Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c19

“”Fantastic Taste!”” 

When Chrono entered the dining room, he saw Arded and Deneb eating their ice cream. He sits in an empty seat and then sighed as he glanced at the two of them. 

While he was borrowing Leila’s power to carry Shion to the guest room. And then another person sighed. 

“Honestly, how much are you guys going to eat that? Oh? Chrono-sama?”

A woman who comes out of the passage that connects the kitchen room and the dining room opened her eyes wide. She had a small dish on a silver tray, it was a small plate of ice cream. 

“Ya, proprietress.” 

“If you sighed, happiness would escape from you, you know?;” 

As Chrono sighed again, the proprietress approaches him. 

“Come on, how about eat this instead?” 

“That ice cream is mine!” 

“I was looking forward to my reward, you know?!” 

Arded and Deneb block the proprietress’s words. 

“This ice cream and the one you guys eating was ice cream from the result of trial making, for the sake of Chrono-sama… If there’s a complaint, then at least pay up for the ingredients…” 

“I-I didn’t complain…” 

“That’s why, please don’t deduct it from the salary…” 

As the proprietress said back, Arded and Deneb licked their spoon. 

“Come, it is a good thing you can eat this, you know? A good thing…” 

“… Thank you…” 

Chrono received the ice cream and eat it using the spoon. The tick taste spread, and the dominant sweet taste numbs his tongue… 


“Right, right…” 

When he said that, the proprietress was looking happy in front of him. 

“I tried to shimmer the juice a bit longer to let the impurities sank…” 

“That is not bad. But, that alone won’t create this taste, no?” 

“I used fresh cream rather than milk. With a little time and effort, I can make this more delicious…” 

Hee… Chrono raised his voice as he was impressed. 

“So, what happens?” 

“Well, how do I say it…” 

“You want to have a consultation with me, right?” 

The proprietress then rested her breast on the table and showed a mischievous smile. 

“Actually, I made Shion-san cry…” 

“” What did you do?””” 

Arded and Deneb leaned in. 

“… You two…” 

Seeing the two behavior, the proprietress tried to rein them in while holding her head. 

“So, what is the cause?” 

“I was asking her about reforming the agriculture, and resuming the operation of the poor house, then, she cried because she thinks she couldn’t do much herself…” 

“Oh, so it was not Chrono-sama’s fault?” 

The proprietress sighed in relief. 

“No, still, I was the one who started it…” 

“You might be the one who started it, but the world would be upside down if people bear a grudge because of something like that. In the first place, what is so wrong for the lord to think about the people?” 

“No, but…” 

When the proprietress told him that, he feels it was not bad. 

“… Leila said my kindness is poisonous.” 

“Certainly, Chrono-sama is too kind.” 

“They say, it makes people suffocating from thinking of how to return the favor…” 

Arded and Deneb folded their arms and nodded their heads. They both think that they don’t mind feeling suffocating by his kindness and going to take his favor without reserve but, they realize they should not say such a thing at this time. 

“Chrono-sama kindness is also related to how good you’ve been grown. It is unavoidable to feel bad about the people who had been struggling for a long time, or to think why one cannot help them sooner.” 

The proprietress muttered. 

“W-Well, I like Chrono-sama kindness though…” 

“… Proprietress.” 

The proprietress smiled while saying words that makes him feels better. Then, their eyes meet—… 

“S-Somehow, the atmosphere changed…” 

“Somehow, it makes us feels invisible, and it also makes me feels like an insect…” 

When they gaze at each other, their mood was destroyed by Arded and Deneb’s words. 

“W-Well… If you make someone cry or something didn’t work, you can consult with me again, for now, I think Chrono-sama should just do what he thinks right.” 

“I understand. I will talk to Shion-san again later.” 

Chrono stood up but then stop moving… 

“Hnn? Is there something else?” 

“Whether or not Shion-san willing to take on the job or not, I still need to prepare the poor house…” 

“Somehow, I don’t want to hear what you going to say next…” 

The proprietress smiled as she opened her eyes… 

“I want you to clean the poor house.” 

“I’m a cook… Why not ask some maid to do such a thing?” 

“I also think about that before but, I want to spread the story that the poor house has been re-opened, see?” 

“I see, I understand now. You want to hire someone by spreading the news huh?” 

“That’s right.” 

“That’s fine but, I’m not an employment agency you know?” 

The proprietress scratched her head as she said that. 

“Well, I do know some people… So, how much is the pay?” 

“The first month would be one silver coin, how about it?” 

“One silver coin? Geez, that is too cheap…” 

The proprietress frowned. She thinks the amount was too small, but she also knows why it cannot be helped to be stingy here… 

“The pay will increase into 2 silver coins per month after the first month…”

“If that how it is, then it should be fine…” 


Chrono patted his chest as he stood up.