Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c4

Perhaps, because Chrono was naked, her body shivered.

It was natural, he thought. After all, even Chrono has no confidence he could remain calm if he saw a man naked in front of him. 

“M, Muuu!” 

Tyria groaned and twisted her body. Not good. If they stay like this, someone might come. 

It would be all over if someone comes. He would immediately be executed as a criminal who attacked the imperial princess. 

That was why, first, he needs to explain the circumstance. If he explains it sincerely, he believes she would understand. 

However, before he manages to do that—. 

“… Silent.” 


Before he knew it, his voice sounded threatening… It seems Tyria also feels the same, she shakes her body violently. 

“Be quiet, please. If you calmed down, I will let you go. If you understand, nod.” 

Tyria nodded, and Chrono release his hand from her mouth. However, he still holds her arm. 

“First thing first, I am sorry for imposing myself like this.” 

He himself didn’t know what to say but, he was glad that she calmed down. 

“Tyria, let us make some compromise—…” 

“K-Kill me!” 

“What are you saying?” 

Chrono opened his eyes wide. Was she that shocked? 

To think the elite her who never admit losing would choose death this fast—… 

“Kill me now!” 

“No no, I am not going to kill you—…” 

“I-It can’t be, you’re going to humiliate me first?! Is that why you show me that thing?!” 

“No no, please don’t go wild now.” 

Tyria was violently trying to run away as she misunderstood him. Her butt sways and rubs Chrono in the wrong ‘part’. 

Realizing something behind her, Tyria stopped moving. Of course, her ears turn red. 

“W-What are you rubbing on me?!” 

“I-I’m not doing anything, you’re the one who moves around!” 

“Khu, I will kill you! Or you kill me now!” 

“Calm down! Let us talk properly alright?” 

Tyria started to rampage again but, she couldn’t do much since her arm was twisted up. It might be a bit painful, but he can’t let her go like this. 

“Geez… Calm down already!” 

Chrono further twists Tyria’s arm and presses her against the wall. Another thing was also being pushed but, let us not talk about that. 

Tyria glared at him over her shoulder. She bites her lips and glared at him with teary eyes, which stimulates his guilt. At the same time, a sadistic pleasure springs up inside him. 


“I guess this is how far I can go huh? Do whatever you want…” 

Why was her voice turn into resignation now, he questioned inside his head. But, do whatever he wants, somehow those words caused Chrono to gulp. 

“What are you two people doing?” 

A wondering voice resounded, the two people glanced at the one who talks… The proprietress was standing there. 

She wears her clothes, but looking at the wrinkles one could imagine what had happened. 

“W-Why are you here?” 

“You can ask Chrono about that. I want to take a bath then start my work…” 

The proprietress then shrugged and left the room. 

After the door closes, the painful silence descends… 

“What does that mean? You didn’t know I was coming?” 

“There’s no way I know… I was—…” 


Tyria’s sharp move strike Chrono faster than he could explain the circumstance. 

Pain could be felt crawl from his crotch and his eyes turn white. She kicked him on the crotch. 

“U, UooooooooO!” 

Chrono was in pain. The next moment, some heat comes out… No, it was an explosion… 

The pleasure he could not explain after the unfinished business and all the rubbing exploded. 

“W-What are you doing?” 

Tyria turned around and tried to confirm her condition, and touched her back and hair. Then, a white liquid stuck on her hand… 

“W-What is this?” 

“Err, the baby origin?” 


A scream that shook the world erupted that morning…