Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c20

Chrono entered his room and breathed. Inside the room, Shion was lying on the bed and Leila was sitting on a chair at the bedside. 

“How is Shion-san?” 

“She’s sleeping like a log. Looking at her, it seems she was extremely exhausted…” 

“… I see.” 

Leila stood silently and Chrono sits on the chair. 

“Surely, it has been very difficult for her.” 

He muttered those words as he gazes at Shion’s face. He then recalled how Shion looking in the direction where Elaine had left. 

At that time, Elaine was wearing plain but clean clothes. Perhaps, she also had the thought of living a normal common life. 

Hnn, Shion’s body then trembled slightly… 

“Have you woken up?” 


Shion jumped up as her thoughts gather. 

“C-Chrono-sama! I’m very sorry!” 

“No, I don’t mind.” 

Shion then breathed out in relief. 

“Do you have something to say? I will listen to everything you told me you know?” 


Shion was silent, she keeps glancing at him. 

“… Can I really say whatever I want to say?” 

“Sure, I don’t mind.” 

As Chrono nodded, Shion’s expression turns into despair. And then, she squeezing out her words… 

“… My father was a lower class priest of the yellow God. Chrono doesn’t know where the temple was, right?” 

“I’m very sorry but, yes.” 

He knew that there was no temple in Hachel, and he didn’t know anything more than that. 

“The temple was in a distance of half a day from Hachel. It was a battered place that even thieves won’t look into it. It was a temple, that my father left to me.” 

Shion bit her lips, enduring her pain. 

“Always, my father had always been working on improving the breed of beets. If the variety improves, it could enrich everyone. That father, after years and years of working hard, and finally he able to achieve some result, in the end, it was still livestock feed! Even though it was something that my father had studied a lot, in the end, clover is just clover!” 

Shion shouts out as she raises her body. The angry emotions come out… 

“I’m working hard, work hard to make a living! I did my best to cook for everyone… But even with all of that…” 

Shion then touched Chrono’s arm that Arded and Deneb had scratched before. 

“The mother god who controls fertility and harvest, erase the trace of the wound…” 

Shion was offered her prayer, but nothing happened. 

“I see, so that is how it is…” 

Chrono finally understood the real meaning of why Shion didn’t use her Divine Arts when Arded and Deneb prompted her to, and look for an excuse… 

“That’s right. I cannot use Divine Arts.” 

Shion laughed as if she was about to cry. As expected, it was not because she didn’t want to use it but, she couldn’t use it. 

“Even though I did my best, in the end, I still couldn’t use Divine Arts! But, I keep cooking for everyone! Still nothing! I couldn’t do anything! But, you’re… Just like that, you created something! Just like that, you mock us!” [TLN: I can sympathize with her feeling, like, we worked hard to do something, but then some Genius did it like it was nothing and said, ‘Oh, that is easy’…] 

“Chrono-sama is not such a person!” 

“It’s fine.” 

Chrono held Leila back. 

“Why don’t you hit me?! If you show me mercy here, it would only make me feel miserable!” 

Shion covered her face with both hands and cried. 

He was not sure how he should feel. Any outcome, no, no matter the evaluation, one might feel proud with their way of life. 

However, without those… If no one gives evaluation, and no prospect to be evaluated, it would have been hard to continue living the same way of life. 

That was what Chrono could think of. That was why if what he did would be correct. However, it was his pride to say that he knows what to do. 

“I will do everything, from now on.” 


Shion gasped. 

“Instead of Shion-san, I will be the one who plants the clover on the lands… I want Shion to spread the cultivation of beets… So, I want you to do the work of technical guidance and manage the poor house.” 

“Such a thing…” 

She thought she had been denied of everything she had done, to think everything was not a waste, tears continue to fall from Shion’s eyes. 


That night, Chrono looked up and breathed out, and Leila raised her body… She didn’t wear any clothes after they finished one battle. Her modest chest was lovely. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I am such a bad guy—… That is what I think.” 

“… Is that so?” 

Leila muttered. There she seems to feel relieved. Well, anyone would feel worried, if your partner sighed after loving each other. Even Chrono won’t be able to stay calm if Leila were to sighed right after loving each other. 

“Is it about Shion-sama?” 

“Well, yes.” 

“If it is about Shion-sama then, I don’t think one has to worry about it too much. For me, Emm, even though I am just a stupid horse, I still understand that Chrono-sama is thinking of the people.” 

“Hearing you say that I feel better.” 

Chrono laughed bitterly. There was the case with the proprietress, but he was genuinely relieved that there were people close to him that understand him. 

Suddenly, Leila fell silent. Then she glances at him. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I remembered Elaine’s words. I heard from her, that Chrono-sama has changed the brothels and slaves business into permit system now.” 

“But…” Leila shakes her small head… 

“Chrono-sama, what is your true aim?” 

“Ah, so about that… At first, I was trying to completely abolish it.” 

Leila tilted her head unable to understand it. 

“I wanted to make girls out of prostitution, but when I look at Elena, I realized, if I don’t see it, or if girls such as her were being hidden, I would not be able to do anything at all instead, so I made it into a business with permit system, I did the next best thing I could think of. With this system, we also could prevent diseases from spreading by monitoring, while protecting the interest of the people…” 

Furthermore, with a permit system, it would be hard to actively betray him. 

Chrono then kissed Leila’s forehead who still wondering what he meant.

“… I wish all aristocrats are like Chrono-sama…” 

“I think, without people like you around them, it would be hard…” 

If he didn’t talk with the proprietress today, he might not think of seeing Shion today. 

And if the people above stuck, things wouldn’t proceed easily.