Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c10

“Two of you, freeze the bowl.” 

“I don’t really understand but… Ice dance.” 

“Ice dance!” 

The two of them then use magic arts at the same time. White air shots into the bowl immediately. 

And the sound of something frozen over could be heard as the bowl started to be covered by the frost. 

“Just in case, do it one more time.” 

“Ice Dance!” 

“Ice Dance!” 

When the two use the magic arts once again, the frost covering the bowl increasing its thickness. 

Chrono poured a mixture of sugar, milk, and egg yolk into the bowl. 


After he holds the bowl he stirred the content, and before long the content changed into a sorbet. 

“I guess this is enough?” 

Chrono divided the ice creams and given them to the twins and the proprietress who has their eyes sparkling. 


“It’s delicious! But, my head, my head!” 

“My head hurt, but my hand won’t stop! This is like a whisper of the devil!” 

“Well, it’s good and all but…” 

The two people who writhe on the table muttered by looking sideways. 

“How was it?” 

“It is delicious. I’ve never eaten something this delicious before.” 

The proprietress gives her thought as she scoops some ice cream into her mouth. 

“What kind of a dish is this?” 

“… Ice cream.” 

Chrono answered after pausing for a while. He called it ice cream but, more correctly it was a sorbet. 

“Chrono-sama, you’re not going to eat as well?” 

“I am going to eat it together with Leila and Tyria.” 


“Chrono, I was looking for you everywhere! What are you doing trying to escape from me?!” 

When he heard the voice of the two, Tyria pushed aside Leila and came into the kitchen. 

Leila gazed at Tyria with a slight grudge. 

“Oh, I was about to call the two of you.” 

Chrono divided the ice cream on the table once again. 

“What is this?” 


Tyria and Leila ate the ice cream at the same time and stop moving. 

“T-This is… How wonder—, no, you can’t trick me with something like this.” 

“Cold, sweet, delicious.” 

Tyria disgruntledly pouted her lips, while Leila eats the ice cream with a smile on her face. 

“How did you make this?” 

“It is a secret.” 

“Just tell me already.” 

When Chrono put his index finger to his lips, Tyria urged while knitting her eyebrows. She said she won’t be tricked but, it seems he has been successful in changing her train of thought. 

“Promise you’re not going to get angry?” 

“Umu, I swear to my father and mother.” 

Tyria placed her hand on her chest and make a vow. 

“First, take the juice from the beets by boiling it.” 

“Are you saying you feed me such a thing?!” 

Even though she had promised, Tyria raised her voice and shouted. 

“Since you broke your promise, I won’t finish it.” 

“W-Wait. I didn’t say I get angry right?” 

When Chrono confiscated the ice cream, Tyria said in a flurry. 


“I thought you don’t eat livestock food?” 

Gununu, Tyria then gazed at the proprietress, Leila, Arded, and Deneb. 

“N-No no no! This is our reward!” 

“I didn’t do anything but, I have no intention of sharing!” 

Arded and Deneb opened their mouth as they receive Tyria’s gaze. 

“I won’t take any from you guys.” 

“I-It’s not like we don’t understand but, I am scared that if we share, ours would be taken away as well, right?” 

“I don’t understand but somehow, I am scared of that.” 

Arded and Deneb trembled as Tyria stood up. 

“Chrono, come to my room when you’re done eating your ice cream.” 

“”The princess sure is bold!”” 


Hearing Arded and Deneb teased her, Tyria opened her eyes wide. She remembered the incident of this morning and her face turn red. The proprietress who remembered what she did this morning as well, has her face turn red. 

“I-I was only planning to talk about the future.” 

“”About how many children?”” 

“Let’s put you both in jail for lese majeste!” 


When Tyria started to get angry, Arded and Deneb screamed and ran away. 

Everyone thought they both would jump out of the kitchen just like that but—… 

“”Chrono-sama, I shall leave the follow-up to you!”” 

Before they leave the door, they peeked their face and said those words.