Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c17

1-2-7 (When Leona being Serious) Leona had been doing something for the past week. After I was told that the prototype for the transportation machine was done, I immediately went to meet her, what I saw there was something entirely out of my expectation. “Look! This is the result when I’m serious!” Leona said that […]


Flame Kingdom – 11

Editor: (None) 11- (Goldsmith Song) Approximately, in one hundred years, the most developed industry would be the Banking Industry. The provision of indirect finance, credit creation, and settlement, should be the three major function of a bank. Though nowadays bank function had become more complicated and mysterious. There was the creation of securities industry, the […]

The Girl and The War – Excerpt

Editor: Speaking about the name of the greatest person from my nation that would be ‘Serum Gione’. <TLN: Written セラム ジオーネ> She was a great militarist, politician, chef, musician, architect, merchant, and inventor. Her existence had revolutionized various fields, and we were still benefiting from it. She was what we call a rare hero. In […]

Demon Army Staff Officer – v1-c13

Editor: V1-C2-E3 (Daily Respite of the Logistic Department) Thanks to new newcomers, the pilled paperwork began to decrease. I could say that it was worthwhile to increase our workforce. “Director, the information department have contacted us, and asked for additional funds…” “Again? It is fine to spend money on information but, this is too much…” […]