Kuro no Senki LN – v2-c1

When Chrono woke up, white light passes through from the gap of the curtain. 

It was not moonlight but sunlight. It was clearly in the morning. 

The discomfort he felt after he kills Rick has disappeared. It was all thanks to the proprietress that has come to comfort him. 

Though well, due to her reason to come to drink, he couldn’t say that he was happy about it. 

Did the proprietress already return home? Such a question crossed Chrono’s mind but then he heaves a deep breath. 

The reason for that was because when he turned to the side, there she was sleeping. 

The blanket covering her was rolled, her hips and shoulders could be seen exposed. 

She said that she could not be compared to another woman as she was old but, as he saw her, he feels fascinated.  

Her rich chest, tight lips, and plump butts. 

Unlike Leila’s smart body, the proprietress’ possesses a sensual body. 

Then Chrono gazed at the proprietress’s left hand. Because she works with water in the kitchen, her skin was a little rough.

But, the thing he noticed the most was the ring finger. The silver ring– Scary, Perhaps it was her wedding ring–, shine. 

As he feels guilty remembering what he did last night, the proprietress sleeping face jumped into view. 

It was a peaceful sleeping face, as she looked like a young girl. 

The proprietress’s lips quivered and a tear spilled out from her eyes. 

Perhaps, she dreams of her deceased husband. No, Chrono was sure that was it. 

Her husband had passed away. 

She must’ve been crushed by the feeling of sadness and loneliness. 

Nevertheless, the proprietress continues to protect the diner place for five years. Alone, by herself. 

She said she had come to comfort him, but, maybe, she was the one who wanted to be comforted. 

“I had too much drink…” 

Chrono laughed bitterly as he thought this was like an eroge setting. 

However, thinking that he might have comforted the proprietress, he was happy at least he could help her a little bit. 

Chrono raises his body and the blanket over the proprietress’ body fell. 

“… Though today I just want to relax.” 

Despite he had just defeated the bandits, he still has a lot of things needed to do. 

“I need to visit the city… and then go to the workshop, after that I need to go meet Kein and the others…” 

Although he was going to be Chrono’s subordinates, he was still a stranger to this city. 

And it was necessary to visit them to solve the punishment for the robbing. Well, it would be annoying no matter what, he thought. 

“Talk with the merchants that were being attacked by Kein and his friends. After that, solving the selling and buying slaves…” 


Next to Chrono, the proprietress moaned. He then whispered, “Sorry to wake you up…” 

Solving the slaves trading, selling the Japanese paper, and Guard to protect the people–, as he counts with his hand. 

There was no choice but for him to move his limbs and do his job but, it was not something that he needs to do early in the morning, he thought. 

“I guess, let us sleep a little bit more…” 

Chrono then closed his eyes once again. He was going to sleep but, a demon would attack him immediately.