Record of Wortenia War – Chapter 1 Episode 3

Wortenia War – 1 E 2 (Summoned to another world) 2

Wortenia War – 1 E 3 (Summoned to another world) 2
“You finally kicked the bucket

The old man who fired a killing move magic spell was gasping for breath.
A smile of victory appeared on his face contrary to his rough breaths.
Among the magic he can use, he chose the shortest incantation which had the
highest killing ability.
No one can take that head on and survive. That is the sort of magic he used.
That’s why the old man relaxed his guard. He did not check whether Ryouma had
actually died.
And that was a fatal mistake.

Ryouma who was lying down on the ground, jumped up as he sensed the old man had
lowered his guard.
His movement was unthinkable for someone who has a 100kg body. The distance
between him and the old man immediately closed in a flash.
When the old man noticed, he tried to chant another incantation; however, he
did not make it in time.

“Wha! This can’t be! This almightyー…”


A small sound echoes from the old man right side.


Ryouma drives in a fist which mercilessly drives air out of the old man right
lung, and chancel his incantation.
It is an easy trick.
After he had kicked the back of the soldier, Ryouma ducked his body to the
Just that.
If by any chance, the magic that the old man was using were fire based, even if
it didn’t hit directly toward Ryouma body, he would still get inflicted by
massive damage.
If by any chance, the magic art the old man uses was something that causes
spears to appears and pierced through the ground then, without a doubt,
Ryouma’s body won’t last.
However, the magic art that the old man used was a thunder and storm
For the old man, it was a technique that brings a sure death.
However, the Thunder flew toward the man with metal Armor whom Ryouma kicked to
the front, acted as a lightning rod, the thunder passed over Ryouma head who
immediately ducked down.
Human is a creature that always act careless when being confident.
Feeling confidence that his magic didn’t miss. And the confidence that he has
killed his opponent.
These two brought an overconfidence that brought victory to Ryouma.

“Oi Old man. Where is this?”

Ryouma asked the old man who was couched down holding his right side with both
hand, feeling that several of his ribs were broken.




Unpleasant sounds resounded within the shrine. A sound similar to that of
breaking a dead branch.
Ryouma’s kick breaks the old man left elbow.
Continuously and without hesitation Ryouma uses his feet’s to attack the old
man left sides.

“Oi~ Old man. Answer my question, will you? Since you said something like 『Die!』or 『You finally kicked the
bucket huh!』, you understand what I’m saying right?”

An innocent smile spread on Ryouma face.
However, for the old man, that smile is the most dreadful thing.


But, the old man still did not say anything. The old man did not say anything
and endured the pain while crouching down.
As the result of Ryouma kick, several other ribs broke.

“Oi~ Old man. I’m not really a kind person you know? Like

Ryouma caught the old man left ear and twisted it.
From the old man left ear that began getting ripped off, blood dripped little
by little.

“S- Stop it. Let go of your hand!”

“Well well. Let go you said? Is that how a person asked something? Good
grief… it seems like, despite your old age, you don’t understand how to
listen when somebody is talking.”

He’s showing his usual thin smile, but, that glint from his narrowing eyes
feels chilling like ice.
He shows an expression that is very uncommon coming from high school student
who just talked with his classmate a while ago.
His eyes are sharp, and his face is expressionless just like that of Noh mask.
This might be his real character which he usually tries to hide.
The real nature of a beast. And this old man becomes the first victim of
Ryouma’s true character.


Dull sound resounded from the old man side once again.


Screams like a beast came out from the mouth of the old man.
Ryouma left fist mercilessly hit who was blown two meters away, the old man who
weighting 60 and being 160cm. And because he hit the old man without letting go
the old man left ear, the old man left ear remained in Ryouma hand.

“You know~ old man. Be obedient alright? I only need a few answers, and it
will end you know?”

Ryouma walked toward the old man in a slow pace.

“P…lease… ugh… sto…p … it… I will talk…

Because the old man has broken ribs, every time he speaks bloods coming out
from his mouth.
His face was dyed deep red because of the blood flowing from where his ear was
ripped off.
Indeed, he won’t be able to endure any more pain. The old man then began
talking while enduring pain.

“Fuu, I understand, I understand. Well then, answer the first question.
Where is this?”

“Here is… Ortomea… Empire… Royal palace. ”

“Ortomea Empire?”

Hearing the old man answer, doubt appeared on Ryouma face.
Ryouma who likes social studies has pride in his geography knowledge.
He can almost say all countries name that exists on earth. However, he’s
unfamiliar with a country called Ortomea Empire that comes out from the mouth
of the old man.

“That’s… right. the ruler… of west central… part… of the…
continent. ‘

After he said that, the old man is coughing blood once again.
He seems to not notice Ryouma change on his complexion.

“Well then, next question. why am I here?”

“…Bー Because… I had summoned you…”

“Funn… well, I guess so…”

Ryouma returned an indifferent answer toward the old man words.
However, nobody knows what he thought of, nor how he felt inside, there’s no
way to peek what’s in his mind.

“Now then, the third question… because this is the most important issue,
answer it properly alright? it will significantly affect to what will happen to
you from here on!”

Saying that, Ryouma looked toward the old man face.

“Can I returned to my original world?”

His voice is calm. Though his voice sounds coarse, but, there’s not a feeling
of someone coercing another person. It feels like someone talking with a close
acquaintance. However, that is what makes it more terrifying.
The old man heart pulsates as if going to explode. Just now, it was the
question that the old man wanted to avoid the most.
The old man considered lying so that he can survive this place desperately.

(Should I say he can return? No, speaking about wanting to go back, he must be
wanting to go back as soon as possible. If that is the case then, what should I
say?  should I say the preparation need times?)

As the chief of Ortomea Empire imperial court magician who’s being hailed as Ortome’s
brain, Gaies Wookland, he can’t be killed by a mere commoner.
After all, on the old man shoulders, hang the Empire future.

(As expected, there’s no another way other than buying time…  the
soldier will come if they find something abnormal.)

Gaies who desperately think up a way while fighting against the pain from bones
fracture noticed Ryouma fingers were on his neck.

“Na~ old man. You can’t lie alright? A lie you see…”

Ryouma looked at Gaies face while grabbing his hairs.

“Wh… lie… you say…”

“You’re thinking about it right?”

After accurately guessing what inside Gaies mind, Ryouma continued.

“Your blood. You fearing me finding out you are lying, it made your pulse
has become faster.”

Actually Ryouma speech is only a bluff.
He definitely feels the old man pulse grew faster, but, he doesn’t know if it’s
because of the old man trying to tell a lie, or because of the bone fracture,
or because of the old man felt fear toward Ryouma.
However Ryouma was confident. After all, expression of fear appeared on the old
man face when he asked about the third question.
In other words, what the answer might be, it would be bad for Ryouma. Seeing
that the old man did not respond to it immediately, that means he was
considering lying to get himself out from this situation.

“Y-You bastard… that… kind of ability…”

“Now now~ say it already. Can I go back? Or  I can’t go

After finding himself terribly troubled, Gaies finally opened his mouth.
On his face, he had an expression that of a person that had given up.

“It’s impossible… at least… I think so…”

“Fumu… Well, I can guess that looking at your attitude. If that the case
then, is there any technique for me to go back?”

Anger never appeared on Ryouma face. Even after listening to this desperate old
man words, his tone is still that of the calm one.

(What…? why did he not getting angry? why he didn’t he feel shaken?)

Within Gaies mind, his fear grew bigger.
He has been summoning at least 100 people from another world, but there’s no one
like his type.
Up until now, most of the summoned individuals who realized what happen to them
will just get themselves panicked and rant… Of course, they would be able to
get restricted by the soldiers and without being able to do anything, Gaies can
put the cursed mark of obedience.
Among the summoned people, there’s also some who gives a sense of danger to
Gaies and the others. However, they are no match for the soldiers.
After being arrested by the soldiers, in the end, they will prostrate themselves
toward Gaies.
But, the young men who stood in front of him now is different.
Even though he had just been summoned,  he was able to immediately kill four

“F-From… my… knowledge… there’s… no other way… even in other

While various questions are welling up inside of him, Gaies answers the

“You can summon but cannot return them kind of thing huh? Why is

“T… That is…”

Gaies pulse gets faster.

(This is bad… what’s good should I say? What should I say so that I can

For Gaies, he doesn’t know how to answer Ryouma so he can survive.
Up until now, Ryouma has no mercy toward his opponent, which makes Gaies
understand what kind cold-hearted person he is.
And right now, if he answers his question truthfully, this cold-hearted man
won’t keep him alive any longer.

A smile appeared on Ryouma face after seeing Gaies being hesitated.

“Fumu… it seems like it’s hard for you to answer… fine then. then I
will answer it for you.”

Toward Ryouma words, Gaies expression freezes due to fear and surprise.
His heart throbbed to the point as if going to burst out.

(It can’t be… no, he can’t possibly understand. since he’s someone who just
arrived from another world…)

However, Gaies wish did not come true. The words that come out from Ryouma, for
him, it’s sounds as if an invitation to hell.

“For something like a technique to send another world people back did not
exist means, possibly because there’s no intention to send us back right?
There’s no meaning sending off the corpse, after all, that’s why you people
didn’t research about technique to send us back. That’s why, no nation have any
method for us to return. That’s how it is right? How is it! Am I