Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c8

Chrono walks through the commercial district with Arded and Deneb. 

“You seem to have bought the beets?” 

“With that amount, it would be too small for feed you know?” 

“It is fine, this is good enough.” 

Chrono smiled. If what Chrono had thought correct, these beets may become a special product. 

“I-It can’t be, are you going to use that as a rope to tie us up?” 

“If you want to do that kind of play, please do tell us beforehand.” 

“What kind of a game are you talking about, geez.” 

While the two of them speak as if they were terrified, Chrono retorted. 

He thinks it was strange to associate dry beets with an SM play. 

“Perhaps, the reason you bought the dry beets is for an excuse so that you can meet her again?” 

“If you don’t have money, you understand what to do, right? That kind of thing?” 

“No, I won’t do that.” 

If you’re a man then you must’ve dreamed about that kind of situation once but, it was a crime to do that for real. 

“No no, we know, you don’t have to deny it.” 

“I am aware of your hidden desire despite the innocent face you have.” 

“No no no, you don’t understand.” 

“No no no no, I understand well.” 

“No no no no no, are we really going to continue talking about this?” 

“Well, you don’t have to?” 

Chrono laughed. It was simply fun to speak with these two people. 

He continues to inspect the commercial area while chatting, stopping in front of the PICS Firm. 

“We better stop here, no?” 

“Since we might be a bother, we may as well return to the barrack.” 

“It is fine, since we won’t talk about anything secret.” 

“Well, if so, I don’t mind going together.” 

“It takes a lot of courage to enter this kind of store.” 

When he entered with them, Nicolas approached them. 

“Chrono-sama, what kind of business today?” 

“I came here because I had something to talk about.” 

“Then, this way please.” 

Led by Nicolas, Chrono and the others move to the drawing-room at the back. 

There were only a table and a sofa, but, it didn’t feel tasteless at all. 

When Chrono sits on the sofa, Arded and Deneb also sit by his sides. 

Nicolas sits across him and quietly opened his mouth. 

“Are you coming here to talk business?” 

“This is something we make.” 

“Paper, is it?” 

When Chrono placed the paper on the table, Nicolas muttered while knitting his eyebrows. 

What scary for him, he knew that the paper was different compared to one that comes from the united free city-states. 

“May I try to write on it?” 

“Feel free.” 

Nicolas wrote letters with a feather pen. It was a smooth brush. 

In the early days of development, the feather pen nib always got caught, but now the problem has been solved. 

“Hou, this is wonderful.” 

“That’s good then.” 

As Nicolas voiced his admiration, Chrono patted his own chest. 

“How much this would sell, Nicolas-san?” 

“Let’s see.” 

Nicolas crossed his arms as he thinks. 

“Since a parchment cost three copper coins in Kepheus Empire, it should be appropriate to sell this one copper coin. Of course, it can be cheaper depending on the cost price.” 

“How much do you think the value of wholesale?” 

“… That…” 

Considering Chrono’s expression, Nicolas faltered. 

“I’m sorry. That is a mean question. Actually, I have not yet set any price value.” 

“Which mean?” 

“Although I’m trying to make paper, nothing has been decided.” 

It won’t be a deficit if he hires ten people and pays them a single silver coin each day if he sold 1,000 of them. 

Of course, they cannot speak about it. And considering they cannot talk about it, the price was appropriate. 

“I just want to know the market price before starting to move in earnest, you see?” 

“I see, so that is how it is…” 

He didn’t know the wholesale value yet, and it would be bad to invest when he didn’t know about that. 

It would be akin to traveling without a map or even food. 

“On the time being, I will buy five brass pieces of paper made from Chrono-sama’s workshop.” 

“For the time being?” 

“I would like to negotiate the prices again after we start moving in earnest. Since we also need to fumble around to see the market first.” 

Saying that Nicolas then shows a wry smile. 

“Are there any other conditions?” 

“Let’s see. How about letting PICS Firm handle all of the paper produced by Chrono-sama’s workshop?” 

“That is fine.” 

“Then, let us exchange a memorandum of understanding.” 

Nicolas then took a quill pen. 


“T-This is…” 

“It feels like we need to work hard together.” 

Arden and Deneb stared at Elaine’s brothel and muttered. It was still daytime, but two black-clothed guys standing in front of the door. 

“I-It can’t be, are we going to be sold?!” 

“I-I would like to be excused for that. Since despite looking like this, we’re a proud soldier you see?” 

“I won’t do that.” 

Chrono walked toward the black-clothed guys while looking sideways toward the two girls who hug their own bodies. 

“Hello. Is Elaine-san here?” 

The black-clothed guys then gaze at each other. 

“Elaine-sama is not here.” 

“Is that so?” 

There was something he wants her to cooperate with him, but it seems her schedule was not free enough to meet with him without prior notice. 

“Then, could you relay a message?” 

The black-clothed men once again gaze at each other. 

“I understand. However, please refrain from speaking with too much detail.” 

“Then, please tell her that I want to talk.” 

“Understood, I shall relay it to her.” 

The black clothes men were nodding their head, and Chrono then turns his heels. 

“Oh, turn out, that was all of it.” 

“I imagined abnormal play…” 

“No, I told you, I won’t do anything.” 

He was not interested in that kind of thing now but, he thinks it was fine to that a little bit later. 

“What should we do next?” 

“For me, I don’t mind going anywhere with you.” 

“Since we’ve finished our business, I will return first.” 

As Chrono walk, Arded and Deneb followed him with light steps.