Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c6

When Chrono was about to enter the hospital, Kein came out of the building He might’ve to wear the hospital provision, he had a short-sleeved shirt and pants on his body. But somehow, near him, there was a sword. 

“Yo, you sure look fine.” 


When Chrono called out, Kein jumped away. 

“Oh, Chrono… Wait, Chrono-sama I mean…” 

“Chrono-dono is fine…” 

“I can’t be that rude. If I do not show how to properly pay respect toward Chrono-sama, the subordinates would be insulted.” 

As Kein said that, he fixed his posture and speak with polite language. Mysteriously, it feels like a child trying to speak using polite language. 

“May I ask you a question?” 


“Why, Chrono-sama come to the hospital?” 

“I came to visit you, Kein.” 

“I’m sorry to say this but, please refrain from visiting…” 

Kein told him with a hoarse voice. 

“Why, feels annoyed?” 

“No, I am happy about it but, my subordinates still warry toward Chrono-sama, so they might feel restless.” 

“If that the case then, it can’t be helped.” 

Chrono shrugged his shoulders. Falling into a restless state might be natural but, it would be bad if he was being attacked because of it.

“Thank you for your understanding.” 

“How is your condition?” 

“I can start working next week since it was not a grave injury, to begin with.” 

“You’ve been slashed by a sword, are you sure you’re fine?” 

“Feels a bit itchy… Overall is fine.”  

Kein twisted his body as if to appeal he was fine. 

“Don’t overdo it alright?” 

“No, we are newcomers, after all, so we need to win some credits fast.” 

“I will trust you…” 

From there, Chrono understood that Kein was not just talking about himself. 

He also wants to be trusted by Chrono’s subordinates and people. 

It was natural. Kein and his men were thieves. Some merchants have suffered damage, and if they don’t start working as soon as possible, those people’s frustration will only grow. 

“But, well, if it is next week then…” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I am in the middle of a settlement negotiation with the victimized merchants. It would be good if you guys start working even before the negotiations are over.” 

“I’m sorry…” 

‘Don’t worry about it. Still, I will be negotiating with Sitter-san, so thanks me later…” 

“Yes, of course.” 

Kein nodded quietly. 

“By the way…” 

“What is it?” 

“Why do you have a sword here?” 

“Ah, because I don’t know how to handle a sword with an imperial crest.” 

Saying that Kein laughed. 

“Can I handle it normally?” 

“Is that so?” 

Kein exhaled, with relief. Chrono treated it quite lightly but, it seems this sword with the imperial crest has considerable power behind it. 

“Then, I shall leave now.” 

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t welcome you properly…” 

Kein deeply bowed, as Chrono turned his heels. 


Chrono leaves the commercial district and toured the street vendors. There were surprisingly a few items per store, but considering the distribution problem lately, it can’t be helped. 

Only those of large-scale businesses who had their products filled. 

“… I didn’t see corn and potatoes but, there is some rice.” 

Chrono muttered while eating a dry fruit which he bought at a street vendor. 

Since he didn’t saw those plants in the military academy books, it might not yet being discovered. 

It feels strange for him when the goods that are usually being sold in his original world was not there. 

“”Chrono-sama, finally I found you!”” 

The two were the twin elves, Arded and Deneb. 

“Two of you, good afternoon…” 

“We’re currently on day off, a reward for participating in the bandits hunt!” 

“It was fun to hang around the city but, it would be great if you give us a dry fruit!” 

“Here you go.” 

“Chrono-sama, you are very generous!” 

“I’m sorry that it feels like I forced you to give us!” 

Arded and Deneb took the dry fruits into their mouth one after another, in no time, they eat everything. He didn’t intend to give everything to them but, it can’t be helped. 

“Such sweet and sour taste, very nice!” 

“It was just a dry fruit but, why is it so delicious?” 

Chrono then folded the empty bag and put it into his pocket. 

“Is Leila also on a day off?” 

“Leila is currently studying in the barrack.” 

“But, if Chrono-sama calls her, she surely would come.” 

“… No, I’ll stop for now.” 

“I don’t think you should care about it that much though?” 

“It is OK, even if you want to suddenly call her and push her down!” 

He didn’t want to get in the way of her study but, the two girls were dissatisfied with his way. But—… 

“Pushing down, I didn’t come for that reason…” 

“Mumu, what an unexpected response…” 

“I wonder, how many lovers he had…” 

Arded and Deneb tilted their head. 

“He might recognize her as his mistress, not a lover.” 

“There’s no aristocrats who make their mistress as sweetheart after all. It slightly weird that he had a mistress when he didn’t have a main wife yet.”

“Being a mistress aside, why didn’t he want to push her down?” 

“Maybe he just doesn’t want to do it so suddenly?” 

“Is that what love is?” 

“That might be what love is…” 

One tilted her head, and one nodded her head. 

Since one of them nodded, it seems they recognize that his love was kind.

“I love Leila in my own way, and I want to cherish it.” 

“Since restraining is not loved is it?” 

“I guess I can admire that kind of love…” 

The two people look at each other and nodded. 

“Then, I will continue my inspection…” 

“Wait for a bit!” 

“If you’re free then, play with us!” 

When Chrono turned his heels, the two entwined their arms with him and pushed their chest. 

“I told you that I’m in the middle of inspection no?” 

“That doesn’t matter!” 

“Since we’re familiar with the area around here, we should be useful!” 

“well, that is true…” 

It was better for him to have a person who familiar with the surroundings to guides him, rather than doing an inspection by himself. 

“First of all!” 

“It’s meat! I want to eat meat!” 

He then being pulled toward a store that sold grilled chicken.