Kuro no Senki – v1-c2

Volume 1 Chapter 2

(Half-Elf Leila)

Editor: Kenchan223


One week had passed since we drove back the Holy Argo Kingdom army.
They don’t seem to be going to perform another invasion, Tyria and Marquis Erakis also have put strict guard along the border.
The remaining concern is my subordinates situation, but since Tyria had wrote a written order, my subordinates have been treated like human beings by the doctors.
But because of the numbers, the hospital ends up fully occupied and we needed to use the nearby inns as well.

“As expected, my right eye can’t see anymore.”

Looking up at the dirty hospital ceiling, Chrono muttered some words with a gloomy feeling.
According to the doctor, it seems that higher Divine Arts might be able to heal it, but it is the same as being declared blind because such Divine Arts are limited in this country.

“… I just hope the wound didn’t get infected.”

The treatment that Chrono received includes cleaning it with water and stitching it. But it is better compared to medieval Europe where they pour boiling oil for disinfection or using a hot iron to burn the wound to close it.
Chrono immediately stood up from the bed and quickly changed his clothes into his military uniform which is based on his black color.
As soon as he comes out from his hospital room, Chrono met with his adjutant, Mino-san.

“Again, are you going?” (Bumo~, Bumo~?)

“I need to go somewhere…”

*Bufu~*, his adjutant exhilarated his big nose feeling amazed.

“… I will accompany you.” (Fumo~)

“Sure, and thank you…”

For some reason, his adjutant scratched his head looking embarrassed.
Being accompanied by his adjutant, he gets off from the stairs.
The hospital is being built by using stones building.
The first floor is a hall with nearly 100 beds, and the second floor is a private room. <TLN: Economy class, and VIP>
There’s a separate building where doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other staffer staying.

‘I guess this shows that he also thinks about the citizens huh?’

Thinking that, Chrono changes his evaluation regarding Marquis Erakis, not limited to this hospital, it seems like  Hachel town has been heavily developed by the first Generation until the third generation.

Where such a trend declined since the fourth generation… And now the seventh generation of Marquis Erakis has the worst reputation.
He raises the tax, stopped donations to the hospital, bought a lot of luxury goods, and only did whatever he wanted.
It was a bad part of the feudal system, but such a man is still above Chrono in regards to ranks.

As he stepped down the stairs, the noise increased.
The moment Chrono entered the hall, the conversation noise ceased.

‘Am I being hated?’ That was the first thought that entered his mind, but he grows used to it now.
Since this is the usual attitude people shows toward nobility.
To be frank, there’s also those who show a frank attitude toward Chrono just like his adjutant.

“How are you?”

“Y-Yes! O-Our condition is not that bad!”

When Chrono called out to her, the Dwarf’s (Loli girl) face turned stiff.

“I see… If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate and ask, alright?”

“Y-Yes, sir!”

When Chrono moved to another bed, the loli dwarf breathed out a sigh of relief.
He called toward all of his subordinates in the hall, but everyone responded the same.
Some beast men even rolled their tails, looking scared.
Then when he moved toward the other building to meet the doctors, a similar reaction also can be seen.


Hachel is a town one kilometer in diameter surrounded by walls.
In the first place, it was originally being built as a military base, that is why it has a very complicated layout.
The center of the town is Marquis Erakis residence, its surroundings are surrounded by hospitals, commercial and industrial zones, then residential areas.
The most crowded is the commercial and industrial zones… Many firms within Cepheus Empire has set up their branch office there, even under normal circumstance, the narrow road will be jam-packed by peoples and stalls.
“Are you still going to continue?” (Fumo~?)

“I have to see my subordinates in the inns as well.”

He said those words like a tired officer.

“By any chance, is General a blockhead?”

“No, I can understand my subordinates thoughts…”

“So you knew…”

*Bumo~*, his adjutant dropped his shoulders.

“… Next will be the last huh?”

The last one he needs to visit is the silver-haired elf, Leila.

“Is Leila that difficult to deal with?”

“That’s not it, but I wonder if she hates me…”

Leila reaction toward Chrono can be considered cool. <TLN: Not cold, but cool>
He also has imposed a heavy responsibility toward her before, making it difficult for him to face her.

‘How about I give her a gift?’, that was what Chrono’s thought along the way.
Looking around, a girl selling flowers entered his eyes.
It is a human girl, her age is around 10 years old.
Her hair is brown, and her skin is abnormally white.
She’s not considered beautiful, but she has an amiable and charming face.
But, her face looks gloomy and tired.
Her one-piece dress is dirty, thus one can see the girl is poor, the sleeves and the hem section also looking loose.
As someone from modern Japan, this view makes Chrono’s heart hurt.

“Hello, will you sell some flowers to me?”


When Chrono spoke to the girl gently, his adjutant and the girl’s face looks surprised.

“Y-Yes, it’s one copper, sir…”

“Thank you…”

In exchange for a bouquet of flowers, he handed her a piece of copper, and the girl had a dumbfounded expression.

‘Hnn?’, While Chrono tilted his head in wonder, the girl immediately turned back and walked away.

After he walked a while, he arrived at the inn where Leila is staying.
The first floor of the in is a bar and dining room, and the second room is the hotel.
He was going to arrange a better room for Leila, but she seems to not like it when he does that.

“I will wait here…” (Fumo~)


As he entered the bar and the cafeteria, the eyes of the customers concentrated on Chrono, but soon they turned away their eyes.
They seem to avoid association with nobles.

“Baron-sama, today as well?”

“I come to visit. By the way, Okami.” <TLN: Okami can be translated into ‘Mistress, Landlady, Hostess, Proprietress, Owner… The reason why I use the romaji because well, her role is a bit confusing as the story goes on…>

Chrono is not a Baron because he didn’t inherit the family, but he did not try to correct her and went toward the counter with confidence.

*Zuza!* It was amazing sight that the customers on both sides separated as if Moses is walking toward the counter.

Okami-san age is in her 30s. She has no children and her husband seems to have been killed five years ago.
Although it should have been considered difficult for a single woman to manage this place, she does not seems to look like it, she has very gentle-looking eyes.
Her body build is sexy which give off a mature lady aura.
Her slim nape and straight black hair are high points for Chrono.

“How’re my subordinates?”

“They are eating well, so you don’t have to worry.”

“I see…”

Chrono took out a piece of gold coins and hand it over to her.

“T-This is?”

“I want Leila to eat some nutritious foods. No, it does not mean that your food is bad, but please prepare something…”

“Well, Sure…”

Okami received the gold coin while feeling half happy, half fearful.
Because a soldier’s’ salary is two gold coins per month, this is an unexpected income for her.

By the way, the exchange rates are, ten copper coins for one silver coin, twenty silver coins for one gold coin.
There’s also a brass coin below the copper coin, with exchange rates of 10 coins for 1 copper coin.

Climb up the wooden staircase, Chrono goes through a dark corridor.
Leila’s room is on the second floor.
Knocking on the door as a courtesy, Chrono then opened the door.
There, Chrono froze…
Immediately, what entered his eyes is a person brown skin.
There are some scars on it, although there’s some wound on it, the brown skins look very fascinating.
Leile seems to be in the middle of wiping her body with water and cloth while avoiding the wounds, water droplets slid down passing the modest bulge on her chest.  

“… Chrono-sama?”

The moment she notices him, Leila immediately hid her chest in her arms.
Chrono was not able to avert her gaze from the bulge on her chest that indicates she’s a woman.


When Chrono swallowed his saliva, Leila bites her lips to endure the fear.
As soon as he realizes that she is frightened, Chrono jumped out of the room.
He hit the wall many times over.


Fall down and rolled down the stairs.

“Baron-sama?! Is there any injuries?”

“I-I’m alright…”

Chrono stood up while confirming that there were no injuries while calming down Okami-san who ran toward him in hurry.
Although he did not put some defense when he fell, there’s seems to be no injuries.
It seems like his body that he had trained for nearly three years is stronger that Chrono had thought.

“… Ow…”


“O-Oh, it’s fine. I’m sorry but could you lend me your shoulder?”

Okami-san supported Chrono’s body while looking pale.

“I want to go upstairs again…”


Okami-san body is trembling so much which makes it unknown who’s supporting who.
Anyway, once again, he reached Leila’s room, with the help of Okami.
Chrono knocks on the door, waiting for Leila’s reply.
After that, Chrono entered the room, and found Leila staring at him.
No, rather than staring, it’s more like glaring?
Although it was an accident, it was a natural reaction, since he saw her naked.

“Okami, can you let me go for a while?”


Chrono handed the bouquet to Okami, and he stared at Leila.
She seems to be in a hurry since Leila’s clothes looked like its suck some water and because her clothes were wet, her body line and chest shape was visible.

“… Leila.”


Leila is not answering.
Chrono walked toward Leila with a quick pace, then he kneeled down and pushed his head against the dirty floor.

It is a Dogeza.

“W-W-What are you doing?!”

“This is called Dogeza, it is a posture that shows the highest degree of apology in the country I was born into…”

Chrono explained to the panicked Leila.

“I’m very sorry for the incident where I saw you naked just now!”


Looking at Chrono pushes his head against the floor then saying those words, both Leila and Okami leaked a surprised voice.

“P-Please stop it…”

“Until you forgive me, I won’t stop!”

Chrono continues his dogeza even after Leila told him to stop.

“I-I understand! I understand, so please stop! Please stop the dogeza!”


Chrono then begins to stand up after Leila screamed telling him to stop.

“Okami, the bouquet.”


Chrono took the bouquet from Okami and present it to Leila.

“T-This is?”

“It is a get-well-gift. S-Since I felt awkward coming by without bringing anything, I bought it on the way… Should I have bought a better gift?”

Receiving the bouquet, Leila bit her lips and tears start to blur her eyes.
Finally being unable to endure it, tears start fell down from her golden eyes.

“…F-For someone like me, I’m just a mere half-elf, why?”


When she mentioned that, he realized that Leila’s ears are shorter than the other elves.
It goes without saying that half-elves means someone born from the union between an elf and a human.
In a fantasy novel, half-elves usually receive a harsh discrimination. The reason for that is because the elf is a pure-blooded obsessive race, and half-elves are recognized as children born from the humiliated elves.

However, in Cepheus Empire, Elves belong to the ruling class, and they also take such discrimination as a fact as well.
If asked directly, even if an answer similar to that of a fantasy novel come back, in actuality, do you hate the existence who stands bellow oneself?
The answer is people are miserable existences, who feels relieved when they see another human being in a situation worse than themselves. Chrono also remembered that he had such a feeling before…

“You don’t know about it?”


When Chrono replied, Leila shows a lonely smile.

‘Ah, I see, it must be because he thought of me as an elf, that’s why he was kind to me’
‘After all, I’m just a half-elf.’

That was what inside her mind.

“I… I think Leila is a very brave woman. Even after knowing that you’re a half-elf, this feeling will not change, and I’m proud to have a subordinate such as you.”


Leila who heard that start to cry while covering her face with her hands.

“… Chrono-sama.”

“Leila, I will visit again later…”

Prompted by Okami, Chrono left Leila’s room.
As soon as the door closed, Leila’s crying voice grew louder, which made Chrono want to return back.

“You can’t, Baron-sama…”

“… I understand.”

Chrono returned to the first floor with Okami leading him by the hand.
The gaze of the customers gathered at them, but it is only for a moment.

“Baron-sama, how about having a meal?”


Okami asked that in a joking manner, when Chrono answered promptly, her expression turned stiff.

“Oh please, don’t tease this poor me like that…”

“I’m not?”

Silence ruled the surroundings.

“Y-Yes, I-I will immediately prepare it! You hear him, since Baron-sama wants to eat here, you all should leave!”

“No, they can stay, I will just sit in the corner over there.”

Rejecting Okami’s words, Chrono took a seat at the counter corner.

“W-We only have vegetable salt soup, and bread…”

“I understand…”

The soup with chopped vegetables accompanied with hard bread are being put on the counter.
Chrono tried the vegetable soup with the wooden spoon.

“How is it?”

“Fumu, it’s salty…”

Chrono soaks the bread into the soup to soften it and then begin to eat it.
He felt like he wanted to taste some spices, but spices are valuable goods in this world.
He then took the bowl and drank the soup.


“W-What’s wrong?!”

Chrono violently wiped his mouth.

“I’m sorry… I have my adjutant waiting outside, can you prepare something for him as well?”

“Eh? Ah~, the one from yesterday, y-yes, sure, please wait for a moment.”

Okami immediately prepared the soup and was about to go out of the counter.

“Let me give it to him…”


“Umu, it is logical for me to be the one who delivers it to him.”

Without waiting for an answer, Chrono took the bowl from Okami and goes toward his adjutant who is waiting outside.

“Sorry to make you wait like this. Right now I’m eating my meal, you also should eat and wait for a bit…”

“General!” (Fumo~!)

After forcing the bowl to his adjutant, Chrono resumed his meals.
After eating all of his food, Chrono felt satisfied.

“Okami, how much?”

“No no, the money from Baron-sama before is already enough.”

“But… In this kind of thing, social status does not matter…”

“Lucky~”, that was what Chrono had thought, but he controlled himself.

“Haa, Baron-sama is really a peculiar person huh…”

“Hnn? I think I’m pretty normal though?”

Chrono wondered if what he said was a lie.
Since Chrono’s sense of value is based on the concept that does not exist within Cepheus Empire, and those concepts are Freedom, Equality and Human right.
That is why, for the others, his actions can be seen as something that deviates from common sense. Even without Okami point it out, Chrono had already known that.

“… Okami. I will come by again…”

“Y-Yes, I’ll be waiting…”

When Chrono left the place, his adjutant is standing with an empty bowl.

“I will return it…”

“I can not let General do that. Okami, I will leave the bowl here!”

His adjutant opened the door and placed the bowl near the door.

“Now then, let’s go…”


“Nonetheless, General is really peculiar person ne~…”

“Hnn, Okami also said that. But, what’s wrong suddenly saying that?”
It was halfway toward the hospital when the adjutant began to talk.

“Well, I’m just feeling impressed. To be honest, I thought General was lying. After all, we’re just demi-humans, who will sell ourselves as sacrificial pawn just for one single gold coin. And for demi-humans such as us, you negotiated with the princess, to get a better treatment for the wounded… After seeing that, finally, I believe in the General.”

The adjutant said those words while muttering something.

“Do you really appreciate me that much?”

“Of course, what’s wrong?”

“By the way, just one… One gold coin you said just now?”

“Eh? What’s wrong with that?”

Marquis Erakis territory soldiers are Cepheus Empire soldiers, not the Marquis private soldiers
The salary was being paid by the Empire, and the monthly salary is supposedly two gold coins for both humans and demi-humans.
That means…

“There’s something I want to check, come with me…”


Chrono headed toward Marquis Erakis residence by running.
Chrono and his adjutant entered the Marquis Erakis residence without any trouble.
Marquis Erakis house is a castle with four towers made using fieldstone.
The building in the middle is a three-story building, similar to that of a European British castle.
He went to the department in charge of accounting.
Chrono pushes the door open.

“Oo, I thought who…”


Chrono silently hit the accounting officer who was half raising his body from the seat.
The documents placed on the desk collapses and the accounting officer falls down.

“W-What’s wrong with you?!”


In addition, Chrono kicked the accounting officer’s stomach to the point where he vomited.
The accounting officer who vomited all of the contents of his stomach is looking at Chrono in fear.

“… Hand it…”

“W-What do you meant…”

“Oi, do you see this hand of mine?”

Chrono shows his trembling hands to the accounting officer.

“Do you know why my hand is trembling? This is because I’m angry! I’m so angry that my hand starts to tremble! I want to snap your neck like some chicken but I tried to self-restrain myself! So hurry up and hand it over! You traitor!”

The accounting officer screamed when Chrono kicked him, some of the documents start to fly around.
While shivering in fear, the officer hands over the document to Chrono.

“Like I said, I’m angry!”

Chrono kicked the accounting officer’s crotch.

“Listen properly? I will say this so that bird head of yours can understand. If you don’t want your treasured penis being crushed, hand over the book!”

The accounting officer immediately took out a bundle of paper from the locked drawer while discharging urine mixed with blood.

“I-I did it because of the marquis’s orders.”

“Embezzlement of public money is punished through death penalty…”

Muttering those words softly, Chrono took the bundle of paper from the accounting officer and begin to compare it with the one he held.
The bundle of paper is an accounting book…. It is the so-called double book system.
It seems he has been embezzling the public money.

“Restrain this person…”

“Heo… G-General? What the heck is going on?”

“In short, Marquis Erakis has been stealing your salary.”

The accounting officer is being apprehended by his adjutant, and his expression looks like someone who fell into despair.

“I thought someone is being noisy, what are you doing?”

“Ya, Tyria… How is the matter regarding, Argo Kingdom?”

“Don’t answer my question with another question!”

Hearing Chrono’s question, Tyria folded her arms emphasizing her chest.

“There’s no problem with The Holy Argo Kingdom. According to various sources, the first line to the throne was seriously injured in the previous battle, and right now they seem to enter into a factional crisis due to the problem with the succession rights. Just like Chrono had expected. So, what about you?”

“I got the evidence of embezzlement…”

Receiving the accounting books from Chrono, Tyria briefly look over it.

“Good job, Chrono…”

“We can discuss the reward at later time, for now, I want you to deal with it fast…”

“Alright, I will…”

Tyria laughed and went out from the room.


Tyria action is fast. Seemingly already notice the embezzlement from the start, Marquis Erakis and his family and also his subordinates that are involved with it are being apprehended and then being sent to the imperial capital.
While waiting for the successor, Tyria took charge and ruled over.
Chrono can only pray that Marquis Erakis’ successor would be a decent person.


Next day,
“… Fuuuh.”

Looking up at the dirty ceiling inside his hospital room, Chrono sighed.

“… After I got up, I need to go see my subordinates’ state again…”

Getting up from the bed, Chrono quickly changes into his military uniform.

“Good morning, General.”

“Right, good morning…”

Leaving his room, Chrono greeted his adjutant.

“General, I have something to report, is it alright?”

“What is it?”

“Ah, err, it is something hard to say…”

His adjutant fumbled his words.

“A little while ago, Leila said she will quit the military…”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Chrono could not understand his adjutant words and asked again.

“She said to me that… She’s not a woman that Chrono-sama can be proud of… Do you understand the meaning?”

Hearing his adjutant words, Chrono is shocked.
What Chrono said toward Leila yesterday is the truth.
If that was a lie, then there’s nothing truthful about Chrono.

“T-That huh? Err, for now, restrain her!”

“She said she already acquire a citizenship”

“I don’t care about that!”

When Chrono raises his voice, his adjutant was taken aback.

“I assumed General would say that. That’s why I restrained her on the first floor.”

“Good job!”

Chrono raised his thumb and ran down toward the first floor.
Surrounded by a lot of demi-humans, Leila stood in the center of the hall.
Leila’s property is only worn-out clothes and a bag.

“… Leila.”


When Chrono called her name, Leila opened her eyes feeling surprised.

“Why did you suddenly quit the military?”

“Because I entered the military for the sole purpose of obtaining citizenship. After I gain a citizenship, then there’s no point of being here…”

Leila said those words while being expressionless.

“If that’s so, why… You said that you’re a girl that I cannot be proud of?”

“From who, did you hear that?”

She should have noticed that it was from his adjutant.
Since Leila is glaring at his adjutant who stood near the stairs.

“I want you to tell me the reason. I can not accept your resignation unless you tell me…”

“The meaning is just like what I said… I… was born in the slums of the imperial capital. A child born to an elf mother who works as a prostitute and her guest. Until I joined the army, I’ve been violated many times over… I cannot be a girl that you can be proud of because I’m a dirty half-elf…”

Leila smiled sadly.
Very cruel, compared to Chrono who was born and raised in Japan, then being reborn and being adopted as a child of a nobleman, he can only imagine how many things that Leila had given up in life.
Because she is a half-elf, because she is a child born from a prostitute, because she was being violated many times over, Leila has convinced herself that she accepted all the difficulty in her life.
That is why, again, Leila is going to give up.
Before Chrono found out about her past, and gave up on her.

Chrono could not say anything. Despite knowing that if he doesn’t say anything, Leila would be gone and he won’t be able to take her back.
Chrono kept thinking what to say, and Leila starts walking slowly.
And then,

“… Goodbye, Chrono-sama.”


Chrono reflexively grabs Leila’s wrist.

“Let go, Let me go!”

Leila cried out, but Chrono did not let her hand go.

“I’m happy with the words you said. However, it also makes me feel miserable. Our birth, and place where we’re raised are too different. Like that, what do you know about me! There’s no basis for your kindness, and that kindness of yours only causes me pain!”


Toward the Leila who keep talking, Chrono muttered some words.


“… It is a human right declaration.”

In the midst of panic, Chrono remembered what he was being taught at his junior high school.

“Well, you see, all human beings were born free… All equal in dignity and right?”

“Sekaijinkensengen, I never heard of that…” <TLN: That is the romaji of “Universal Declaration of Human Rights>

Looking at Leila being puzzled, Chrono becomes even more tense.

“You may not believe it, but I came from another world.”

“Are you spouting lies?”

“That’s not it! I’ve really come from a different world! In my original world, there are no nobles, commoners or whatever… There’s nothing like that, we do not discriminate against one another… I was taught and raised in that kind of world. That’s why, that’s why….”

Chrono spun words desperately but also felt helpless at the same time.
Thinking back, it was absurd of him saying that he was from another world.
Had he not experience it himself, he won’t believe such phenomenon either.
It can’t be helped if people started calling him crazy now.

“Why did you, for my sake… Tell that kind of a lie…”

Well, you don’t have to believe that I came from another world, but I do want you to believe in my feelings such as wanting you to stay. I want you to believe that.”
Leila stared at Chrono with tears on her eyes.

“I… Can stay?”

“Please stay…”

Chrono nodded quietly.

“I’m a half-elf, a daughter of a prostitute, I was also had been violated many times… Even with that…”

“Even with that, you can stay. Whether you’re a half-elf or a daughter of a prostitute, that was not your fault, as if something like that can decide a person’s worth. Even the matter where you’re being violated, it was just you being the victim… Ugh, I’m sorry, I can’t really word it well…”

Tears begin to stream down Leila’s cheeks.

“… Chrono-sama. Please give me some time to organize my feelings for a bit. I will think about it overnight, then I will answer Chrono-sama’s feelings properly.” <ED: Harem get?>

Leila said those words with a blush on her cheeks, feeling satisfied with her reaction, Chrono breathed out a sigh of relief that he managed to make his subordinates stay.


That night, inside his room within Marquis Erakis residence… Chrono laid on his bed and spent time inadvertently.
“… Let her think overnight huh? I was relieved earlier because I thought she was going to stay in the military. But if Leila thinks differently, then I must respect her decision.”

After Chrono muttered those words, someone knocked at his room door.

‘Who is it at this time?’, while thinking like that Chrono opened the door, the one who stands in front of him is Leila.

“…E-Emm, Chrono-sama.”

“What’s wrong? At this kind of time…”

When Chrono asked, Leila shrinking her shoulders looked frightened.

“Did you by any chance sneak inside?”

“… Yes.”

*Tap, tap*, the sounds of footsteps echoed.

Unfortunately, Chrono can’t figure out whether the footsteps are coming from Tyria’s retainer or Chrono’s retainer.
If they found out that Leila, a soldier, is sneaking inside the Marquis house, they would surely interrogate her.

“Come in…”


After Leila entered the room, Chrono closed the door.

“I thought you said you were going to think about it for one night…”

“Y-Yes…I have given myself some time to think since then…”

Leila then jumped into Chrono’s chest.

“I-I as well! I also love Chrono-sama, I think I love you!” <ED: yesss!! :thumbsup:>


Chrono reflexively leaked a surprised voice.
How come it developed into something like this?

“Did I disturb you at this time?”

“N, No, Not at all…”

‘How should I solve this misunderstanding?’ After separated from Leila, both sat down on the bed.

“Emm, Chrono-sama.”

“Err, Yes, let’s sit down properly first…!”

‘Wait, this turned into something more complicated!’, thinking like that Chrono stared at Leila who also sat on the bed.
Leila seems to be uneasy due to Chrono staring at her.
‘What an unfair girl!’ With a face that looks like she’s about to cry, furthermore, with her ears dripping down like a puppy!

Chrono wondered how long they both have been sitting on the bed.
Before Chrono noticed, their shoulders touched, he then directed his eyes toward her face once again.
There he saw her moist eyes.
Leila then presses her somewhat small breasts to his side.
Being fascinated by the golden eyes, Chrono could not move.

“Emm, Chrono-sama… I’m fine just being one of your lover or mistress, so please let me stay by your side. My love… Is only for you.”


That was the coup de grace.
Chrono devours Leila’s lips greedily.

Reading this story makes me remember a certain song:

I don’t care who you are
Where you’re from
What you did
As long as you love me.
(Song by Backstreet Boys)