Record of Wortenia War – v1-c9

Editor: Thorrium. Chapter 1 E 9 – (Fleeing) 1 After blending in with the aristocrats, Ryouma succeeded passing the castle gate. And before him an European styled street spread in front of him. “Oooh!” Because the landscape is very well-organized, he can’t help but voice his admiration. Outside the castle, the aristocrat’s houses are lined […]

Record of Wortenia War – v1-c7

Chapter 1 E 7 (Escape 3) A halberd is being thrust toward Seria’s chest. “Who are you! To think teleportation magic is being used inside the palace!” A strike comes towards Seria together with an angry voice filled with a thirst for blood. “This is an emergency! Tell that to His Majesty!” Disregarding the guard, […]

Record of Wortenia War – v1-c6

Chapter 1 E 6 (Escape 3) Dogagaga! An explosion resounded. The door didn’t move even an inch. However, in the next moment, the door made loud sounds and then crumbled down. The door was not just opened, but utterly destroyed. “Now! Please enter…” Seria’s voice resounded. The soldiers went inside the room which has a […]

Record of Wortenia War – v1-c5

NOTE: The words inside “()” is the character monologue. Editor: Thorrium Chapter 1 E 5 (Escape) “Seriously, what a black-hearted person…” Ryouma kicked the corpse of Gaies with his feet. He kicked the body without holding back which caused Gaies body to flew three meters away. The angry expression that Ryouma was unable to express […]

Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – 73

TLN: the chapters will automatically being released every 06.00 america time(Pacific), I’ve prepared around 20 chapters.. so for a whole month, you will have a new chapter everyday. Chapter 73 (Visitors) The Greatest Failure.  Being too naive.  With such expressionー miscalculation, that is what the person thought.  Although the original purpose was being achieved, the […]

I have no excuse! But anyway this an explanation… And JLPT Test result!XD

“Where are you!” “Where my release!”… that was probably your question… Well these past months was filled with many unexpected events for me… which cause me a lot of mental fatigue. I’m very sorry. I’m going to release all chapter that I’ve finished translated before the end of the months. As for my JLPT test […]