Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c5

When Chrono went outside, Goldy ran up to him.  “Chrono-sama, nice timing!”  “What’s wrong?”  “I want to report that the new armor has finished.”  Goldy proudly reported. Behind him, there were dwarves carrying mannequins in armor—.  When the dwarves placed the mannequin on the ground, Goldy turned back.  “This is the new armor!”  “Hee, so […]

Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c3

When Chrono woke up, the proprietress was smiling at him. The point of her being naked has not changed since this morning but now, she has used his arm as her pillow.  “Oya, did you wake up already?”  The proprietress laughed and smiled, then she hugged Chrono as she kissed his forehead.  “Somehow, I feel […]

Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c2

The Empire calendar, year 430, 7th month of the year, 10th day of the month–, The maid helps Tyria to take care of her hairs.  She checks the angle, and check the hair shape. Then as she feels satisfied she nodded…  “Is this good?”  “Umu, nothing wrong.”  Tyria nodded, as the maid folded the three-sided […]

Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c40

Chrono stays inside his room in the Marquis residence.  On the table, there was a bottle of wine but, the contents were almost unchanged.  “… I’m tired.”  “Excuse me…”  As Chrono muttered his words, the proprietress entered the room.  “… Proprietress.”  “Don’t make such a face in front of a beautiful woman.”  The proprietress said […]

Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c39

“… I thought I would die.”  “Ah, my bad.”  Chrono goes down the hill while lending his shoulders to Kein. Kein received an arrow on his shoulder and was slashed on his back, but it seems it was not life-threatening. Kein’s subordinates too…  “You… It seems Chrono-dono’s subordinates have come to pick you up.”  Chrono […]