Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c18

“”Ice Cream!”” 

Arriving at the marquis Residence, Arded and Deneb ran away with enough beets in their hands. 

Their destination was not outside the residence. They don’t seem to plan to buy their own ingredients. 

“I don’t want the proprietress to get angry but… Are you going to the kitchen as well, Leila?” 

“No, please let me stay by Chrono-sama’s side.” 

“Well then, let us go to the drawing-room.” 

Leila sadly separates herself from Chrono. The drawing-room was on the third floor. It would be hard to go there while linking arms. 

Chrono then guides the two people into the drawing-room, he then sits down on the sofa. Then, Leila was sitting next to him. Shion was standing out very much, it made her not belong in this place. 

“Shion-san, please sit down…” 

“Ah, right…” 

Chrono points to the sofa in front of him, Shion then slowly sits on the sofa. 

“E-Emmm… Today… Is there anything you need from me?” 

“I want to consult something, but first, could you tell me about agriculture that has been done in the Marquis Erakis territory…” 

“Y-Yes, I understand.” 

Shion then corrected her sitting posture. 

“Emm, in Marquis Erakis territory, we did three-field farming method.” 

“Three field farming method?” 

Chrono muttered in return, and Shion stiffened her body then explained…

“Three-field farming method divides cultivated land into three parts, the first one for the spring corps, the second part was for the winter crops, and the third part was for fallow land to restore the soil fertility and water content of the field. Emm, fertility is the power to grow corps…” 

“Did you use fertilizer or irrigation channel?” 

“Fertilizer is it?” 

“Yes, people or livestock excrements, foods leftovers, if you scatter them on the fields, it would also help restore the field, no?” 

The fields were supposedly used cow dung, and the residents’ houses would burry their food leftovers in their vegetable gardens. 

And he was also thinking about telling them to sprinkle the field with ashes. 

“E-Emm, where could we get that much dung?” 

“You can collect them in the city or from the villages, no?” 

“It would be difficult to transport and no village has enough cattle to cover all the fallow land…” 

“Then we have to start from increasing the numbers of cows…” 

Chrono sighed a little. It would be very hard to increase the number of livestock since this was not modern Japan. 

“A-Also, for the water irrigation, there’s no water source near here, so…” 

“I believe there’s no river or lakes around here either…” 

The water source would be only from the groundwater and rainwater. It cost a huge amount of money to make a reservoir for agriculture. 

He can’t do something like that by himself. 


Shion opened her mouth as if she remembered something. 

“A-According to my deceased father, planting and cultivating clover can help restore soil fertility while retaining the water content. Everyone didn’t believe it, so I try to plow the field by myself and release the cattle, to demonstrate…” 

Shion’s voice grows smaller and smaller, and the last part was soo small that he could hear it properly… 

“Then, let us cultivate the clover in the fallow land.” 


Shion opened her eyes when she heard his response. 

“Ah, well, it would be difficult to do it immediately. You don’t have to plug out the one you have planted, let us cultivate clover at the rest of the fallow lands. If we get some result, we could expand the scope little by little, if we do that, it would be easier for the rural people to accept.” 

He thinks the idea was not bad, but it does need some necessary adjustment. 

It would be fine if no result comes out either but, it would be bad if something negative happens because of it. 

At that time, he needs to reduce some taxes to calm the people. 

“Can I ask for technical guidance regarding growing clover?” 

“I-I would be happy to do it…” 

“Also, about the food distribution…” 


Shion looked scared of what he was about to say… 

“Actually, I was thinking of resuming the poor house. Of course, it won’t be like how previous work, where you need to use your private funds. It would be a poor house that offers the poor living space and working plan until they can be independent. I would like to ask Shion-san to be the director of the poor house.” 


Shion’s body was shaking and her eyes blink repeatedly. 

“Also, about Shion-san’s beets improvement method, I figure out that sugar could be made from it. In the future, we could use the sugar as a special product—…” 

As Chrono stopped talking, Shion stood up… He might’ve talked too much, and he was starting to regret it. 

“… J-Just…” 

When that words came out, tears began to fall from Shion’s eyes. 

“T-This is just too much!” 

“E-Emm, Shion-san?” 

“My father, and even me, we couldn’t find anything! And yet, you, you easily find it!” 

Shion shouted out all of her emotion, and Chrono was troubled about how to respond. 

He was looking around for salvation, and his gaze meets with Leila. 

“Chrono-sama, you don’t have to worry about it.” 

“No, but…” 

“Chrono is a very kind person, but that kindness might turn poisonous for some people, not a blessing…” 

“This may be such a case.” Leila then told Chrono. 

Chrono didn’t know, how many times his kindness has troubled her, how many times it causes her despair. 

Making it natural for Chrono to not understand Shion’s struggle. He didn’t know how much trouble and suffering she had been into… 

“I-I! I was rude!” 

Shion returned to her senses, and she starts to run. Her aim was the window. It seems like she was aiming to jump out of the window. 

“Leila, stop her!” 

“I understand.” 

Leila cut the path of Shion. Then her fist landed on her stomach, which immediately made Shion fall down and coughed with tears. 

She gasped for air. 

“Leila-san! I didn’t tell you to kill her?!” 

“I only hit her stomach a little you know?” 

Leila went around behind Shion and place her hand on her neck, to check her pulses. 

Then, Shion-san moved a little…