Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c13

After one week passed, Tyria would be returned to the imperial capital. It was a calm day, as the sound of hammering could be heard. Chrono stared at Tyria in the Marquis residence garden. However, they were not alone. 

Behind Chrono were his subordinates, and behind Tyria were her carriage and cavalry. 

“I’m going to miss you.” 

“Then look a little bit more lonely.” 

In response to his words, Tyria scowled. 

“I am really going to feel lonely. After all—…” 

“Don’t tell in front of everyone.” 

Tyria blocked Chrono’s words. She knew it, he was sulking. 

She didn’t know his feeling but, he hoped she could understand. 

After all, he had been in abstinence for a week. It cannot be helped if his face turns ugly. 

“Cih, this nasty horny beast.” 

“You nasty beast.” 

“Why did your eyes gleam instead?!” 

Tyria’s voice was high. 

“Well, how do I say it, maybe you might feel tingling there?” 

“As expected, you’re the one who is a lustful beast.” 

“So, not huh?” 

Chrono muttered. He thought because this was a fantasy world, a tentacle monster would be well known but, it seems that was not the case. 

“Geez, really. Can you make the atmosphere better?” 

“Even if say that.” 

As Tyria was stunned, Chrono scratched his head. 

“The distance of this place and the imperial city is only two weeks and, our relationship is like this from the start, no?” 

“O-Our relationship?” 

Tyria replied with a low voice. “What are you talking about” She continued with red ears. W-Well, they had a relationship where she was being sprayed by baby’s seed.— 

“A friend, no?” 

“Friends… Right, we’re friends.” 

“I won’t say the kind of line that I would protect you even if you turn against the world but, at least don’t go around and create a lot of enemies, okay?” 

“Well, what a weird way to say it…” 

Tyria smiled bitterly. If he didn’t have anyone to protect, he won’t say something like that but, to say it to his own lord was a bit… 

“Then, until next time.” 

When Chrono held out his hand, Tyria grips his hand. The soft feeling made his heart move faster. 

“…By the way…” 

“I have only said ‘until next time,’ you know?” 

Tyria was stunned. 

“About the reserve soldiers, I have asked the military department but, I have not yet received any reply…” 

“I understand. I will tell them to send some reserve soldiers to Marquis Erakis territory…” 

“My bad.” 

“Since we’re friends, I will try a bit lenient. Is there anything else?” 

“It’s about the first Emperor.” 

“What’s wrong? Suddenly saying that…” 

“What happened to the first Emperor?” 

“What happened you ask, well he made a child to inherit the throne? Isn’t that obvious?” 

Tyria tilted her head in confusion. 

“Then, that is fine…” 

“What a weird guy you are…” 

He was worried if someone from a different world could make a child but, it seems his worry was unfounded. Maybe there was some connection between this world and that world. 

“Any other?” 

“I have none…” 

“Then, always be healthy alright?” 

Tyria didn’t let go of his hand, with his help, she climbed the carriage. But before she completely enters the carriage, she turned around… 

“Sitter. I will leave Chrono in your hand…” 

“Please leave it to me…” 

In response to Tyria’s words, Sitter stands next to Chrono before he notices it answered. 

“Then, goodbye…” 

When Tyria entered the carriage and closed the door, the carriage began to move slowly. 

Chrono silently saw off the carriage. 


That night, Chrono was teaching Leila. 

Usually, the study season was exhausting for her but, today, Leila’s expression was kind of weird. 

Even when she read a book, her mind seems to be empty, now she was doing multiplication. 

Naturally, a mistake or a miscalculation happened. Maybe her physical condition was bad. 

After completing several training regimes, she has to study independently. 

It cannot be helped that her physical condition was bad. Nevertheless, currently, he was pleased that today was the end of his abstinence. 

He feels a bit ashamed to be thinking like that. But he feels proud of his patience. 

He knew she would respond if he asked but, he wants Leila to think of him as a virtuous person. 

He was tempted to do something but, he manages to hold it back somehow. And if he cannot hold it back anymore, he should be able to take care of it by using his right hand. 

“If you’re tired, how about taking some rest?” 

“… Yes.” 

Leila was about to say something but, she started to take off her clothes without continuing what she was going to say. 

Chrono opened his eyes wide. Leila who wears short tank tops and shorts now down to her frilly underwear. 

*Gulp*, Chrono swallowed his saliva. If he thinks about it, Leila and the others now have been able to get their full salary. 

He never thought she would use it to buy frilly underwear but, thinking that she might buy it for him, it makes his chest hot. 

Chrono unbuttoned his clothes, and then he opened his eyes in amazement. 

Leila now begins to fold her clothes. Usually, she would take off her underwear and start showing her slim bodyline. 

Furthermore, the abnormal situation continues. Leila lay on the bed after she put her clothes on the desk. 

What has happened? Chrono has taken off his uniform and lay on the bed with his underwear as well. Then, Leila turned back. Leila has turned her back on… 

Chrono was shocked… 

“Emm, Leila? Leila-san?” 


When Chrono touched her, Leila’s body becomes stiff. 

Calm down. Count the primes and calm down. 

Should he ask the reason why she was like this? No, he thought that would only be stirring the hornet’s nest. 

“I’m going to turn the light off.” 


Next, he intermingles with her. This time her response was fast. 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

Leila looks at Chrono’s eyes with her glaring gaze. She has the look of a predator caught the prey. 

“I’m sorry.” 

Saying that Leila moved toward Chrono’s lower body. 

Cold air pierces Chrono’s lower body. His pants have been pulled down. 

Leila then opened her eyes slightly… He was on the verge of exploding after being forced to hold back for a week. 

“… Excuse me…” 

“E-Emm, yes, please do…” 

Chrono quickly enjoys the warm and slimy sensation. Seeing Chrono let loose, Leila looked entranced. 

Seeing her expression, Chrono was feeling excited by her sexy expression. The terrifying thing was that Leila manages to show such expression. 

Leila slowly raises up, and Chrono somehow feels chill. After all, her gaze was still the gaze of that of a predator.