Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c9

Chrono returned to the Marquis residence while bringing Arded and Deneb and went to the kitchen. 

“This is the first time I’ve entered the Marquis’ house.” 

“Suddenly, it hurts my eyes.” 

Tyria’s maid looks at the face of two people with a curious gaze. 

And the two people were nervous.

Chrono went down the stairs behind the dining room and opened the kitchen door. Then, he could feel the heat. Not only hot, but it was also moist and humid.


“Steam, steam everywhere!” 

“Emm, where’s the proprietress?” 

Chrono looked around as he asked the question. 

The kitchen was a semi-basement one, and it was large enough to fit a private house perfectly. 

On the shelves were the polished cooking utility and there was a large stove being installed. 

The proprietress was wiping off her sweat using her maid apron as she works in front of the stove. 

“Oh, Chrono-sama… W-What’s wrong? Why are you here?” 

The moment she realizes Chrono was looking for her, the proprietress fixed her clothes while looking flustered. 

“I thought I want to borrow the kitchen for a bit.” 

“That is fine, but, can you cook?” 

“I can make something easy at least.” 

“Hee, that is unexpected.” 

The proprietress opened her eyes in surprise but, for Chrono, it was something normal. 

Since for him, those who completed compulsory education for nearly nine years would be able to make one or two simple dishes. 

“Then, we will excuse us.” 

“Since we want to spend our off-duty day with leisure.” 

“Both of you, accompany me till the end, come on…” 

Chrono grabbed the two by the shoulders as to not let them escape the kitchen. 

“Could you use Magic Arts that could manipulate cold air?” 

“We’re elves you know?” 

“We should be able to use all kinds of magic arts.” 

“I will let you eat something unusual if you can..” 

“That somehow sounds like something interesting…” 

“But, somehow, it also feels like we’re going to throw away our sloppy days…” 

Arded and Deneb groaned. 

“If it is just a little bit, we will help Chrono then…” 

“Since it seems like we’re going to eat something that we never eat…” 

The two sat on the chair quickly. Apparently, they still didn’t want to help with any cooking. 

Just like that, Chrono put water in a small pan and placed it on the stove. 

He also includes the small bundle of beets and boils them until a small bubble appeared. 

“I want to excuse myself if we going to eat livestock feeds.” 

“Despite saying that, you still sit here…” 

“What are you going to make?” 

“I think I could make sugar.” 


“T-That legend!” 

Arded and Deneb rose from their seat as Chrono scoop out the scum that was floating. 

“The legend you say…” 

He thought it was an exaggeration. But Chrono recalled that sugar was traded for one gold coin per kilograms. A soldier’s monthly salary was two gold coins, so it was indeed a very expensive good. 

“Why are you thinking you could make a sugar?” 

“Because the stall shop keeper said that this thing is very sweet. So, when I think sweet, I thought we might be able to make sugar out of it.” 

“Do you really can make it?” 

The proprietress raised her eyebrows in doubt but, she didn’t ask any further. 

Since she thought if she continues asking, he might just spit out lies. 

But when he chewed the beets, he remembers trying sugar beets in his previous life. 

Sugar beets along with Sugarcane was the main ingredient of making Sugar. 

After an hour, Chrono scooped the beet. 

And he also scooped out the scum that was floating. 

When he was in junior high school, he saw the video on a video site titled “I’m trying to make a sugar from beets”… He was sure he had been doing the correct procedures, but somehow he still feels restless. 

Changes occur while he was simmering and fighting his anxiety. The thing becomes more viscous, and it becomes more viscous, and a smell slightly burnt began to drift. 

“Chrono-sama, it’s burnt!” 

“Awawawa, the sugar is burnt!” 

Arded and Deneb screamed. 

“We still need to do one more step.” 

Chrono muttered as he stared at the pot. The viscosity was increasing but, it will burn if he continues just like this… 

The proprietress opened her mouth as she wondered. 

“Why don’t you do it by boiling it over hot water?” 

“Hot water boiling?” 

As Chrono tilted his head, the proprietress sighed, she then put a little water in a new pot, and placed it over the fire. 

“[Yusen] means, cooking something over hot water. For you to not know this, as expected, you’re a man after all… Now, let’s continue, I will help you.” 

The proprietress move the beets soup(?) into a smaller bowl and placed the bowl in the hot water. 

“It becomes slightly rough huh?” 

The proprietress scrapes the brown soup with a rustle. Furthermore, as time passed, the sweet smell drifting in the kitchen. 

When the proprietress moves the bowl to the cooking table, Arded and Deneb also take a look. 

“It’s like a sap.” 


Arded and Deneb muttered while knitting their eyebrows. Certainly, it looks like a sugar paste. 

The proprietress ignoring the two swipes the edge of the bowl and licked her finger. 

“Uhuh, no mistake, this is a sugar.” 


Arded and Deneb, dib their finger into the bowl and lick their finger. 

“Hot! But, sweet!” 

“This is the legendary sugar!” 

The two smiled slovenly. 

Chrono took up the bowl… 

“Chrono-sama, please don’t eat that alone!” 

“I want to taste the happiness in life too!” 

“I don’t mind but, don’t you want to eat something tastier?” 

“I-I want but, the sugar…” 

“I-I want to eat something more delicious of course…” 

The two groaned and sat down on the chair once again. 

“Proprietress, give me some milk and eggs.” 


Chrono put sugar, milk, and egg in a new bowl and lightly whisked. 

“Proprietress, put the metal bowl on the cooking table…” 

“Yes, yes…” 

The proprietress took the metal bowl on the shelf and placed it on the cooking table.