Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c17

It was quick instruction, they dismantled the stall in no time and put their luggage together. 

“We’re done!” 

“Beets, I want the beets.” 

“Emm, if possible, could you load it into the cart…” 

Shion was apologetically pointed toward the cart parked in a corner of the square. 

“W-We will do it!” 

“Immediately done!” 

They carried the dismantled stalls and luggage and load them into the cart. 

Goldy said that the muscle strength of the elf was weak, but it seems there was some individual difference. 

“Please go to the Marquis House.” 

“Nice, I shall demand the reward a lot!” 

“If we stop here, we won’t get any beets!” 

At Chrono’s order, they screamed and began to pull the cart. 

“Well, shall we go?” 

“Yes, Chrono-sama.” 

“… Y-Yes.” 

When Chrono walked, Leila and Shion followed him slightly behind. 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

“What is it?” 

“I’m very sorry…” 

When he stopped his step, Leila immediately tangled her arms. 

Apparently, she wants to hold his arms. 

“Then, shall we go?” 


Chrono walked back with Leila. After walking for a while, they manage to catch up with the cart that has been going first. 

The reason was that Arded and Deneb stopped walking and standing still. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“There’s a new notice but, I don’t know what is written there…” 

“I wonder if there’s a meaning, making a bulletin board like that…” 

Apparently, Arded and Deneb couldn’t read letters. 

“Emm, this is—…” 

“This is a public announcement, that brothels and slavery business will be permit-based starting next month.” 

Blocking Shion’s words, Leila explained. 

“Was that right?” 


Chrono gently stroked Leila’s ears, when she asked for confirmation while looking uneasy. 

Leila squinted her eyes as if enjoying it. 

“”What does that means?”” 

“If you don’t have a permit from Chrono-sama, starting next month, you won’t be able to do brothels and slaves business.” 

Not confident, Leila glanced at Chrono. 


“The brothels permit is to prevent a disease from spreading, and slaves permit is to prevent illegal trafficking…” 

“No one ever tries to do that before, so for me, it sounds incomprehensible.” 

“That makes sense…” 

Arded and Deneb too could not understand his system intention. 

It seems Leila was the same, but she managed to at least ask him for an answer. 

“Chrono-sama, why do you change the system? What for?” 


“I will explain that for you…” 

The aromatic fragrant entered his nasal cavity, and a soft thing pressed against his arm from the other side. 

When he turned to the side, Elaine was there. Unfortunately, she wears her plain clothes. 

“You are?” 

“My name is Elaine Sinner. Chrono-sama, acquaintance… ” 

Leila asked the question with a low voice, but Elaine responded with a soft smile. 

“With this system, Chrono-sama given all those people who uses the brothels to have a piece of mind, since with this system all the workers need a regular health check. The same was also true for the slave trades. The girls traded in the city won’t have died due to violence.” 

“Does that means, it was to protect those who bought the girls?” 

“Oh my, you’re smart. But, that’s not all.” 

Elaine giggled. It was a cute way of giggling, that easily could captivate any man. 

“What do you mean?” 

“you better listen to the answer first hand.” 

Elaine then turned his gaze with a meaningful glance. 

Apparently, she was aware of the real reason why the permit system comes into existence. 

“Is there something that cannot be said?” 

“at that time, I was indebted to you.” 

“It’s fine. Thanks to that, I was able to get the permit first. However, please do tell me first next time. Because it was really difficult to appease the others…” 

“I’m sorry for that.” 

Chrono honestly lowered his head. When he made the permit system, he had her inform those in the same business as her. And for all that trouble, he rewards her with the first permit. 

“I just want to say that for now… Well then, excuse me.” 

“See you next time.” 

“I shall wait for you at my shop.” 

Elaina laughed and left Chrono’s side. Just like that, she went somewhere.

“Shall we go too?” 

“Yes, Chrono-sama.” 

Chrono and Leila pick up their pace but then they noticed that Shion didn’t follow them. 

When he looked back, he saw Shion gaze at Elaine. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Oh, N-Nothing…” 

Shion waved back in panic when he asked her. 

Chrono felt something was off but decided to continue walking…