Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c7

Let’s enjoy live a lot, full of luxury. 

“Three portions of meat!” 

“This seems to be a place where delicious food being served!” 

“… It is three cooper coins…” 

As the two ordered with high tension, the store manager whispered to him. 

“Chrono-sama, you sure like accounting!” 

“At least, treat your cute subordinates!” 

“I know, I know…” 

Chrono has breathed a sigh, and he removed copper currency from his pockets and passed them to the shopkeeper. 

They then being served three chicken portions of meat. 

The two received the food and relish them. Chrono was slightly slow when eating it. 

Since the seasoning was the only salt, and the texture was quite chewy— It must’ve been a female chicken that no longer lay an egg, he thought. 

“You both buy a lot, did you two eat well?” 

“The PICS FIRM has good foods delivered but, not so lately…” 

“I am very happy to have three meals every day, but there are times when we just want to eat street foods…” 

“I see…” 

Maybe they were buying food for the missing calories. 


“It would be the fruit waters!” 

The two walk away while eating, as he followed in a hurry. 

Then the two stopped. 

“Now that I’m done eating, need to put the bones in the trash bin!” 

“Since people will be angry if we throw it here!” 

The two then throw the trash into the trash bin installed in the square. It was Chrono that proposed to install the trash bin in the city. Not only that, rules were created for throwing away garbage. 

Thanks to that, the rotten smell drifted in the city begin to disappear. Sooner or later, the bad smell would be solved but, he can’t predict how fast that would be… 

Chrono then throws the bone into the trash bin and wipes the fat with paper taken out of his pocket. 

“Use this you two.” 

“Oh, wiping your fingers with paper, this sure is a luxury.” 

“If we told Leila about this, she must feel jealous that we could experience this kind of luxury.” 

The two of them wipe their fingers while saying such a thing. 

“Now, the next item would be the fruit waters1” 

“It tastes a lot like water soaked in dry fruits!” 

The two then walked as they raised their fist. 

“Their tension was high.” 

Chrono followed them while feeling overwhelmed by their tension. 

He then bought fruit waters and dry fruits as the two had asked. 

They seem to still know the limit as they refused the expensive one and choose the cheap stall. 

They were calculative in a strange place. As the two people’s demand lessened, Chrono stopped in front of a street vendor. 

There was food he recognizes. That is—… 

“Dried daikon radish?” 

“No, that is dried beets…” 

The woman sitting on the wooden box smiled, as she told Chrono about the difference between the two. 

Young— Was what Chrono thought but— She was a woman. 

She dressed in ocher-colored clothes, and she has shoulder-length hair. 

She has wheat-colored skins, but that must’ve been due to sunburn, Chrono thought. 

Because some part of the hand covered by the clothes showed a white skin like snow. 

“Beet? Ah, the one similar to turnips is it?” 

“Yes, this follows the breeding process that my father took decades to improve, by following the teaching of mother god who controls fertility and harvest.” 

“Mother god, who controls fertility and harvest?” 

Chrono asked back in muttering. The mother god who controls fertility and a good harvest were one of the six pillar gods but, Hachel should not have her shrine yet. 

“”Is this the first time you meet Shion-sama?”” 

Two voices rang out. 

“About Shion-san.” 

“Shion-san is like the priestess of the god of fertility and harvest…” 

“She is like a good person who gives food.” 

The two of them didn’t say where the shrine was meaning they didn’t know about it. 

“”We’re indebted to her…”” 

The two of them lowered their head and Shion laughed… 

“Both of you, not only both of you want to get free foods, but you also come to get healing, no?” 

“I-I can’t believe he has such come back. 

“S-Since the priest also has ulterior motives for donation, it is fine!” 

The two speak with a panicking tone. 

Surely, the two knew that those were food distribution. 

“Like that, the good intention image would crumble…” 

“That sounds rude indeed.” 

“If we can explain the situation, we won’t have to go there, to begin with!” 

Chrono sighed while listening to the two selfishness. 


Shion thought they were fighting due to hunger and for food. 

“Since what mother god asked us is to share the harvest with everything then…” 

“See, it is fine…” 

“I’m not doing something bad…” 

“But, why are you opening a stall?” 

“The budget, I am ashamed but the budget provided by the temple did not cover the distribution much, and thus I earn the cost of my activity like this. Ah emm, how about it? this is sweet and delicious you know?” 

Shion looked embarrassed and shyly looking down. 

“But, beet is a feed for a livestock, no?” 

“No matter how much, to feed human with a livestock feed…” 

“Emm, just because it is livestock feed, it doesn’t mean it cannot be eaten you know? Em, Deneb-san?” 

“No, I am Arded.” 

“Ah, em, I’m sorry.” 

When Shion was looking sorry, Arded grinned. 

She then grabs Deneb’s arm and hides behind Chrono. 

“Well, which one is Arded?” 

“Which one is Deneb?!” 

The two then jumped out as they spread their arms. 

“Are you Arded-san?” 

“No, I am Deneb.” 

“Ah, sorry for being wrong…” 

He thinks she should not mind about it much but somehow Shion looks very despondent for being wrong at guessing. 

Uhuh, Chrono nodded. He thought she won’t mistake them since they didn’t change their hairstyle but—… 

“Ah, come to think of it…” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Deneb, here…” 

He then touched Deneb’s ear who turned toward him. Then he laughed… 

“You’re Arded. 

“W-What kind of proof do you have for saying that?” 

Arded who pretended to be Deneb turned away. 

That alone can be regarded as evidence, but he was sure she would just try to deny it. 

“When I touch Deneb’s ears, her eyes would moisten.” 

“W-Wat are you trying to say?!” 

“This is the first time for being seen through by Chrono-sama!” 

Chrono sighed. 

“That’s fine and all, but go apologies to Shion-san.” 

“Yes~, I am sorry for playing a prank.” 

“We won’t do it again, so please forgive us.” 

“N-No, since I am the one who can’t guess right…” 

Shion also lowered her head toward the two. 

“Well, how much are these?” 

“Ah, yes.” 

“Can I eat them?” 

“Ah, yes, please…” 

Chrono removes the beets, and first, he chews it with his mouth. There was no weird taste but, it was indeed sweet. 

Then, a certain knowledge appeared inside his mind. If this beet was as he had imagined… 

“Chrono-sama! That is feeding for livestock!” 

“It is not something a child should eat, spit it out!” 


Shion tilted her head—. 

“—! Please pardon me!” 

The robe fluttered and she was flat prostrating. In other countries, a priestess would be treated as privileged classes, but in Kepheus Empire, they were treated as commoners. It was the result of religious suppression that was being done since the first Emperor. 

“You don’t have to be that scared.” 

“N-No, since I have taken such attitude not knowing that I am talking with the lord.” 

Chrono scratched his head. 

“Well, since nothing happen even with you prostrating.” 

“Since the rumors say Chrono-sama is an amazing person after all…” 

“What kind of rumors?” 

He feels like there were bad rumors, that was why he asked. 

If he knows it now, he might be able to reduce the damage. 

“Emm, the rumors say… He is a handsome man possessing sword and magic technique equal to none, his monstrous mind could think of a plan that could defeat a military force ten times the numbers, and his right eyes can see the debt of one’s heart.”  

“Merciful, yet ruthless, even the bandits were fascinated by him, he was also a lustful person…” 

“I didn’t do any of that thing…” 

While the two people give an explanation with a light tone, Chrono groaned. If that was true, then his life would greatly change. And at least he would not be expelled by the military academy. 

“Why is there that kind of rumor?” 

“Because we work hard to spread them.” 

“Yes, it is important.” 

The two people said it. 

“It is fine since Chrono-sama is a kind person.” 

“You don’t have to worry.” 

“Are the rumors where he brings women into his bed every night and then kills them also a lie?” 

“The part being lustful is true.” 

“Some of the girls were being eaten by him…” 

“… You two…” 

Chrono sighed. 

“Please don’t mind what the two said, also, I want a bundle of these beets.”  

“T-That would be one copper coin.” 

“Here we go.” 

Chrono gives a copper coin, and Shion received it with reverence.