Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c3

When Chrono woke up, the proprietress was smiling at him.

The point of her being naked has not changed since this morning but now, she has used his arm as her pillow. 

“Oya, did you wake up already?” 

The proprietress laughed and smiled, then she hugged Chrono as she kissed his forehead. 

“Somehow, I feel embarrassed. Despite saying I have come to comfort you, it ended up like this…” 

“I guess so…” 

“Why are you looking feeling relieved?” 

When Chrono exhaled with relief, the proprietress raised her eyebrows in confusion. 

“I was relieved after knowing how earnest you are. If you tell me that yesterday’s performance was acting, I will turn into someone who distrusts women.” 

“I-I’m not earnest or anything…” 

The proprietress raised her body and put her hand on her chest. The skin dyes pink and was really erotic. 

Did she remember her late husband when she saw her own right hand? 

Somehow, Chrono feels irritated that the proprietress was still being tied by her late husband. 

No, rather than irritated, it was jealousy. He wants her to look at him rather than her late husband. 

The proprietress then glanced at Chrono for a brief moment—. 

“What’s up with your face?” 

“What face?” 

Chrono got up and touches his own cheek. Well, even if he touched it himself, he won’t know what changes. 

“You look like an abandoned puppy.” 

“Because I guess, the proprietress is not serious about me?” 


The proprietress could not retort. 

“F-For a little bit, I was feeling serious…” 

“Just a bit huh?” 

“I-I was serious! I said I was serious! So, don’t look like that anymore!” 

When Chrono muttered those words while looking dejected, the proprietress said those words in panic. 

“B-But you see, just as I said last night, I’m not young anymore you know? Compared to my younger days, just from a little bit of doing it, my hips feel sore…” 

The proprietress’s voice grew smaller when she said about her hips, and the last words he couldn’t hear any of it. 

“No no, you’re fine. In my eyes, you’re still young and beautiful.” 

“Even if you say that. In the first place, Chrono, don’t you have Laila-jou-chan already?” 

“I shall take care of the two of you.” [TLN: Wow, rarely an MC being this manly, saying these words upfront.] 

The proprietress startled as she heard his words. 

“No, about that… Don’t you think your words are wrong? In various ways?” 

“It is common for aristocrats to have a lot of mistresses, no?” 

“Well, it is up to the people themselves. The noblemen I know… Wait a minute, Chrono-sama’s father did not have lovers, no?” 

“I am me, and my father is my father.” 

“Well, I guess so…” 

The proprietress somehow holds her own forehead as he declared those words. 

“Picking up our previous topic, can I regard last night as you being serious?” 

“W-Well, I do being serious you know?” 

The proprietress’s face turn red as she replied. Her figure was very cute in Chrono’s eyes.— 

“… Proprietress…” 


The proprietress gasped as she looks something bulging under the blanket. 

“D-Didn’t we do it six times already?!” 

“Since you’re being cute, I can’t help it…” 

“S-Stop that…” 

When Chrono grabbed her shoulders, the proprietress tries to get away from him. But her resistance was weak, to begin with. 

Then he pulls her. he then lay her on the bed, if she really wants to refuse him, Chrono actually didn’t put much force, which means, she was not actually against it. 

As the blanket roll, her rich chest was exposed. 

“… Beautiful.” 

“W-What are you saying?!” 

The proprietress’ protested but, her eyes were wet and her cheeks were red. 

Chrono opened her legs and slipped in between. 

“For the love of God, please do try to hold back a little bit… I feel sore since we did it six times already. Even with my late husband, we didn’t do it this much…” 

The proprietress looked away from Chrono and crossed her arms as if to cover her chest. 

The wedding ring was glowing causing Chrono to feel irritated. 

“Surprisingly, I may have a strong desire to monopoly…” 

“W-What did you say?” 

“I want to dye the proprietress with my color.” 

“W-W-What are you saying, you!” 

The proprietress said those words with a red face. 

“It is fine, yes?” 


As Chrono confirmed, the proprietress’s face turns redder. ‘Forgive me…’ she said with a whispering voice. 

He didn’t know for what or to whom she asks forgiveness, but Chrono himself think that was so like her. 

At that time then, someone knocked on the door. The proprietress then exhaled with relief. 

“L-Look, someone is here? How about you opened the door for them first?” 

“No, it’s a little late for that, and stop now… If they have some business, they can come later—…” 

But the sound of the knocking betrayed Chrono’s expectation. It grew louder and somehow he feels a bad feeling. 

His lust then started to disappear. Chrono decided to goes down from his bed—… 

“Proprietress, did you see my pants?” 

“Maybe it fell to the floor?” 

Chrono looked at the floor, but he didn’t find it. The sound of the knocking becomes much louder now. 

“If I hide my body behind the door, we can talk from the gap of the door!” 

It might feel unnatural to hold a conversation like that but, he feels like he could get through it. 

But before he moves into action, the door was opened with much violence. 

Naturally, it was Tyria who opened the door. 

“Chrono! I knocked but…” 

“Ehehehe, Good morning.” 


The moment Tyria opened her mouth and about to scream, the word of lese majeste crossed his mind. 

It stands that in this situation he would be regarded as the criminal. When he notices that, Chrono immediately moves. 

He holds Tyria’s arm and twist it to the back and pushed her to the wall, and then covered her mouth with his other hand to prevent her from screaming. 

Then, he used his foot to close the door. He himself even feels amazed at how fast his body moves. 

It was like a horse escaping from the scene of a fire. No, wait, first thing first, he needs to respond to Tyria as usual…