Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c16

Chrono walks through the city while looking around. With the regulation for brothels in place, the number of women on the streets visibly decreased, though, on the other hand, the number of vagabonds was still the same. 

“… I need to resume the poor house program as soon as possible…” 

However, there was a reason why he cannot do it easily. He couldn’t give them the poor house without making them independent first. 

And in this world, those poor house has the reputation, according to Leila, it was a place where people work like in a concentration camp, sleep on the floor, work without pay, and get abused. To be honest, it would be a dream within a dream to be provided to become independent in this world. 

Rather than calling the previous poor house director and staff, he wants to work it by himself. 

“I guess it would be better to hire someone new.” 

Then he remembered Priestess Shion, a believer of mother god who controls fertilities and harvest. 

“Since she opens a public kitchen, she should be trusted by the people, and there was also the matter in regard to the beets. If she can read and write, I want her as subordinates to teach others how to study, and I want her to teach me about agriculture around this place… But if I give her all those work, she would end up overworked…” 

He shakes his head as he thought that. Speaking of work, he should not feel guilty to give people work they can do, in reality, he was just bad at allocating work. 

As a lord, and as a commander, he needs to learn how to allocate work better. 

“Now then, about Shion-san…” 

Chrono entered the square and looked around. Fortunately, he manages to find her immediately. 

She was sitting on a wooden box in the same place as a week ago. 

“Yo, Shion-san.” 


Sion stood up in hurry. 

“You don’t have to be that stiff…” 

“Y-Yes, I understand.” 

Shion then sits on the wooden box once again while looking embarrassed. While taking a glance at Chrono. 

“E-Emm… Do you need anything? If you look for the beets, I-I have nothing today..” 

“About that…” 



A shrill voice blocked Chrono’s words. Due to the shock, he fell on his butt. The voice owners were Arded and Deneb. 

“I want some beets!” 

“I want to buy it as much as possible!” 

“… Please calm down, two of you…” 

As Arded and Deneb voiced their demand, Leila who came slightly later asked them to calm down while taking a deep breath. 

“Ah, Emm, about the beets… I sold them to the stockbreeder.” 

“I don’t care! Sell us the beets!” 

“I don’t care too! Give us the beets!” 


Arded and Deneb threatened them with their swords, and Shion screamed. 

“If you can’t sell it now, you may sell it next holiday.” 

Leila also apologizes for them… 

“… Are you guys going to steal or something?” 


As Chrono stood up once again while cleaning his butts, Leila, Arded, and Deneb opened their eyes wide. 

“W-ho did this to you?!” 


“I fell down because of you two…” 

Chrono stared at their face. There was a small scratch on his hand. Arded and Deneb’s face turn white. Two people seem to understand what would happen to them if they cause a nobleman wounded. 

“Hurry, heal him using the power of divinity!” 

“I will give you some clothes, please!” 

“E-Eh, Ah… I…” 

Due to the pressure from Arded and Deneb, Shion was about to burst into tears. 

“You two, this kind of a small scratch, no need for Divine arts…” 

Divine arts might be convenient, but there was a risk for someone to become crippled. It was not something to be used for this kind of wound.

“Chrono-sama, excuse me.” 

Leila then took Chrono’s hand and carry it to her mouth. Then, her tongue crawls on his wound. 

“Emm, Leila-san? Is there some kind of treatment using the elven saliva or something?” 

“I don’t know.” 

Leila continues to lick his wound for a while. 

“It should be fine now…” 

“T-Thank you.” 

Her cheeks were red due to embarrassment as well. 

“”Despite the two of them looking hot, I feel cold instead.”” 

Arded and Deneb moved away from Shion. 

“Emm, What should I do?” 

“”I don’t mind letting you go home if you sell us beets.”” 

Chrono sighed looking at the two of them who seems disinterest in anything other than sugar. 

“I have something to talk with Shion-san, so it would trouble me if she went home now…” 


“Incidentally, I will buy the beets.” 

“W-What right do you have?!” 

“T-This is tyranny!” 

“Chrono-sama is a lord, so he has the right you know?” 


As Leila pointed out, Arded and Deneb groaned. 

“T-Thank you very much! I pray that Chrono would be blessed by plentiful richness by the mother god.” 

“Shion-san, there’s something I wish to talk about, is it alright now?” 

“Y-Yes, it is fine.” 

She was taking a glance at her vendor as if asking should she tidy up.

“E-Emm… Chrono-sama? Are you going to ask to divide the beets??” 

“T-Then, as a service.” 

Arded and Deneb entwined the two arms with Chrono. 

In addition, they push harder their chest. It was soft, but theirs were definitely smaller than Leila’s. 

“… You two.” 

“Well, Chrono-sama is not someone who easily seduced, to begin with…” 

“T-That’s right, we did this just for the beets!” 

When Leila called the two of them, they immediately separated from him. 

“For the beets huh?” 

“W-Wait, why it turns like this?!” 

“B-But, I want to eat ice cream again!” 

When Chrono groaned, the two replied still flustered. 

So, he turns toward Shion. 

“If you help me with Shion-san, I will consider giving you some beets.” 

“I understand!” 

“Beets! Beets! Get the beets as much as you can!” 

Although he was only going to get a little, to avoid watering down their high spirits, he remained silent. 

“Shion-san, please give me the instruction!” 

“Ha, wha?” 

“Me too, give me your instruction!” 

“One minute, one second, is life and death!” 

“I-I understand!” 

Shion-san then gives the two of them instruction…