Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c14

An hour later–… – 

“… Fuuh…” 

Leila pressed her forehead against Chrono’s chest as she breathes roughly. 

“I’m very sorry.” 

“No, the thing that happened the last one hour was not something you need to apologize for but, what’s wrong?” 

“Because Chrono-sama didn’t ask me for a whole week…” 

“Ah, about that…” 

It was an atmosphere that he couldn’t say because Tyria had asked him to hold back… 

“Also, the proprietress…” 

“You noticed?” 

“Yes, because the proprietress’s gaze at Chrono was like that of a girl…” 

Leila responded with a nod. The proprietress made sure that she didn’t show a weird expression during the ice making but, for her to notice that, a woman’s intuition was a truly frightening thing. It was already beyond powerful. 

No, there might be something happen between her and the proprietress, but Chrono didn’t realize it. However, he cannot ask that openly. 

“I was worried that Chrono-sama has gotten bored of me, so I can’t hold myself back. Chrono is a nobleman, and I knew that a half-elf such as me won’t be the only one forever. I should have understood that but…” 

‘I’m such a despicable person,’ Leila muttered to herself. Chrono couldn’t say anything. 

If he had held the proprietress with a light feeling, he might be able to speak some excuse. 

But, his feeling toward the proprietress was true, and him wanting to hold her was serious. That feeling hasn’t changed until now. 

“I love Leila, but the proprietress is also special to me. And maybe, there would be another woman… For instance, I think I won’t be able to hold back if Arded and Deneb seduced me. Also, marriage might be indispensable but, mixing public and private life, there’s no visible merit in doing that…” 

How pathetic. Leila told him that she would kill herself if someone captured her, but here, he spoke unfaithful lines on the bed. Furthermore, to say that he didn’t want to mix public and privates life. 

His dishonesty was extreme. Leila was a mistress of such an unfaithful man. When one thinks about it, one could see why Leila demanded Chrono… 

She wants real feelings. It was necessary to feel it, by doing it. That was a natural feeling. 

“If we continue this relationship, if, by chance, I bear Chrono-sama’s child, what would happen?” 

“Of course, I will accept it.” 

“I’ve never heard someone recognize a child born from a half-elf.” 

When she heard Chrono’s response, Leila raises her body awkwardly. 

“This is my honest feeling… You might think I only speak at the spur of the moment but, If we fuse about that, as an adopted child, an aristocrat, and as your superior officer, then I won’t be able to stand here.” 

Hearing that, Leila laughed. 

“Chrono-sama looked like a child today.” 

Lila kissed Chrono and returned to her usual position. This time, she won’t turn her back. 

“Maybe, I’m the same as Chrono-sama. If I wanted only love, I should’ve quit as a soldier, but I also want a little bit useful… I’m truly greedy.” 

“Surely, the greediest one is me.” 

Chrono then gently touch Leila’s ear. 


In the middle of the seventh month of the Empire calendar, year 430. 

“Thank you for all of your help.” 

“No, I just follow the teaching of the yellow goddess that rules fertility and good harvest.” 

Sion smiled, as she gives a man soup and hard bread. 

It was a dirty-dressed man. His nails were black, and his body was smelly. 

It was unavoidable. Because this person living on the street without anyone to rely upon. 

Th lord changed, and Hachel has become more livable. 

However, people who fell to the bottom won’t be able to raise immediately. 

She could feel resentment in that but, she also feels helpless at the same time. 

And the only thing she could do was cooking like this. 

The sound of a large bell resounded, returning Sion’s mind back. 

A dirty-dressed man stood in front of her. It was another one… 

“Here you go…” 

“Cih, a waste vegetable scrap again huh? Try giving me meat once in a while would you?” 

The man received the soup and bread and went away. 

It was common for them to be like that, releasing the negative emotion they held back. 

In fact, it was normal for them to speak like that whenever there was a distribution of food. It was rare for them to say thank you. 

Sion stared at her hand and sighed. 

The mother god has been said to be the goddess of harvest and fertility since ancient times. 

And the mission given to the priest and priestess was to share the blessing of the earth and conveyed the knowledge and skill of agricultures. 

However, Sion begins to question such an ideal. 

And every time she sees her hand that has become worn out due to the farm work. 

She might one day died without anyone looking back at her, just like how her father did. 

When she thought that– She feels sad and her feeling becomes dark.