Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c15

Within the Marquis Erakis residence, the sound of hammering echoes and dwarves were busy moving around. 

It was a familiar scene, but until just recently, some muscular men were added there. 

“Oi! Bring the wood fast!” 

“Can I place the bricks here?” 

“Move like a horse! Don’t you dare to slack!” 

“I-I’m sorry!” 

Some people carry wood, some people carried bricks, some were scolded. 

The men were building the workshops to produce the Japanese paper. 

Chrono was looking at the work scene with Goldy right now. 

“With this speed, we should be able to finish the work within to month.” 

“Only the workshop, right? From here on out, we need to gather the people that will work in the workshop, provide them with technical guidance, and also prepare the materials beforehand…” 

Chrono counts the things he needs to do. 

“Goldy, don’t die from overwork, alright” 

“Hahahaha, this much is not really something that I should worry about…”

Goldy laughed cheerfully. His face was full of joy and pleasure. 

Still, Chrono-sama sure thinks something interesting…” 

“Interesting? Ah, about line manufacturing is it?” 

Chrono tilted his neck when he realizes what Goldy means by interesting.

“I never thought that I would share the work process.” 

“Though if we do it like this, it would require less time to learn…” 

Line manufacturing was a method used to make products in factories. 

Since one only needs to learn the work they were in charge of, thus they didn’t have to learn the unnecessary stuff. 

He thought that was an efficient method and proposed it, but when the plan started to move, he was worried that there might be a better way. 

“No, I believe the idea of line manufacturing itself is very amazing you know? We might attempt to walk on an unknown path, but we could identify problems beforehand if we try new things using trial line…” 

“If you say so, then I feel reassured.” 

Somehow his stomach hurts thinking if something goes wrong, though if everything went smoothly, he could recover the investment in just one and a half years. 

“As I said, get the paper over!” 

When he heard the hysterical voice, he looked behind and saw Elena crammed with the dwarves in the workshop. 

“Honestly, I can’t use this1” 

As she said that, she throws it away and now she was heading toward Goldy. 

“Dwarf over there, get me some paper!” 

“If it is a paper then, there’s some in the workshop, no?” 

“I am saying this because there’s none!” 

Elena said that while looking frustrated. 

“… Elena?” 


When Chrono called her name, Elena replied with a snarly voice. 

“Try to be a little polite would you?” 


Elena opened her eyes wide. 

“… Elena.” 

“W-Wait a minute!” 

When Chrono reached out with his hand, Elena looked frightened and immediately retreated. 

He thinks she didn’t have to be that terrified. His hand then touched Elena’s collar which stands out. 


“N-No, please, I am wrong, so please don’t hurt me…” 

“I have no intention of scolding you, you know?” 

Chrono sighed when Elena immediately look terrified. 

As expected, due to her heart being broken by the slave merchant, she has extremely low resistance when it comes to violence. 

He didn’t like her looked threatened but, he couldn’t stop right now. 

“Please, please… Please, don’t hit me…” 

When her collar was being pulled, Elena’s body was shaking. 

“Goldy, go look for paper.” 

“I understand.” 

Goldy then immediately went to the workshop. 

“If you don’t like me doing this to you, then be careful with your words, alright?” 

“A-Are you protecting the dwarf?!” 

Elena’s eyes shone brightly from anger, but then… 

“I-I am really sorry! I’m sorry to raise my voice, I’m sorry for being cheeky! I won’t say such a thing anymore! Please, don’t slap me, please don’t hit me! Say something, please, you’re scary!” 

When Chrono pulled her collar upward, Elena desperately tried to resist. 

It seems, she could only regain her mind shortly before immediately crumbled down. 

“Elena, what is your job?” 

“Accounting, business, and license permits for brothels and slave business.” 

Elena stared at Chrono with a pleading look. Her duty for the business license was a new line of job. 

Until now, in the Marquis Erakis territory, there were no laws restricting brothels and slave markets. 

However, after next month, without Chrono permission, one cannot buy and sell prostitutes and slaves. 

Only brothels that follow the regulation could open within the city. 

The slave trades were also allowed as long they followed the regulation. 

“To prepare the paper for that is also your job, no?” 


For some time, Elena was staring at Chrono with moist eyes and rubbed her tights together. 

“In the future, be careful alright?. Do you understand?” 

“I-I understand.” 

When Chrono released his hand, Elena fell on her butt. When she fell, she immediately pushes her skirt down. 

“I’ve found some…” 

“… Thank you.” 

Elena received the paper from Goldy and stood up with trembling legs. And then immediately run into the Marquis Mansion. 

“Chrono-sama, what are you going to do from now on?” 

“I will go to the city, for inspection.” 

“I understand.”