y-You bastard! You’d noticed from the beginning!?”

Ryouma answered Gaies question by shrugging his shoulders.

“W-Why… Why?”

“Why I’m being silent? Well, that because I thought you would talk about various things, if I gave you time to heal yourself. Furthermore, you’ve been observing me to see if I make some opening right?”

“Y-You… you understand until that far!?”

“You don’t have to be that surprised, isn’t it? If you really want to catch me off guard then, you should act like you have a severe wound… well, whatever… For the time being, I understand about things that you had said. Though I don’t know how far I can trust your words, it seems like the things about I can’t return immediately is the truth…”

Ryouma approaches Gaies while shows a smile filled with cynicism.
Unconsciously Gaies shrink back. Because of the fear he harbors toward Ryouma, he moved his body unconsciously.

“Ah… It’s better if you don’t do any funny you know? For now, I want to ask you about various things. And I will kill you without making you suffer as the compensation… how’s it? It’s pretty good deal right?”

Hearing what Ryouma said, Gaies try to make his last bet.
No matter what the chance of winning is. Even if the chance of winning is almost 0.

“The wind ofー… Gah!”

A hand pierced Gaies throat like a sword, which stops his chanting.

“I said it didn’t I?”

Ryouma declared such while gazing at Gaies who’s crouching on the ground once again with his cold gaze.
Ryouma then kicked the back of Gaies head who is crouching down.


Sounds similar to that of fruit being crushed resounded.

“If you do something funny, I will make you suffer.”

That words from Ryouma mouth was the last words which Gaies Wookland heard in this world.