Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c12

Well, if we think carefully, it was not something that easily could be made. 

And it was another problem whether or not one could create gun powder here. 

“But, why did you try to kill me?” 

“After all, someone from a different world has black hair.” 

“Well, I do feel it was rare in Kepheus Empire but…” 

As he muttered, Chrono holds his own hair. 

“There was also a story where the first Emperor has black hair. There might be someone who tries to make use of you for it after all.” 

“How terrible…” 

“What most troubling is your other world knowledge. If someone abused it, it might destroy countries and culture.” 

“I do not have a knowledge that could cause that.” 

“For you, it might not much, but for this world, your knowledge is…” 

“You’re exaggerating.” 

“I’m not. Depend on how you handle it, the paper you made, It could destroy a united free city-state you know? Of course, that also includes the sugar you made…” 

“Is it really that dangerous?” 


Tyria said that with irritation while he thought the competition was not a bad thing. 

Of course, he didn’t say it. He didn’t want the dagger to be pointed toward him anymore after all. 

“Because of that, I was going to kill you depending on how you react.” 

“Uhuh, let me pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“Of course, I am not joking.” 

Tyria then grabbed his military uniform and pushed Chrono against the wall. He tried to push her away but, he didn’t try to jump away and run. White light begins to glow from her arm. She strengthens her arm with magic arts. 

Tyria brought her face close to Chronoand narrowed her eyes. 

“I am worried, whether or not to kill you… What do you think should I do?”

“From my point of view, there’s no other choice but to make the most of it.” 

“Good reason…” 

Tyria sighed and sheathed her dagger. It seems she has decided not to kill him. 

“You’re not going to kill me?” 

“I will keep you for a while.” 

“I’m gla—…” 

“However! I will keep you alive, so at the very least, pretend to be a good lord until I go home! Half-elves, and the cook… Don’t bring women into your room!” 

“Eeeh~, no way…” 

“Don’t you dare to make a pitiful noise! Do you even know what the maids said about you?” 

“Which maid?” 

“Of course, my maid!” 

“Then, it can’t be helped.” 

Tyria’s maid was a part of senior aristocrats. For them, Chrono who touch Tyria lightly might be no different than a cockroach in their eyes. 

“I can’t help it, can’t I?! You’re told that you’re not worthy to be an aristocrat you know? If you went to the imperial capital now…” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“There’s no doubt that the bad rumors will spread!” 

“Ah, just that huh?” 

Tyria said that with much crisis on her face but, Chrono who heard it feel relieved. 

“Don’t you think your reaction weird?!” 

“I am used to being hit in the back when I was attending the military academy. I don’t mind if someone from the distant imperial capital talks bad about me in the back. Just feels like someone saying something without permission.” 

“You might be fine now but, when you’re in the center—…” 

“I have no intention of going up to the central power…” 

“What did you say?” 

“I am satisfied with what I have, being a local lord.” 

Unexpectedly, his feeling caused Tyria to open her eyes wide. 

“I may have made a mistake in choosing people it seems…” 

Tyria blurted out. 

“I know it, you do have some plan do you?” 

“I made you a lord with the intention of you would be useful for me in the future but, so far, you don’t show any ambition at all…” 

“I told you don’t expect me too much.” 

“Of course, I consider that but, at least I thought you would be a little bit useful.” 

Tyria said sighed. 

“Well, it can’t be helped.” 

“Sorry for not being able to meet your expectation. So, am I dismissed?” 

“I’ve already got the approval. If you get dismissed by this, it would set a bad precedent. But, if bad rumors spread, it might also affect me.” 

“Which mean, there’s only one thing to do.” 

“For someone who only wishes to live as a peaceful local lord to be someone whom I wish to share the fortune…” 

“Um, well, how should I say it, Tyria is in a pinch huh?” 

“You say it as if it has nothing to do with you…” 

“Well, I still want to run away from here, but I don’t want to risk danger to the people and my subordinates.” 

“You sure turn protective huh?” 

“If it is just me, I am not someone who could do everything by myself.” 

“As expected, it might be a mistake to make you a lord.” 

Tyria muttered. 

“Well, I know that you don’t care about bad rumors. But, at the very least, until I leave Hachel, tighten your self-control please…” 


Before Chrono said anything, Tyria pulled out her dagger and point it at Chrono’s neck. 

“If you really eager to die, how about I do it now?” 

“I-I understand. I will tighten my self-control!” 

Chrono nodded in hurry.