Alexis Empire – v1-c40

And five days later, Duke Dinkwood swiftly move his army.  Torame looked back, the army made a long line in the highway as they were heading toward the Imperial Capital.  The number was around 15,000 men.  That number was not included the soldiers defending the Duke Dinkwood territory. Furthermore, the number was still growing. The […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c38

That was how Leonard managed to secure an immediate fund.  Claude History, year 211, 5th month, 30th day.  Leonard returned to Alexis as the new Marquis.  Together with Shera, Garai, and Tiki.  In addition to them, approximately 500 Line town’s men were escorted by 50 Knights led by Bauman. They were the first settlements from […]

Alexis Empire – v1-c37

Anyway, Leonard had finally got himself a territory.  Apart from Leonard own sentiment, objectively, Alexis was not the best territory, but it was also not a bad territory either.  It was something he and Shera had talked about since the beginning, two years ago.  The Alexis territory, the former Marquis territory, was extremely large.  In […]