Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c2

The Empire calendar, year 430, 7th month of the year, 10th day of the month–, The maid helps Tyria to take care of her hairs. 

She checks the angle, and check the hair shape. Then as she feels satisfied she nodded… 

“Is this good?” 

“Umu, nothing wrong.” 

Tyria nodded, as the maid folded the three-sided mirror. 

For Tyria, the golden hair she got from her mother was her secret pride, so she feels good when she had time to take care of her hairstyles like today. 

“What is the schedule for today?” 

“I’m thinking of preparing the handing over the control.” 


The maid responded promptly. Two months have passed since she left the imperial capital. The soldiers aside, but the maid that was with her comes from a reputable family. It cannot be helped if they feel homesick. 

But then, it was not because Tyria was being considerate toward the maid that she decided to return to the imperial capital. It was due to the letter sent by Prime Minister Arkor that she decided to return ahead of time. 

She can just ignore it, but this time she thinks the prime minister, Arkor, has a reason. It was not preferable but it was still normal for a member of the imperial family to be away from the imperial capital for more than two months. 

However, before she returned back to the imperial capital, there was something Tyria needed to do. 

“Before that, I’m going to Chrono’s room.” 

“With all due respect…” 

Saying that the maid didn’t continue… It was because she waited for permission to continue her statement. 


“Please stop getting involved with Marquis Erakis.” 


“That person is someone new, an upstart aristocrat. He is not someone who a high-class noble should mingle with…” 

“A high-class noble, eh?” 

Tyria wryly smiled. Far from being a noble, the origin of the first Emperor was not even clear. 

Forget being a high-class noble, though of course, she didn’t say that loudly. 

“My father got on the throne due to those upstart nobles though… In other words, my position is similar to those of upstart nobles…” 

“T-That is…” 

The maid cannot respond to her words. The maids themselves have come from old aristocrats. Thus in their eyes, Chrono who was an upstart aristocrat needs special handling. 

“I am not going to take lightly the nobles who supported our families since ancient times. But, if we choose to make light of Chrono because of our family, then it would slender us who seems to be ungrateful. You understand?” 

“Please pardon me princess for I could not understand the imperial will. However, it is also true that Marquis Erakis has done something unworthy as a noble.” 

The maid told her with a determined voice. The serious act that the maid speaking about was when Chrono brought a half-elf into his room. 

If he had only brought her once, it would be fine but, he brought her again and again… 

“I will let him know and told him to be careful about it.” 

“Thank you very much.” 

“But, I have one thing I would like to know…” 

“Please ask me anything…” 

“I’m going to Chrono’s room, but before that, do prepare everything…” 

“… Understood.” 

The maid answered. It was too late for any unhesitant appeal. 

As Tyria rises from her chair, the maid bowed her head with a sword belt in her hand. As Tyria rises from her chair, the maid bowed her head with a sword belt in her hand. 

She was looking for permission to help equip her weapon.

“No, today, I shall do it myself.” 


As she reaches toward her sword belt, her hand stop. She suddenly remembered the time she was in the military academy. 

Losing during a military exercise, her argument being ignored, chasing around Chrono that trying to escape from her— The five-month until her graduation was the most colorful academy life she had. 

“Your highness?” 


Tyria smiled in response to the maid and wore the sword belt. 

“Now then, please excuse me.” 

The maid went out of the room, and Tyria gently touches her sword. 

That five months were the most fun. However, just like fun days, friendship could also not continue for eternity… 

Because it may end someday, it feels precious and beautiful. 

“No, I can’t be sentimental now…” 

Today was the day whether or not she decided the friendship to continue or not.