Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c11

“W-What’s wrong with those twins. T-To says, A child between Chrono and I…” 

When Chrono entered the office room, Tyria was sitting down while muttering something. 

“I’ve come…” 


When Chrono called out to her, Tyria shuddered. 

“W-What, Chrono huh? What’s wrong?” 

“You’re the one who called me, no?” 

“That’s right!” 

Tyria immediately glanced back at Chrono when she realizes it. Her face was dyed red. Apparently, she still remembers what happened this morning. 

“F-For you to run away after doing t-that to me!” 

Tyria shouted with her red face while beating the desk. He thought she had already forgotten about it but, it seems reality was not that kind. 

“M-My mother, this hair is something I got from my mother, you know?!” 

She said those words as she bangs the desk, without realizing it, she holds her own hair and pulls it toward the desk… Kyu! She releases a strange voice but, he understood her feeling. 

If he was a woman, and then got his hair spoiled by baby seed, even Chrono would turn his heels and run away… 

“Don’t run away!” 

The feather pen on her hand enveloped with white light slammed onto the door. 

“Y-You sure seems to have used to this kind of thing…” 

“There’s no way that is true…” 

As Tyria fixes her seating posture, Chrono spine feels shiver. 

“Actually… I am going to return to the imperial capital.” 

“When are you going back?” 

“I have not decided the specific schedule but, I may be back by the end of the next week.” 

“I see, that might be better…” 

“What does that means?” 

“Kein said he wants to start working starting next week.” 

“Ah, that kind of thing huh? But then, I thought he would recover much longer?” 

“He wants to work as soon as possible to gain trust.” 

“Is he really a bandit?” 

Tyria raised her eyebrows as if in disbelieve. Chrono didn’t know how he thinks but, he was originally working at the united free city-state. 

Furthermore, before he joined the mercenary he was a farmer. It would be not weird if there was earnest feeling built-in inside of him. 

“No other reason?” 

“Why are you decide to return suddenly?” 

“Because when Tyria calls, nothing good happened.” 

“That’s rude you know? Anyway, I am going to ask some questions.” 

“If that is the case… Here, I will pass this first.” 

Chrono walked toward the desk and put a paper in a battle. 

“What is this?” 

“It’s the recipe to make sugar and ice cream from beets.” 

“Sugar? I see, so sugar is included… After all, it was that sweet. But to say, it was not made by using sugar cane but, made from beets…” 

Tyria crossed her arms. Her expression was hard to understand. Somehow she has a bad feeling. 

Her crisis sense forgets from battles warned her. 

“Chrono, how did you know that sugar could be extracted from beets?” 

Tyria stood up quietly and slowly approached him. 

She has a kind smile on her face but, somehow it invokes fear instead. 

“What’s wrong?” 

Tyria stopped and asked. The distance between them was less than five steps. 


“I thought I could extract sugar because it has a sweet taste…” 

“Is there even a noble who eats a livestock feed?” 

“There is, here?” 

“Certainly, there may be such a noble.” 

Tyria then closed the distance… 

“Let’s say there’s a noble who eat them. However, what about the recipe?” 

“What’s wrong? Are you talking about the paper here?” 

“Just answer me!” 

When Chrono asked back, Tyria shouted as if feeling irritated. 

“I just know how to make it by chance.” 

“Hou, then how did you know how to make paper?” 

“I was taught when I was a kid.” 

“How old when you get taught about it? If that is true then, it is weird that the southern frontier didn’t become a major paper maker.” 

“T-That is…” 

Chrono retreated, and his back hits a wall. Before he noticed it, he was being cornered. He turns sideways… 

“As if I let you get away!” 

Tyria’s arms closed his escape. It was a [Kabedon] pose. 

“…. Ever since I talked with you for the first time, somehow I feel something different.” 

“How so?” 

“It feels like you’re something foreign…” 

“Well, out of place kind of thing?.” 

“Not that level. It feels like you’re someone who shouldn’t be here. That kind of discomfort feeling?” 

Tyria squinted her eyes and pulled her short sword. 

“Did you learn how to make paper from the United Free City State? Where did you learn that? Come now, tell me. If you are not being honest, you will die.” 

“Did you mean, you’re going to kill me?” 

“It has the same meaning.” 

“Say it now…” Tyria sticks her blade to Chrono’s neck. 

“I thought we’re friends?” 

“I do think we’re friends, but unfortunately there’s something called position… Just like you, the position as a lord.” 

“Didn’t they say Friendship is eternal?” 

“… That’s right.” 

When Chrono muttered, Tyria groaned. 

“Just tell me honestly. If you do that, you may not die.” 

“Can’t you promise me not to kill me?” 

“It depends on the content.” 

Chrono sighed. No matter which one he says whether it was the truth or lies, it feels like he still going to die. 

Since no matter what he says he was going to die anyway, he thinks he will say the truth. 

“… I am from a different world.” 

“I see. Did you tell me that because someone told you so? 

“Even I told my subordinates about it, but nobody believes me.” 

Tyria then sighed and moved away from Chrono. When he touched his neck, he feels a warm feeling. Apparently, some blood came out. 

“It was said that the first Emperor of Kepheus Empire came from a different world.” 

“The same as me?” 

“You sure are impudent.” 

Tyria said that as if stunned. It feels like she relaxed a little, but, it seems it was not relaxed enough for her to put her dagger away. 

“Do you ever heard the name Mori Ranmaru?” 

“Of course…” 

Mori Ranmaru was someone who shares the same fate as Oda Nobunaga during the Honnoji incident. However, Chrono only knows that much. 

“I see, Ran maru become Ranmaru with an accent. Did he follow the politics of Oda Nobunaga to separate politics and religion?” 

“It seems you do know that name.” 

“Ah, so you know about Oda Nobunaga as well? Then, do you have a matchlock here?” 


“None, eh…” 

As Tyria tilted her head, Chrono sighed in disappointment.