Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c5

When Chrono went outside, Goldy ran up to him. 

“Chrono-sama, nice timing!” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I want to report that the new armor has finished.” 

Goldy proudly reported. Behind him, there were dwarves carrying mannequins in armor—. 

When the dwarves placed the mannequin on the ground, Goldy turned back. 

“This is the new armor!” 

“Hee, so this is it?” 

Chrono stared at the breast armor in front of him. Consideration was made to use a darker color to make it harder for the enemy to find them when they were hiding. Multiple belts were fixed to the trousers. 

“We consider a new design see…” 

“Not only design but the material used are also different! During the molding process, special heat treatment was being applied! By using this treatment, the hardness and toughness of the iron were greatly increased!” 

Goldy appealed as he explained the process. Chrono didn’t know about the technical thing but, it seems they had used a great method and material. 

“The shoulders belt could be adjusted?” 

“It is a lot of work to make specific armor for each person after all. So we decide on the standard and try to set them using a belt…” 

“Certainly, that is reasonable. But, if we do that, the defense power would go down, no?” 

“There should be no noticeable effect if you combine it with chainmail.” 

“I guess that’s true…” 

Chrono scratched his head. Certainly, it was a very natural idea to wear chainmail under the armor. 

“Then, next is for the durability test–…” 

“We already did that…” 

“Is that so?” 

When he looks at the armor again, there was several dent and scratch. 

“Hardly being penetrated by the sword should be obvious but, this can also protect you from the incoming arrow from close range!” 

“That is amazing!” 

“But, it can’t protect you from an arrow shot from a mechanic bow…” 

“I guess that is natural…” 


Goldy dropped his shoulders. He should be proud that both were developed by him but, this might be what we call a developer dilemma. 

As he thought back, the dwarf carried the dent-filled armor back to the workshop. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“If possible, I want to create something that can protect us from the mechanic bow…” 

“But if you created one, the wearer won’t be able to move due to the weight, and those who can move might only be those of Minotaurus and Lizardmen.” 

“Then for now we will give up creating something that could stop the mechanical bow, we will focus on this armor for now…” 

“I understand…” 

Goldy nodded with an understanding look. 

“Come to think of it, we talk about sword and arrow but, how about the dull weapon?” 

“We need to consider the shock, is it? For that, usually, we wear clothes where it would be fatally wounded if we being hit.” 

One can doubt whether or not such measures could stop the damage but, what can be done should be done. 

“Can you make thick clothes for it?” 

“Of course.” 

“Goldy can make everything.” 

“I cannot make anything.” 

“But, you can make clothes right? And you also created those paper.” 

“I’ve been a dexterous person since a while back.” 

Goldy muttered those words while looking sad, possibly remembering his past. 

Considering that he could create a paper from Chrono’s meager knowledge, Chrono feels that his ability was more than being a dexterous person. 

“Then, I will leave the rest to you but, are you alright?” 

“About what?” 

“Well, you have to manufacture a paper in addition to the equipment. To be frank, I think you have too much work…” 

“Dwarves are people who like this kind of hard work, so it is not a big deal.” 

Goldy said those words with a lighter tone. 

“Don’t force yourself too much okay? Since I don’t want you to die due to overwork.” 

“Chrono-sama, you sure are a kind-hearted one. There’s no way for me to die with just this much.” 

Goldy laughed, but Chrono couldn’t do the same. Although dying due to overwork was an unfamiliar term in this world, but he didn’t want the people who work for him to feel like this was a black company. 

“Unn, but, make sure to take a proper rest.” 

“I understand.” 

Goldy nodded while feeling reluctant. 

“Then, I will visit you guys later. But before that, I have to see Kein and the others…” 

“…— Chrono-sama.” 

Goldy hold Chrono’s hand and dropped his head. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Thank you very much. I was able to realize my dreams thanks to Chrono-sama.” 

“I’ve done it to achieve my own goal, besides, Goldy, with your ability, even without my help, I believe you will be able to achieve your dream…” 

“No, Chrono-sama, thank you. I shall give back this favor, by working in the workshop.” 

“I’m relying on you, alright?” 

“I shall do my best to meet all of your expectations!” 

Goldy said that then straighten his posture. 

“Well then, later I will visit you guys…” 

“Is there anything?” 

“I like to take some paper but, is it alright?” 

“We have 50 pieces ready…” 

“I will take around 10 then.” 

“… Come to think of it.” 

When Chrono tried to head toward the workshop, Goldy muttered. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I heard a scream a while ago, but, what had happened?” 

“Dunno? Maybe some cat surprised someone?” 

‘Ah’, Goldy raised that voice as if he understands something. 

“Well then, I will get the paper and then do the inspection…” 

“Have a good day sir.” 

Chrono turned around and head toward the workshop while sweat raining down his back. What Goldy heard must’ve been Tyria’s scream he thought. After that incident, he pushed Tyria to Alyssia and run away from the scene but—. 

“Let’s think about Tyria’s case after finishing my inspection…” 

Chrono decided to entrust everything to his future self.